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It's a pastel rainbow on your nails! ✨LINK IN BIO✨to watch the full tutorial with all the details! 🌈

Products used 👇🏼
▪️Around my cuticles, @minimanimoonails Mess No More liquid latex
▪️Kitsune from @frenzypolish
▪️Hibiscus and Sunrise from @candiedapplepolish
▪️Bling Bling from @simplybeautiful1973
▪️Stamped with @bundlemonster BM-XL212 and their glass stamper
▪️Stamping polish is Present from @mundodeunas
▪️Topped with Liquid Macro Top Coat from @superchiclacquer Use my code SUPERCHICFAN0116GN at 
www.Superchiclacquer.com for 10% off!

Here is the #tutorial for this look using @jamberry products!
Around my nails I used Latex Tactical Shield by @chiralitynailpolish
I then applied Canvas and Au Naturel by @jamberry on a Latex free sponge and applied in a sponging motion.
I used Jamberry's Grenada wrap! For this I used Jamberry's heater and a silicone applicator from @glitterati_theglitterguy (which is what I chop my successful wrapping up to)!
Let me know if you have any unanswered questions!

Shop link in bio 💙💙💙 @glacewing
Blue from the Matte French Series. These wraps are from Korea and have very good quality and conformity. They are so shiny that you don't need top coat! The wraps come in 16 pieces each with different sizes. I filed them using Mont Bleu glass nail files also available in Noelle's @nailartsg shop. .
See more products at her shop. Https://www.nail-art.com.sg
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Throwback with @claumurra 🎬Who remembers this vid she and I collabed on!? 🙀If you think nail art would be cooler like this irl tag your favorite feature accounts 😘🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Присоединяйтесь к марафону мастер-классов с новой коллекцией 🌴#ТропическийСад на моем канале YouTube (ссылка в профиле) 😉
Внимание❗ Коллекции E.MiLac с новой формулой «Спорт шик» и «Тропический сад» это гибрид краски гелевой и гель-лака. Сохнут только в LED или гибридных LED/CCFL лампах. Экономичный расход и отличный цвет 👍
1. Подготавливаем ногтевую пластину. Покрываем E.MiLac BASE GEL в 1–2 слоя. LED/CCFL — 30 сек., UV — 2 мин.
2. Набираем на один край кисточки «Скошенный квадрат №6» E.MiLac 093 «Шокирующий розовый», выполняем френч покрытие на половинке ногтя. LED/CCFL — 30 сек.
3. Набираем на один край кисточки «Скошенный квадрат №6» E.MiLac 089 «Капри», выполняем радужный френч. LED/CCFL — 30 сек. Дублируем слои. LED/CCFL — 1-2 мин.
4. Приклеиваем Charmicon «Лунулы No 3», плотно фиксируем. Наносим E.MiLac TOP GEL TACKLESS. LED/CCFL — 1 мин., UV — 2 мин.
5. EMPASTA «Ажурное серебро» подчеркиваем линию улыбки. LED/CCFL — 2 мин., UV — 2 мин

Join the Master Class Marathon with new collection #TropicalGarden in my YouTube channel (please find the link in the profile)
Attention! The collection E.MiLac with new formula – Sport Chic and Tropical Garden – is the hybrid of the gel paint and gel polish. They are to dry out in LED or hybrid LED/CCFL lamps only. Economical consumption and great colour.
1. Prepare a nail plate. Cover with 1–2 layers of E.MiLac BASE GEL. LED/CCFL — 30 sec, UV — 2 min.
2. Take E.MiLac Shocking Pink #093 using one edge of the Brush Beveled Square #6, perform a French-manicure on one half of a nail. LED/CCFL — 30 sec.
3. Take E.MiLac Capri # 089 using one edge of the Brush Beveled Square #6, perform an iridescent French coating. LED/CCFL — 30 sec. Double the layers. LED/CCFL — 1-2 min.
4. Adhere the Charmicon Stickers Lunula #3, fix it tightly. Apply E.MiLac TOP GEL TACKLESS. LED/CCFL — 1 min, UV — 2 min.
5. Accentuate the smile line using EMPASTA Openwork Silver. LED/CCFL — 2 min, UV — 2 min.


Accent nail & henna😝 so I switched up my filming background from the gold glitter(ish) material to this, I might even switch it up again idk🤔 totally off topic, but I think my cat fractured her leg 😿 poor her. And ik the basecoat looks strange, its because it's peel off😋 Anyway I'm off to go to Manchester and lay down some flowers now #prayformanchster

Симпатичная идея с #Naildress «Красный шелк» 😊💅 Подробнее, как всегда, на нашем канале YouTube (ссылка в профиле)
1. Подготавливаем ногтевую пластину. Наносим E.MiLac BASE GEL. LED+CCFL — 30 сек., UV — 2 мин.
2. Выполняем покрытие E.MiLac 001 «Белый лотос». LED+CCFL — 30 сек., UV — 2 мин. Наносим E.MiLac BASE GEL. LED+CCFL — 30 сек., UV — 1 мин.
3. Вырезаем элемент слайдера, опускаем в воду на несколько секунд, снимаем с бумажной основы и клеим на дисперсионную пленку E.MiLac BASE GEL. Разглаживаем. Чтобы лучше растворить
остатки слайдера, наносим ULTRABOND по периметру и убираем остатки деревянной палочкой с кутикулы и боковых валиков. Для
большего сцепления наносим ULTRABOND на всю поверхность ногтя, сушим на воздухе. Обрабатываем пилкой бока.
4. В зоне свободного края выполняем покрытие E.MiLac 068
«Акулья кожа». LED+CCFL — 30 сек., UV– 2 мин. Покрываем E.MiLac TOP GEL EASY SOAK OFF. LED+CCFL — 30 сек., UV — 2 мин.
5. Приклеиваем Charmicon «Цепи № 3». Наносим E.MiLac TOP GEL. LED+CCFL — 30 сек., UV — 2 мин. Обезжириваем.
6. Смешиваем EMPASTA «Черная смола» и «Ажурное серебро», рисуем контур вдоль слайдера и точки в Charmicon. LED+CCFL — 2 мин., UV — 2 мин. Сажаем стразы на E.MiLac BASE GEL. LED+CCFL — 30 сек., UV — 2 мин. Закрепляем их с помощью E.MiLac TOP
GEL TACKLESS. LED+CCFL — 30 сек., UV — 2 мин.

A nice idea involving #Naildress Red Silk 😊💅 As usually, learn more details on our channel YouTube (please find the link in profile)
1. Prepare a nail plate. Apply E.MiLac BASE GEL. LED+CCFL — 30 sec, UV — 2 min.
2. Perform a coating with E.MiLac White Lotus #001. LED+CCFL — 30 sec, UV — 2 min. Apply E.MiLac BASE GEL. LED+CCFL — 30 sec, UV — 1 min.
3. Scissor out an element of the slider, douse it for some seconds, remove from the paper base and adhere to the dispersive film E.MiLac BASE GEL. Smooth. Apply ULTRABOND across the area for better dissolving of slider residues and remove the residues from cuticle and lateral ridges using an orangewood stick. Apply ULTRABOND on a whole nail surface for better adhesion and air dry. File the sides.
Continuing in comments

@emiroshnichenkoЛето все ближе 🌴☀ Сочный #бэкстейдж со съемок коллекции #ТропическийСад 😍💅 Все оттенки коллекции можно приобрести здесь https://goo.gl/wTPg9Y (активная ссылка в профиле) или у представителей в вашем регионе!
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Here's a tutorial for my last Mani + Review of the @harunoutastore detailing brush. The Product ID for this brush is #18519 .
🌸 It's Really Stylish🍀
🌸 Doesn't have the boring wooden old brush look. Has beautiful crystal work.🍀
🌸 It has a really sturdy Cap similar to that of writing pens which keeps the bristles safe & the brush will work for years.🍀
.🌸 Really tiny tip & fine bristles which give precision.🍀.
🌸 You can draw thick lines, thin lines & any kind of details, depending upon the applied pressure🍀
🌸 Due to the pen like shape, it's really easy to hold & work with. Provides a perfect grip.🍀.
🌸 Really Affordable🍀

This retails for ¥599 JPY on harunouta Store website. You can use my code PIUT300 to get 300 JPY off on your order from harunouta Store worth 2000JPY.

Watch all my tutorials using #Thepolishednailvideos
Song: No More Sad Songs by Little Mix.

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Okay yes ik it took me longer than forever to post this tutorial I'm sorry but I was busy with mock exams, and omg I'm really disapointed that I got the timing wrong when the beat dropped sorta😣 but I have some super detailed nail art that I'm gonna do next💛💚and again plz don't hate me for posting this so late 😆🙃💩 and if you're wondering what the whole jackie chan leaf thing is about well basically the background fabric I use is folded and I did not realise when I was filming so I tried covering it with a leaf😎🌱

Repost cuz the quality was bad☹️
I live for this song it's so good even tho I just got it yesterday😂 also name creds for the nails to alexa @slimeyytaco 😂
Hope you guys like it and comment what you think💅🏻 goodnight byee💅🏻💿💙
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I love these so much and they were so easy to do😍 also I have the state testing tomorrow and my mom won't let me sleep in and go in late😭😭😭 -
Hope you like it and comment what you think💅🏻byee💅🏻💿
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