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First finished make for me in 2018! Finally finished this #inariteedress I cut out before Christmas. I tried a few new things, including adding extra length to the bodice (maybe too long now) and adding the long sleeve option. I had to shorten them to this length otherwise they were way too much. I may yet narrow the sleeves, but it’s wearable this way. For some reason the longer sleeves are not sitting well where the normal short sleeves are ok) I think I’ll stick with short sleeves with this pattern from now on! This is just a cotton border print from @fabricationsott . What I like about the Inari is you can use fabrics with more body. Happy Monday! #ottawasews #namedpatterns

It's sleeting outside and I have been doing some seasonally inappropriate sewing! Here is a dress for this summer: a Named Patterns Kielo Dress in a leaf print viscose challis. It needs to hang for a week while I decide what length to finish it at; I'm currently thinking the awkward spot between ankle and calf. Very cool dress though; the pattern is different but both simple and awesome. Looking forward to wearing it... Maybe in 6 months? 😂
#sewing #dressmaking #sewcialists #namedpatterns #kielodress #handmadewardrobe #isew #craft #memade

Oops encontré un hilo suelto 🙈! También te pasa? Seis años llevo cosiendo y no aprendí a cortar los hilos 😜. Hoy en el blog te cuento más sobre eso y mis paranoias.
#sewingforme #isew #gemmasweater #namedclothing #namedpatterns @namedclothing #telaorganica #noshfabrics #noshorganics @noshorganics #handmade #handmadeclothes #coseresmisuperpoder #sweater #costura #imademyclothes https://goo.gl/W7taQZ

Stella shirt #namedpatterns .. sometimes people stare at me .. then I discover I still have my Merchant&Mills measuring tape around the neck ... #merchantandmills #jeportecequejecouds #imakemyownclothes

I'm a bit disappointed I don't like my Talvikki more 😕The pattern is lovely but I should have used a plain fabric, the darts are kind of lost in it. Also, the material I used is kind of scratchy. I'm gonna wash it with fabric conditioner and see if it helps. Still not hemmed, will post a shot of the full thing once I do

Warm in my #namedpatterns #yonacoat this fridged morning! This is a stash busting win- fabric is from 20 years ago, I was so happy to find that I had enough for this coat. Also #purlsoho #mountaincowl inspired by @cookinandcraftin 😁 #handmadewardrobe #isew #sewcialists #stashbusting #stashbusting2018 #memadeeveryday

A successful experiment with the #talvikkisweater by #namedpatterns - the fabric I had was too soft so I added a yoke from stretch cotton to support the tunnel neck #ramakes2018

well.... my unenthusiastic face says it all 😂 Can't say I'm thrilled with this make, which is my first #2018makenine item! (Check out the link in my bio for my video on my 2018 make nine!) Initially this was going to be the non-peplum version of the @namedclothing #kanervablouse, but that ended up being waaay too short for me, so I added the peplum as an afterthought (which I had to modify because I only bought enough fabric for the non-peplum view.) I like the fabric and the way it looks on the model, but I must be way taller than her because it's much shorter on me, including the sleeves. I think I'll try to wear this one tucked into skirts, which is how I was planning on wearing it anyway. Also, if anyone knows of any cute button back shirt patterns that don't look ridiculous on people who are vertically gifted, please let me know!

The last two collages for #monthlysewingrecaps (for 2017 at least). February: #waterfallraglan (two versions, blogged), #violetknitjacket (two versions, blogged). January: #komikimono (blogged), #magenafringejumper , #burdastyle 09/2016-125 (blogged). I hope you thought that was as fun to see than me! Now onwards....

Almost there.... April and March #monthlysewingrecaps is here. April: #annelidress and the #keelyknittop ⚫️ March: #sablaireshirt (in dress, shirt and hacked quilted jacket version) (blogged) and another #annelidress (in tee version. My first time sewing the pattern since we are going back in time with these collages.)

Guess what I like to wear in summer?! 💃🏻 #monthlysewingrecaps for June and May is here and things are calming down now. 😅 June: #keelyknittop hacked to dress, #hemlocktee lengthened to dress, #ponytankpattern (dress version), #cherknitdress (slightly hacked for fit), #waterfallraglan (dress version). May: #adelinedress , #no8svaneke , #driftlesscardigan , #paolaturtlenecktee (hacked to short sleeves and high ribbing neckline). I just realized all but two outfits are made with knits. ❤️

So if you thought the other months were packed....😳 here comes August. Luckily July was obviously also spent sewing some of this. August: #saautumndress (blogged), oversized sweatshirt from #japanesepattern plus Knit Pencil Skirt (blogged) two versions of the #fringedresspattern (both blogged) (plus I have forgotten the Fringe top I made), #annelidress turned tunic, another oversized sweatshirt hacked to a cardigan plus another Knit Pencil Skirt, backside of another #saautumndress , #hemlocktee with added length and the #helmitunicdress ⚫️ July: #charliecaftan (which I immediately sold to someone who looked way better in it than me. I was asked the other day if I keep everything I make and I usually do but here is an exception.) and the #blousemarthe 😅 #monthlysewingrecaps

So I guess I have replaced my hobby from sewing to making photo collages about previous sewing. 😬 But I seem to have a hard time letting this go before I’ve made all months of 2017. So here are #monthlysewingrecaps from October and September 2017. Last one was fast to make. 😂 I spent September sewing and October posting about it I guess?! October: #burdastyle overalls 03/2016-109 hacked to a dress (blogged), #burdastyle stripy shirt 03/2015-109 (plus hacked to grey quilted cardigan and cream knit shirt), #ebonywovenpant (blogged), #burdastyle oversized blazer 04/2015-126 and the #talvikkisweater ⚫️ September: #burdastyle 09/2016-125 (slightly hacked).

Since moving back to Edinburgh just before Christmas all I can think about is BEING WARM. So it was obvious that my first make in 2018 would have to be a snuggly jumper to keep that crazy Edinburgh winter at bay.

I am completely in love with my new Talvikki sweater by @namedclothing . It's oversized and so so cosy. The fabric is from @sewmesunshine.uk and it's delightfully soft (receiving parcels from @sewmesunshine.uk is always such a treat, they're so beautifully wrapped!). There are more sewing mistakes in it than I can count, I guess my two month sewing hiatus has caused me to make silly errors but I've worn it for almost a week without it falling apart so I call it a win!

Well, that was fun. Here is my #monthlysewingrecaps for November 2017. For simplicity reasons, I’m showing you what I posted that month. Some of it might have been sewn another month (or year if we talk about the linen shirt 😬) but hey.🤷🏻‍♀️ #kielodress , #inariteedress (regular and structured knit version (blogged), #paolaturtlenecktee , #burdastyle batwing top (10/2013-108) and #satheapants , Self-drafted knit skirt, #burdastyle oversized shirt (03/2016-111), #driftlesscardigan and the forgotten #kabukitee (that should have been on the December collage. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I have been wanting to do this for awhile, posting a collage with my makes for me from the previous month, and here is my first one! #tuulidress (blogged), #besharljacket , #siroccotop (dress and top version), #kyototee (blogged) and the #gemmasweater 🖤 It’s so easy to miss posts these days plus I’m not very good at keep posting the same garment. I kind of want to make one for each month of 2017. 😱😬 #monthlysewingrecaps 👈🏻 feel free to use! 😘

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