Happy birthday to my bff, what would I do without you! Even though at times you're a sass queen, I've got nothing but love for you 😘 Our synchronised stalking, our drunken phone calls and all of the festivals, so many great times and so many more adventures to come! Long distance friendships are hard but look at us go! I wish I was there to make you cake, take you out for dumplings, drink way too much on a school night and stay up and talk absolute shit and keep the whole house awake with our giggling 🌀✨🐰❤️🐩✨🌀 (soz this pic had to be shared 🙊) @sarahct #nakedphonecalls

On a bad day they hold my hand, on a good day they make me cry with laughter💗
#dayones #Fruits #nakedphonecalls #Justonehair #weveallgotone #ffs

...and this one made my year #brother #nakedphonecalls

Got my Bluetooth shower speaker. Can't wait to use it and take calls in the shower! #nakedphonecalls

25 years on and nothing much has changed..... #nakedphonecalls #sluglife #howyagarn

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