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Quality time with #MissouriOne celebrating 35 years of LUV at MCI. #swapic #N280WN #WN35MCI #MCI

Taking off out of Austin bound for Tampa! This is the Formula one track! There were cars qualifying while this photo was taken!

✈️Boeing 737-700
Airline: @southwestair #SWApic
Special Livery: Missouri One
Registration: #N280WN

Southwest's Missouri One taking off of SFO's runway 28L. 🌴✈️🌴✈️🌴✈️🌴✈️🌴
Aircraft: Boeing 737-7H4 (WL)
Airline: Southwest
Registration: #N280WN
Age: 9 Years 10 Months
Manufacture date: June 6, 2007
Airline Alliance: None
Date of Picture: January 2, 2017
Serial #: 32533
Camera: Canon Rebel T5 75-300mm Lens

#n280wn pushing back from LAS!

Sunrise landing at DAL. #n280wn

I know it's not the best picture but I'm just happy I caught Missouri One for the first time! #N280WN #WickedSpecialSaturday

Southwest 737-7H4, #N280WN

Missouri one pushing back.
Airline: @southwestair
Aircraft: 737-700
Route: OAK-CMH
Reg: #n280wn
Livery: Missouri One

@southwestair 737-7H4
#N280WN or #MissouriOne
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#n280wn pushing back from LAS!

SWA 737 in the "Missouri One" livery on short final from Milwaukee (MKE)

#n280wn sitting at the gate in Las Vegas a couple days ago!!

Operations in the airline business are always subject to the effects of unplanned events, affecting our Customers' plans as well as our own. Today was a good example of that. Several of our Departments had spent a significant amount of time over months planning and arranging the movements of aircraft in our fleet during the last week with a fairly grand scheme in mind. The goal was to cycle as many of our specialty livery aircraft through Dallas Love Field today for a media event as possible. We had 11 of them scheduled to operate into and out of DAL during the course of the day. However, irregular operations relating to Hurricane Harvey, including cancelled flights and the need to reposition many of our planes, messed up our plans. Nevertheless, we were able to get seven of them here today, and I managed to photograph five of them. That's a personal record for a nine-hour period!! ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️😍 #swapic #swaculture #clapclapding #HospitalityandReliability #SouthwestHeart ❤️💛💙 #IHaveConfidenceinGaryandMike #IStandWithGary @southwestair #OneTeamAllHeart #LoneStarOne #N931WN #ArizonaOne #N383SW #ColoradoOne #N230WN #MarylandOne #N214WN #MissouriOne #N280WN

#n280wn coming in hot to KSAT today from Kansas city!

Saw this beauty #n280wn while spotting at (MDW) just over a week ago! 😍

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