Scrolling through instagram I saw a strangely cute creature, sort of moth like? And it was a sort of contest! So, with less than 72 hours until the deadline I thought "what the heck " .....and then started the next day! With little less than 48 hours to go....and I busted my butt getting him made in artdoll form! #nadirDTA @zilowar and I really don't know if it will matter because I'm a private account 😂😂😂 but I messaged her to see if I could submit still! I'm going to redo a few things better someday after the rush of getting him done in time! He's going to fit into my world just fine and I'll introduce him to some of the fae at some point, right now I need to try and get super glue out of the cut on my thumb 😳

This is my entry for a dta! I really love the designs of this species. Their name would be Khench. It means nobody in Mongolian (where I imagine they'll live too. ) I also imagine that they are constantly bombarded by poachers trying to get their fur coat. This picture is a product of that. I hope you enjoy!! #NadirDTA @zilowar

My entry for #NadirDTA @zilowar
Honestly i had so much fun doing this ?? It was nice to draw something different for a change. Also this is my first time participating in a DTA and im overwhelmed hh •

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Tried drawing a new creature for a change, although my style doesn't do it justice❤ they're so fluffy😆

#NadirDTA @zilowar

This is my entry for the #NadirDTA ! It's not as long as I'd like it to be and it's sloppy but eh I'm tired. I really love this character design though #awesome #floof #moth #creature #dta #spots #drawing #dandelion @zilowar

#NadirDTA @zilowar entering for this lil guy, saw how cute the design was and I had to contribute :)

#NadirDTA @zilowar Here's my little sketch of a happy, sitting, adorable af Nadir! Tbh didn't take me as long as I thought it would XD

"Draw To Adopt" Contest ~
Instead of auctioning, I thought it'd be fun to offer the first Nadir adoptable through DTA. Rules are pretty simple..
• To enter to own this character, draw him (or sculpt, paint, render..) and tag your entry with #NadirDTA and me @zilowar..
• Color is optional, I intentionally left this fella as a sketch for more creativity in entries..
• Multiple entries are fine, just be sure to tag each entry..
• I'll run this contest for two weeks, closing at the end of May (5/31) #drawing #contest #zilowarart

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