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@jyotimatharoo and @kiran_matharoo apologise to Femi Otedola for being behind #NaijaGistLive

Sex extortion: Canadian Sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Mathayo apologize to billionaire businessmen, Femi Otedola for their role in #NaijaGistLive #Pressplay

Video Credit: Sahara Reporters

Otedola Vs Naijagistlive: Kiran & Jyoti #Matharoo Pictured In Court Today
The two sisters were charged to court today for allegedly being part owners of notorious website, #NaijaGistLive, where damaging stories were written about billionaire businessman.
Femi Otedola, his wife and daughter, DJ Cuppy. Otedola filed a complaint with the police who swung into action and during their investigation traced a phone number connected with the website to the two sisters. The owners of the website are alleged to have been using the site to extort money from the rich.
The sisters will face 4 years in prison for cyber bullying, blackmail and extortion if they are found guilty of the crime...

This 12yrs old girl is behind this beautiful drawing๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ wow am super proud of u dear. #instablogger #instablog9ja #naijagistlive

This life really is a pot of beans.
These ( @JyotiMatharoo &@kiran_matharoo ) are the alleged owners of #Naijagistlive and according to #SDK: "The high society courtesans who sought to blackmail Forte Oil boss, Otedola, were arraigned at the Yaba Magistrate Court 1 today, 23rd December. The case has been adjourned to January 26th 2017 and they would be remanded in prison from today." I know individuals who were seriously affected by negative/inaccurate posts on this blog. Profiteering off ruining homes and causing others emotional trauma, can never end well.

My advice going into the new year is if you get an idea from the devil, know that following it will never end well.

And lastly my sisters, don't be sucked into aspiring to be like those women that appear to be "jetsetters" consistently posting private jet interiors & their first/business class flights. posting expensive items with no comprehendable career or employment. Social media has thwarted what is real. While you can like viewing apparently luxurious lifestyles. The real substance of life is so much more. You're a masterpiece, worth far more than anything you could ever wear.

How the #Matharoo sisters met their waterloo while trying to blackmail #FemiOtedola with #naijagistlive
TheCapital.ng has shed more light into the event that culminated in the arrest of popular Canadian twin-menace, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo. A report on the website reads in part: "
"Canadian sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, have sashayed and plotted their way into the dragnet of the law. The high society courtesans that erstwhile threatened the peace of Nigeriaโ€™s rich, spoilt wives, whose husbands patronized, coughed hundreds of thousands of dollars to grace their beds, have met their waterloo. .
The exotic imports who held high society in a vicious, manipulative chokehold have been arrested.
Having used their slanderous and shadow website, naijagistlive.com, to successfully blackmail and torment the crรจme of Nigeriaโ€™s affluent males who couldnโ€™t keep their member in their pants, for a long while, the sisters soon shifted their gaze to Otedola and honed in on him, hoping he would fall to their wiles and into their trap, like many of his peers.
But Otedola proved a tough nut to crack. Rather than fall to their machinations, the oil magnate in collaboration with maverick detectives, carefully coordinated his own plot against them.
Eventually, he bested them at their game and got them arrested at Eko Hotel some days ago. A visit to their base revealed secret video cameras and recordings of their trysts with their aristocratic customers. .
The recordings revealed dirty and very shameful secrets of several of Nigeriaโ€™s most influential and powerful industry and political titans who patronised them. Unknown to their clients, the sisters kept recordings of their liaisons with them and subsequently used them to blackmail and extort them.
Those who refuse to cooperate with the sisters are exposed on their highly defamatory website. At the last count, the sisters allegedly raked in over $700, 000 from their liaisons with their billionaire clients.
Little wonder, they struck fear in the hearts of several wives of Nigerian billionaires. For the wives of Nigeriaโ€™s superrich, the fear of Jyoti and Kiran


Bobrisky Laughs On As Nedu Wazobia Insults Him In Igbo & Hausa Laguages - Video...link in bio
#naijablogger #naijagistlive #naijagirls

#dinomelaye.. this is the real drama king.... #nigerianleaders #naijagistlive #naija politicians

Popular Nigerian Instagram user, @Baudex arrested for trying to swindle Billionare, Femi #Otedola.
Operatives of the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) in Lagos have arrested a suspected fraudster, Babatunde Oyedepo, popularly known as #Baudex on Instagram for allegedly attempting to swindle businessman Femi Otedola.โ€Ž
Sources say Oyedepo, 23, allegedly sent threat and blackmail messages to the complainant and other high profile Nigerians through a website, #naijagistlive.com, demanding huge sums of money.
Oyedepo, a resident of Sixth Avenue in Festac Town, allegedly posted a nude picture of a lawyer on his website, alleging that she had been sleeping with her boss and other clients. According to the police, the suspect demanded N3.5million from the lawyer to remove the inappropriate picture from the site, which the victim could not afford.
Spokesman for SFU, Lawal Audu said the suspect has three different cases pending before the unit, adding that the first two involved fraud and threat to life. According to Audu, on October 19th, one Dapo Balogun reported a case of extortion, blackmail and threat to life against the suspect. Oyedepo however denied being responsible for the actions, insisting that he was framed by the owners of the website which he only designed. Oyedepo who claims to be a website designer said that he was contacted through email to design the website.
He said: โ€œI design websites for people and after designing the site I will include my contacts in the website to attract other customers. I was arrested through my contact on naijagistlive." .


Olusegun Mathew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo, GCFR is a former Nigerian Army general who was President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. Obasanjo was a career soldier before serving twice as his nation's head of state.
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International escort, Kiran Matharoo was arrested in Italy on an international arrest warrant. You may remember Kiran and her sister Jyoti were arrested in Nigeria last year December over allegations of sexual blackmail. It was reported the Canadian duo were behind the IG account and website Naijagistlive, and were using it to blackmail wealthy Nigerians such as Femi O.
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Ismaila Mustapfa foreign Exchange don.. rich naija boy doing wonders ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ’ธ #naijarichdads #naijawedding #naijafood #naijaboy #naijaparty # #naijagirls #naijapeopleonpoint #naijapeoplerock #naija #gonaija #naijatv #naijagistlive #weddingpartyparty #weddingparty #africaheritage #African #naijapals #naijainusa #nigerianwedding #nigeriaculture #nigeria #Lagos #Yoruba #alakijafamily #naijapee #rmd #nollywood #alexamuso

Dating in so many perspectives varies,but in a civilized lay-man's understanding it's an ideal relationship between a male and a female.
Now Sex in Dating (which sounds like a better heading Lol)
I got into a much annoying argument with the opposite sex and He was like Sex is a necessity in Dating as he was trying to tell me sex must happen, it should happen and that's what dating is all about(I laugh)
If people date because of Sex or if you have sex to keep your dating what it is, then I think dating is redefined in a very horrible way.
And that's shallow
1. Those days it was courting
2. Morally Chastity counts
3. The so called civilization is feasting on our brain now everything seems right.
I'm not self righteous but Sex shouldn't be the ultimatum of dating ,if it is, what happens to Trust ,Friendship , Spirituality ,Respect ,all other virtues you can use to build your relationship .
You want to tell me your dating can't survive without Sex for 6 months?
You want to tell me if I decide not to have Sex with a guy on the commencement of our relationship it won't work,
You want to tell me that Sex has really eaten you up like a worm.
Like so many other things Sex can also be addictive
Uncle please be mindful of what you feed your mind
Don't come and spoil my head .
Whatever you make of it,process it and digest it in your brain that's what it is.
Having sex doesn't mean you must date ,dating doesn't mean you must have sex,
A guy can't threaten to leave her because she says no or tell her she doesn't love him
She does, she wants to date more than you, it just doesn't define what dating is to her. And sex isn't Love
And Love isn't sex .
Sex doesn't count in a relationship in a sense that it's not what's making that relationship.
Sex counts in Marriages though Big time
Everything is all about your decision. โœŒ

#celibacy #celibates #abstainence #sex #dating #dontfoolyourself #Virtuesiskey #Love.
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