One of our master mechanics working on #flyingeyehospital #1 CF6-502C . Did you know that the GE CF6 engine family has compiled over 430 million flight hours, across 13 different aircraft types, since it entered into service in 1971?!?!?! 👊🏻✈️The @flyingeyehospital is really heavy, so we need all the thrust we can get! Each one of our CF6-502C's generate 54,000lbs of thrust! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 @orbisintl

Hey everyone, we’d like you to meet Captain Cheryl ! Cheryl started flying for @orbisintl 2 years ago, and loves commanding the @flyingeyehospital in challenging and unusual environments. When she's not flying the FEH around the world fighting blindness, she fly's MD-10/11's for FedEx. Captain Cheryl says; "The best thing about volunteer flying for @orbisintl is delivering the hospital and staff that will change peoples lives" Thanks for all you do captain Cheryl, we couldn’t do what we do without you!! @orbisintl #pilotprofiles

🔥 sky at KPBI ! We had an awesome flight from KGYR to PBI, with some great friends onboard @flywithaopa . We have a few more weeks in the US, then it’s off you South America to fight blindness 👊🏻 #N330AU does her best work on the road, and she’s ready for takeoff ! @orbisintl

Super fast @flyingeyehospital walk around! ✈️ @orbisintl

Thanks so much to the amazing @flyingeyehospital crew for letting the public tour your aircraft!! Go give them a follow! This aircraft is an MD-10-30F #N330AU -Dylan

Our C check is finally finished in GYR! We’ve had our fair share of the beautiful Arizona sunshine, and spring training baseball 😉! We have a few more stops in the US before we start our 2018 programs. First program is in South America ! Stay tuned !! @orbisintl @flywithaopa

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." J. Swift
A big thank you to Orbis Crew for organizing this visit and especially for their incredible missions !

Afternoon spent with Project Orbis McDonnell Douglas MD-10-30CF #N330AU
@flyingeyehospital @orbisintl
#orbis #flyinghospital #vision #mcdonnelldouglas #md10f #dc10lovers #goodyear #aviation #aviationphotography #spotter #aviationspotter #avgeek

We’re wrapping our C checks in Goodyear, AZ, and getting ready to spool up for our first program in South America!! Captain Flash programming the “box” before a flight last December. @orbisintl

Today was a great day. The @OrbisIntl @FlyingEyeHospital #N330AU is done with its heavy check and they opened this amazing aircraft up for the public today. It is scheduled to depart on its next mission in about a week, hopefully I can get some photos of their departure! #KGYR #MD10 #DC10

Hope to catch the @flyingeyehospital #N330AU departing #KGYR in the near future. Until then, this will have to do. Felt good to stand next to an active DC-10 again after many, many years. @chevrolet #coloradolife

#flyingeyehospital climbing off of HNL, Runway 08R on the Molokai Four departure. Scroll to the right to see a video of the south shore of Oahu! 🤙🏻 @orbisintl

#2 looking extra pretty on the ramp at HNL. 😍 @orbisintl

#flyingeyehospital cruising over the Californa coast a couple weeks back. 2017 was our first full year with the MD-10 and she performed amazing. A huge thanks to all the dedicated staff and volunteers that make our mission possible. Here’s to a fruitful and impactful 2018! @orbisintl

Orbis MD-10 #N330AU at Moffett Field

@orbisintl Flyingeyehospital MD-10-30 touching down on RWY 32R at KNUQ after a 4h 19m flight from PHNL. That Hula girl on the dashboard, well that what I call a "turbulance indicator"! I have noticed that "bitching Betty" sounds a little bit different on the MD-10, or maybe that's just me. "Bitching Batty" is the nickname of the female enunciating voice of the Central Aural Warning Systems (CAWS). These systems provided a voice for most warnings, including fire, altitude, cabin altitude, stall, overspeed, autopilot disconnect and so on. This voice was used on McDonnell Douglas aircraft like the DC-9, DC-10, MD-80/90, MD-11 and 717. Some absolute great footage send in by @flyingeyehospital . For sure check their page out !#flyingeyehospital

#flyingeyehospital touching down on RWY 32R at KNUQ after a 4h 19m, 2,463 mile flight from PHNL. Beautiful flight with an amazing crew! Check out our Hula Girl “turbulence indicator” we brought along for the ride 😉 @orbisintl

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