I love louis so much I owe it all to him.
Guys I want internet friends... if anyone wants to be my internet friend, just dm me x

I'm a half a heart without you zayn malik
#ZaynMalik #naizkilam #halfHeartWithoutYou #iLoveYouZayn

Cute guys have suddenly noticed me and have started talking to me first. Idk what's happening but I like it ^-^

Liam ❀️

Liam ❀️

Liam ❀️

Niall is just bae // who's a Niall girl? // I'm an all of the boys girl πŸ’—

Zayn just jammin out on the you & I set // I'm gonna go there // one day // with this one @larry_is_lyff_ πŸ’ŽπŸ’•

πŸ™ // if you're new to the fandom // welcome // be prepared to cry, laugh, fight, shout, dance, sing, go insane, love the fandom more than your family, be always tired, have regular heart attacks, and have a lifelong commitment you won't get out of. // you're welcome

Lmao // this is my favourite movie // my two fave boys // my OTP // my perf picture



Oops! // Lolz // I probably laughed way too much at this πŸ˜‚

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