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Enjoy the video nail lover ❤
We have all nail paints brushes n all accessories
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Online courses:
1) “Stonework” lasts from 11.00 a.m till12.30 a.m.MSK. It costs 1500 RUB (about 23 USD). This course is about how to apply Nanlac gel polish by Nano Professional. You’ll learn how to achieve the effect of natural stones on nails.
2) “Paint Point” lasts from 13.00 p.m. till 14.30 p.m. MSK. It costs 1500 RUB (about 23 USD). This course is about how to achieve abstract design using dots by Nano Professional.
3) “Waterway” lasts from 15.30 till 17.00 p.m MSK. It costs 3000 RUB (about 46 USD). This course is about individual techniques using gel polish, Silicone clear gel for airy & delicate design, uncommon florist, imitation of stone.

To take part in our translation you should do the following steps:
Install Periscope on your phone/ tablet
Follow the registration
Find "NanoProfessional" in friends
Subscribe Nano Professional
Send your nick name to our WhatsApp +7(977)835-90-06
Do not forget to turn on notifications!
To pay for our online courses you may using paypal (enter the price youself, then transfer payment):
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New collab just dropped on my YT channel! Look for Toothpick Nail Art. (:
@nailartonline and I have been planning this collab since April, so I'm super stoked to finally share it with you guys! Check out both tutorials!! Link in bio.

"You scream I scream we all scream for ice cream :D" I used Vetro 027 Diamante as a base Vetro No. 19 in white 55, Aqua Reef 10, Brulee 04, Pure Purple 11, and Slime Cosmos 185 for the ice cream and sprinkles ✌🏽️😜🍦 #Vetro #gelmani #nailart #nailideas #nailartonline #nailartwow #nailartideas #icecream #sprinkles #notd #manimonday #thehouseofpolish #showmethemani

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See what I found in sale today.😍😍
New collection by @revlonindia.
This flaming matte nail polish is so bright and pretty.
No filter needed.
Now no need to apply matte coat on nail paints as these new polishes are all about Matt-ness in themselves.
I so loved them. And it's not just one.
I have got 6 of them. 🙈
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Just one more week to go, sign up to sneak peek week and get my free Mini Ebook - 10 mistakes nail artists make! https://sambiddle.co.uk/beinspired/sneakpeekweek/. #nails #nailart #nailartcourses #nailartonline

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