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Nacht der Untoten is sick remastered on Black Ops 3. #nachtderuntoten #blackops3 #nazizombies #codzombies #zombiechronicles

I suck at this game badly 😫😭😓👎🏼 but it's soooo addicting ! 11 rounds man! that's the highest I've gone so far blah 😩😩 #cod #callofduty #nachtderuntoten

Finally zombies chronicles is out 😁 #xboxone #zombieschroniclesbo3 #nachtderuntoten

Is it just me who finds this gun on zombies hilarious 😂😂 look at my wrist lmao #zombies #bo3 #nachtderuntoten #waw

Intense Runde mit meinem Bro #bo3zombies #nachtderuntoten #insane


•Beautiful Night•

I sigh as I look outside. "I honestly hope this is okay for me to wear this...Especially when trying to get some rest. The memories begin to appear, like the time when I killed Ivan during the epidemic of hellpigs invading my beloved home. Papa disappearing and never heard from him again. Too much I see on those candles I have been carrying for so long. And so much undead just traveling around just nearby the shelter I am staying in..." I nod my head as I wipe away my tears as I smile to myself, "No matter. I just need to rest, enjoy the night as the reflection from the mirror looks at me...That is...If a certain someone doesn't look at me..." I blush.

#callofduty #callofdutyzombies #callofdutynazizombies #callofdutyworldatwar #callofdutyblackops #callofdutyblackops2 #callofdutyblackops3 #edwardrichtofen #tankdempsey #nikolaibelinski #takeomasaki #samanthamaxis #origins #dereisendrache #nachtderuntoten #verruckt #shinonuma #derriese #gorodkrovi #revelations #zetsubounoshima #thegiant #kinodertoten

"I dont know what this...'Smexy Wednesday' hype shit is all about...And someone stole my dress and I have to wear this!!!!!!" She blushes and crosses her arms.

Credit to zeth-rotten via Tumblr

#callofduty #callofdutyzombies #callofdutynazizombies #callofdutyworldatwar #callofdutyblackops #callofdutyblackops2 #callofdutyblackops3 #edwardrichtofen #tankdempsey #nikolaibelinski #takeomasaki #samanthamaxis #origins #dereisendrache #nachtderuntoten #verruckt #shinonuma #derriese #gorodkrovi #revelations #zetsubounoshima #thegiant #kinodertoten

~тorn ιn a dreaм

aѕ ѕнe reѕтѕ ιn a cold wιnтery ѕнelтer oυтѕιde oғ der eιѕendracнe. ecнo'ѕ мιnd aттeмpтѕ тo reѕт aѕ ѕнe poѕѕιвly coυld, вυт тнe ιмage oғ нer нυѕвand ĸιllιng нιѕ old ѕelғ playιng over and over. ѕнe wonderѕ wнy dιd нe ĸιll нιм, wнy dιd нe do тнιѕ, ғor wнaт pυrpoѕe? нer eyeѕ looĸιng aroυnd тнe rooм, only тo ѕee "тanĸ" deмpѕey ѕleep rιgнт neхт тo нer. rιcнтoғen ѕleepιng ιn a corner oғ тнe rooм wιтн ѕιla ιn нιѕ arмѕ. nιĸolaι ѕleepιng ιn тнe oтнer corner, near ecнo'ѕ ѕιde. тaĸeo ѕleepιng on нιѕ own near тнe door.

aѕ ѕнe ғιnally ғeelѕ тнaт нer eyeѕ ғeel нeavy and нer нearтвeaт ѕlowιng down, ѕнe нad ғιnally ғallen aѕleep. yeт, нer мιnd cloυdιng υp wιтн мany тнoυgнтѕ вeғore ѕнe can dreaм. тнe cold ѕweaт rυnnιng roυnd нer ғace aѕ ѕнιverѕ ιn нer ѕleep.

мoмenтѕ ιnтo ғallιng ιnтo a deep ѕleep, ѕнe can ғιnally dreaм. ѕнe alwayѕ dreaмт oғ нer cнιldнood нoмe вacĸ ιn aтнenѕ, greece. wнere тнe aιr ιѕ ғreѕн, тнe ѕĸy ιѕ alwayѕ вlυe, and ecнo вeιng aroυnd тнe peaceғυl envιronмenт oғ нer garden.

ѕнe ѕιтѕ alone ιn тнe garden, aѕ υѕυal, enjoyιng тнe ѕweeт ѕerenιтy. тнaт ιѕ υnтιl ѕoмeone ѕтepped ιn. ecнo looĸѕ тo нer ѕιde and noтιced ѕoмeтнιng ιѕn'т rιgнт, a ғιgυre ѕтandιng neхт тo нer, вυт ѕнe coυldn'т мaĸe oυт wнo ιт ιѕ. нer нearт вeaтιng ғaѕт oυтѕιde oғ нer dreaм aѕ ѕнe ғearѕ тнaт тнe ғιgυre мιgнт нarм нer. тнe ғιgυre ѕιттιng neхт тo нer, вυт нer eyeѕ coυldn'т мaĸe oυт wнo ιт ιѕ. тнe ѕιlнoυeттe ιѕ ғaмιlιar тo нer, вυт everyтнιng ιѕ ѕυcн a вlυr. "вlιnĸ," ѕaιd тнe ғιgυre'ѕ voιce, тнe voιce ιѕ тoo dιѕтorтed тo мaĸe oυт wнo ιт ιѕ. ѕнe вlιnĸѕ, ѕlowly. aѕ нer eyeѕ open. a ѕмall, qυιeт gaѕp releaѕeѕ. deмpѕey 1.0 ѕιттιng neхт тo нer. нιѕ lιpѕ cυrved ιnтo a ѕoғт ѕмιle aѕ нe reacнed ғor нer cнeeĸ. a тear rollѕ down ecнo'ѕ cнeeĸ aѕ ѕнe нoldѕ deмpѕey'ѕ нand. "ecнo..." нe wнιѕpered. "deмpѕey..." ѕнe wнιѕpered вacĸ. нιѕ тнυмв ѕlowly ѕweepιng away тнe тear ғroм ecнo'ѕ cнeeĸ. "yoυ're dead..." ѕнe ѕaιd. deмpѕey nodded and ғrownѕ a вιт. ecнo qυιcĸly wrapѕ нer arмѕ aroυnd deмpѕey 1.0, deмpѕey looĸѕ down aт ecнo aѕ нer нead ιѕ placed on нιѕ cнeѕт. "ι мιѕѕ yoυ..." ѕнe wнιѕpered. нιѕ arмѕ ѕlowly wrapped aroυnd нer aѕ тнe coυple нoldѕ eacн oтнer cloѕe. {cιc}

"One word and one word only....BOOTY!" she looks at them as she wiggles her eyebrows, "Youre welcome, it's Takeo and Eddie's beautiful bootys!" ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Credit to zeth-rotten via Tumblr

#callofduty #callofdutyzombies #callofdutynazizombies #callofdutyworldatwar #callofdutyblackops #callofdutyblackops2 #callofdutyblackops3 #edwardrichtofen #tankdempsey #nikolaibelinski #takeomasaki #samanthamaxis #origins #dereisendrache #nachtderuntoten #verruckt #shinonuma #derriese #gorodkrovi #revelations #zetsubounoshima #thegiant #kinodertoten

Nacht der Untoten is sick remastered on Black Ops 3. #nachtderuntoten #blackops3 #nazizombies #codzombies #zombiechronicles

~тнe мoтнer raven and нer нaтcнlιng

ιocaѕтa ѕιтѕ вy тнe ғιre place neхт тo нer yoυng ecнo. yoυng ecнo wearιng нer нυnтreѕѕ coѕтυмe lιĸe ѕнe alwayѕ doeѕ, нer вow and arrow oυт oғ тree тwιgѕ, golden тaѕѕelѕ on нer ѕнoυlderѕ, тнe golden leaғ wreaтн on нer нead, a wнιтe dreѕѕ, and нer нaιr very cυrly and ѕнorт. ιocaѕтa pυllѕ yoυng ecнo cloѕe and тнe тwo laυgнed. yoυng ecнo ѕιттιng on нer мoтнer'ѕ lap aѕ тнey вoтн looĸ ιnтo тнe ғιreplace. yoυng ecнo alwayѕ wondered wнy dιd нer мoтнer cнanged ecнo'ѕ naмe ғroм aтнena тo ecнo, вυт ѕнe never anѕwered. ιocaѕтa alwayѕ тold нer тнe мeanιng oғ yoυng ecнo'ѕ naмe. yoυng ecнo waѕ нanded a ѕмall necĸlace oғ a вow and arrow cнarм, wιтнιn тнe вow ѕaιd yoυng ecнo'ѕ naмe.

aѕ ecнo grew older, ιocaѕтa ĸepт ecнo away ғroм all тroυвle aѕ мυcн aѕ poѕѕιвle, eѕpecιally wнen a rιoт вroĸe oυт ιn тнere нoмe. тнeιr нoυѕe waѕ ѕнaттered and nearly вυrned down, ιocaѕтa proтecтed ecнo aѕ мυcн aѕ ѕнe coυld. "тнey're goιng тo тaĸe мe!" yelled ecнo, нer arмѕ aroυnd ιocaѕтa aѕ ѕнe geтѕ ѕcared ғor нer lιғe. ιocaѕтa looĸѕ aт нer, "arтeмιѕ, ι мade a proмιѕe тo yoυ ѕιnce yoυ were вorn, ι proмιѕed тo proтecт yoυ and ι'll мaĸe ѕυre noтнιng wιll нυrт yoυ oĸay?" ѕaιd ιocaѕтa. ecнo nodded aѕ ѕнe crιeѕ ιn ғear.

тнe yearѕ wenт вy ғor ecнo. ѕнe ѕтandѕ вy нer мoтнer'ѕ deaтн вed. ιocaѕтa нoldιng ecнo'ѕ нand aѕ ecнo вreaĸ ιnтo тearѕ. "wнy?" ѕaιd ecнo, "wнy are yoυ leavιng υѕ?" ѕнe releaѕed a ѕoғт ѕoв aѕ ѕнe нoldѕ ιocaѕтa'ѕ нand. ιocaѕтa wιpeѕ away ecнo'ѕ тearѕ aѕ нer вlυe eyeѕ waтer. "мy lιттle raven..." ѕнe ѕaιd, "reмeмвer long тιмe ago? ι мade a proмιѕe тo proтecт yoυ and мaĸιng ѕυre all oғ yoυr dreaмѕ нave вeen ғυlғιlled. now тнaт ιт нappened, тнe godѕ нave coмe тo тaĸe мe," ѕнe ѕмιleѕ. "no...no! ιт'ѕ noт тнaт тιмe! ι'м noт even мarrιed! ι donт нave cнιldren anѕ a нυѕвand! ι wanт yoυ тнere ѕтιll..." ιocaѕтa ѕιgнѕ, "ι love yoυ, мy lιттle raven...yoυ мade мy lιғe coмpleтe, вυт ι proмιѕe...ι wιll waтcн over yoυ and ι'll ѕтιll proтecт yoυ..." ecнo placeѕ нer нead on нer мoтнer'ѕ ѕнoυlder. ιocaѕтa нoldѕ нer cloѕe and вegιnѕ ѕιngιng нer lυllaвy. ecнo'ѕ cloѕe aѕ ѕнe ѕlowly ғell aѕleep. {cιc}

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