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#nailsacrossamerica I used this hashtag for the girl @breanne_

On June 25th come to the shop and get a free manicure from Breanne Trammell who is traveling the US giving manicures from her trailer! She will be parked in front from 12-7!

This is @breanne_ mobile nail salon! #nailsacrossamerica

I love everything in this photo! #nailsacrossamerica

Okay...last #nailsacrossamerica picture! I swear! Studio 254 nails! @willbryantplz @tinasnowle @sarah_sturgill @cutiearcherstugill @jgspdx
Thanks @breanne_ ! You are the best! Safe trip to Seattle!

A tired Corgi, stopping by with @breanne_ to bring #nailsacrossamerica to SUNY Purchase 🎀💅

Lunch date with the lovely-as-ever @breanne_ So glad I caught #nailsacrossamerica xoxo!!


Such a neat surprise to run into these sweet-as-pie beauties and their awesome parents! I gave them manicures three years ago for #nailsacrossamerica

In preparation for #cecielliott, I used the birthday cash my nana sent me to get mah nails done. Kimmy was my nail tech! She's originally from China and has been living in Millerton for two months, and works six days a week in the salon. She's a single lady and saving her money to visit Las Vegas. There was defs a language barrier but when I started asking her questions she just lit up and was eager to talk. This particular salon was super clean but there was an obvious lack of proper ventilation, i.e. ZERO. Dust masks don't cut it. If you're curious at all about nail salon culture, health- and/or labor-wise, look up the @nytimes series published a couple of years ago. #nailsacrossamerica #💅🏽 #nailtechshoptalk

At the corner of hope and worry #nailsacrossamerica

Thinking back to #nailsacrossamerica and color-matching my IKB nail to the IKB publication behind the scenes in the @walkerartcenter's graphic design studio. HBDYK! 🔵🎂

Tonight I sold the Prairie Whale to Dean & Bob, a father/son mechanic team from New Hampton, IA. Wish I had known them when I was rattling down the highway for #nailsacrossamerica! It's been a wild ride, fair lady.

Installing #NEAR_MINT at Land Gallery! Opening reception is this Friday 6-8pm, in conjunction with #BOOM_2 & #SGCI2016! COME ONE, COME ALL!!!

I adopted a highway.
I started to think about doing this in 2013 when I was on the road for #nailsacrossamerica, somewhere in Virginia, on my way home to #Wassaic.



It seems like just yesterday that the #creative @breanne_ with #nailsacrossamerica set up shop in the #creaturewindows #freemanicuresforall #tbt #creaturethrowback #Seattle

I got a residency grant to make a buncha work at the Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY. For the next two weeks a d before I move, I'll be letterpressing more tweets in addition to some FAVs & RTs, in addition to some commemorative ephemera from #nailsacrossamerica.

Last summer in Oregon.
PS: The U.S.S. Conrad is for sale. Time for new adventures! Link in profile. #iowaorbust #nailsacrossamerica

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