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I'm feelin' like a true life mermaid 🐚
Thank you @poshcoutureslo & make sure to go follow her page!! πŸ€— if you live on the coast you need to go to this girl to hook up your nails! Yessie is πŸ’£.com did I mention they change colors 😜 #slonails #mermaidnails🐚 #centralcoastnails #nailsbyyessie

I just want to take a minute, and say thank you. Thank you to all my wonderful and loyal clients, that have been with me through this journey. Opening my own business was such a leap of faith and I'm so happy with the outcome of this. Everytime I look out my window I am just feel so grateful to everyone that has made this possible. Thank you for all the referrals and for allowing me to make each and everyone of you special. It's already been 3 months and such a success so I can't wait to see what the future has in store. Thank you!
#nailsbyyessie #poshcoutureslo #downtownslo

Acrylic application by me:) Close and smooth down by the cuticle
#poshcoutureslo #nailsbyyessie #acrylics #acrylicapplication

Tbt on a Saturday lol, the above pictures was NOT done by me but that's what they gave her when she asked for " christmas nails" the after is a picture she showed me from Pinterest πŸ˜‰
#nailsbyyessie #poshcoutureslo

Don't let dust get in your phone, keep the dust out with these adorable Starbucks plug ins!! #nailsbyyessie #poshcoutureslo #slo #phone #starbucks

Obsessed with my nails!!! Thanks Yessie for making them perfect! #coffinnails #nailsbyyessie

Thank you @nunis_nails for this. I've heard this before, why do you charge more than other places? I constantly fix other people's work because they thought it was better to get it done somewhere else because it was cheaper,and then pay me to fix it,so they technically spent more than if they would've come to me the first place:). When you come to me,it's a one on one,every set customized to your liking πŸ‘ŒβœŒ
#nailsbyyessie #poshcoutureslo #slo #nailfacts #qualityoverquantity

Therapy with @poshcoutureslo is always the best. But her talent is also mind blowing. Negative space and marble accent nail. Squee!! #poshcoutureslo #nailsbyyessie #negativespacenails #kittenclaws


"She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, & the world loved her for it." 🌹 : @hairby.nikole

Love this almond nail extension set using @vetro_usa "Nero" : @vikkirgilman πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

"Not so mellow yellow" from @colorclubnaillacquer πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Ready for LA!!! Used @bioseaweedgel "strawberry hills"

Ready to cruise!! πŸš’πŸ‘™πŸŒΊ : @lularoemeghanhoetker Used @orlynails "beach cruiser"

This babe is ready for Washington, & NYC πŸ—½β€ "Big Apple red" by @opi_products "Midnight" by @colorclubnaillacquer : @amandaolson33

Got my new claws thanks to @pinkiesupslo then she even took me to get my fried chicken craving taken care of. #kittenclaws #nailsbyyessie #magnetnailpolish

Also got my nails done, again, this month with another spooky theme. @poshcoutureslo killing it as usual. My tooth ring I bought from @bonelust_studio. Then I am also showing off one of my sea horse pendants that you can find with Yessie! #halloweennailart #slonails #kittenclaws #nsinails #poshcoutureslo #nailsbyyessie #morganiccuriosities #toothring #oddities #curiosities #deadthings #bonelust_studio

Tis the season!! Yessie as always slayed these nails so hard!! @poshcoutureslo #nailsbyyessie #halloweennailart #slonails #kittenclaws

My beautiful mood changing galaxy kitten claws by the amazing @poshcoutureslo!!! #kittenclaws #nsinails #poshcoutureslo #nailsbyyessie

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