My reason, motivation and a prime example of how to continually be a better person and Mother each and every single day. Today marks 2 years clean. When I think about quitting, I remember why I started and who is watching me💙💫💙 #noahbearrules #naiou #blackandgold

Good morning sleeping souls...if u can do anything be kind, loving and compassionate and let ur light shine..have a kick *ss day..blessed to wake up clean jft #naiou #tgif #workflow #stillirise

Wishing I was at the beach today instead of in school. This whole summer semester thing has really put a damper on my beach life this year. I guess I should be grateful I’m in school #naiou

91 days ago I thought I was going to die....look at me now!!!! Miracles happen if u open ur eyes to them 🙏👀💪💯 #openheartsurgerysurvivor #miracles happen #cleanNserene #lovemylife #naiou

“A grateful addict will never use.”
Almost 9 years ago to the day, I made a decision that would change my life forever. I was homeless, hopeless, and spiritually bankrupt. I was strung out on drugs, and my life literally revolved around getting one more - no matter the consequences. That day, 9 years ago, I made a decision to call 911. I couldn’t live like this anymore. Hell, I didn’t even want to live, period. I’m so grateful for that desperation. There’s so much more to the story, but that decision lead me to a program that would save my life - Narcotics Anonymous. They told me I never had to use again. They hugged me and told me to keep coming back. They loved me until I could learn to love myself.
Today, my life is quite the contrast from what it was 9 years ago. I live a fairytale life beyond my wildest dreams! “Lost dreams awaken, new possibilities arise.”
One promise, many gifts. We do recover.
And if you’ve read this caption all the way through, thank YOU for being part of my recovery! ❤️ #9years #WEdidthis #justfortoday #NAIOU
📷: @maxgarcia 😘
PS: If you or anyone you know struggles with addiction, I’d be glad to share how I did it and/or help in any way I can. 🤗

Summary from yesterday...
With trust issues to start with and tryin’ to dive three dive buds in a row plus the instructor to keep in sight.. in low visibility water (read really bad..hardly saw my own hand)..when its your first to 4th dive.. The gear wasnt really what I was used with... starting off with a too small divesuit (semidry.. couldnt move my arms properly) with a hood and wearing gloves..thats not what I trained with in the poolsesh..and the bcd wasnt fitted properly.. and my mask was taking in water..and then ad the feeling like Im just in the way for my dive buds, delayin’ ..with my gearproblems...
Finally...I luckely ended up with one of our dive instructors as dive bud! How many stress resons can I take before I break?
At last I kept calm and enjoyed the dive! Conclusion; I need to dive a lot, and I mean A LOT more to feel comfy in low visibility...(not really sure if Im at all into that..think Im more like a clear and warm water gal hahaha) and I need a divebud that I really feel care for me, showing empathy and who isnt just selfcentered... I think this approach is preferably and suitable..have to say its totally a winning concept, not just in diving!
We are all in this life together...here and now..on this planet Earth.. So if and when we care for each other our experience will be amazing and we all will feel happy and connected! Important is that I made it work..for me and I got my Open Water Diver Licence!!
Nuff said!
Have an amazing start of the week and keep lovin yall! And Thank you sweetie for the pics @rebeccihall
#empathy #feelingblessed #communication #positivity #positivevibes #diving #divine #loveflow #lovemylife #whogivesafuck #relax #mindfulness #mindset #mindpower #keepcalm #lifejourney #livingclean #liveandletlive #easydoesit #positivethinking #dreamscometrue #naiou #selflove #overcomingfear #scubadiving #scuba #snapshot #focus #fuckgivingup #enjoy

Vaknar upp idag och inser att idag har jag varit ren/nykter i 9månader ❤🙏❤ Och trots att det är ibland är jäkligt tufft så känner jag ändå att jag idag lever i frihet . Mitt liv har blivit så mycket bättre och lättare att leva , men jag hade och kan fortfarande inte göra det ensam så tack alla som står vid min sida utan er går det inte ❤
#NAIOU #gemenskap #kärlek #cleanandsober

Some of my favorite people. Thank you Ryan for capturing these memories! My heart is full and grateful. Keep your support strong through the tuff times n good times! ❤
Dreams do come true
#grateful365 #naiou #sunkissed #missingtheocean

❤❤❤ a little collection
#grateful365 #naiou #4yrs

Thank you so much for being with me to celebrate! Today has been such an amazing day! Again thank you to NA, my support group, my predecessors and my family! I love you all so much.
#grateful365 #naiou #womendorecover


Saturday quick trip to California. Much needed turn around trip, to celebrate Justin's 4yrs cleaniversary!! This trip was worth 2hr sleep we had prior to hitting the road. Started off by hittng brunch at Venice Beach, catching some dolphins n dipping in the ocean, a meeting in Pasadena, and our night ended at a @losamigospresents event seeing US bombs with some local bands. Lights out at 3am.
Making memories, living the dream.
#naiou #grateful365 #kissedbythesun #summerwaves #venicebeach
@swanky_skummy_bastard @ryansetterstrom @cassiesalde

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