Ain't no shame in my game
I found a new high, yeah
There's no shame in my game
There's no shame in my pain
I found new propane
I found new cocaine ,, Future PartyNextDoor - No Shame "

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photo by brother @planetofahmad

I am part Coast Salish. I didn’t grow up with my indigenous side till my teenage years. I’ve witnessed the effects of the residential school system and what it has done to a family. As my grandparents buried their sorrows in a bottle, it has affected 3 generations. But the strength and resilience of my blood has put an end to that suffering. Today, I celebrate indigenous people’s day proudly.
When I share that I want to be a better person each day for my daughters. I mean by showing them even through generations before me (my biological mother, her parents and so on) that the cycle of alcohol, abuse and drugs ends with me. Why were they this way, residential schools. Post traumatic stress and it flourished into the following generations after them. Which is saddening.
I am the change for the future of my family on my mother’s side. I am in control and have the power to change the situation. Which I am working on each and everyday.
I refuse to be defined by where I came from and want to help others know they are capable of making their own future. You don’t have to be defined by the past or where you came from.
You can choose to be who you wish to be by the actions you take each day. I choose to be the generation of healing.

I know for me that it took a life time to find my true purpose... What truly made me happy.

What filled my soul... What could I do to make a difference in the world


To to make a difference in how I see myself.
To feel like I belong, to feel like I fit in, to feel like I mattered... These podcast that I am sharing with you is to help women, men, teenagers see that they matter, that they belong. That they need to spend time on figuring out who they are. Not trying to copy the next person beside them or copy their favourite celebrity.

This is for women, men in their teens, 20s, 30s, heck even 40s to see themselves as more.

I would if my friends could help me out. If you could support me on Itunes. To subscribe, share and spread word and learn that there is resources out there.

This podcast is with Darlene Gudrie Butts
She discusses 🗣️ What will actually make you happy? 😀
Do you feel like you still haven’t found your true purpose?💃 After enjoying a 23-year career as a top-performing, award-winning independent financial adviser, Darlene Gudrie Butts traded her business suit for a pen and wrote her best-selling book, “Lessons from the Depression, Eliminating Debt the Old-fashioned Way.” She spent years coaching authors and entrepreneurs and has created the Clarity Project to help people fine their lane, voice and fulfillment for their soul.

Today we covered...
That we are layered with other peoples expectations that hinder us
💡How to figure out your why and how this will make you happy beyond belief
💡That the goal in life is to live your purpose not to just accumulate more possessions.
💡Taking the time to STOP and assess and how to do it properly
💡Women seem to try to make everyone else happy first, it will make you better at everything if you take the time for yourself!

The link is in bio!
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My story: I always loved jewelry, I even made jewelry myself, so I know first hand about what it cost. Then I saw a long time friends live jewelry party and wanted to support. Once I saw the pieces I immediately wanted some for myself and to gift to some of my ministry leaders. That's what hooked me. That's what started my 5 dollar habit was my love for giving. I dont have as much time as I use to, to make jewelry every night but I sure had time to shop on a fb live while multitasking with other things. At the same time, I was looking for something I could do on the side part time to make up for at least 500 dollars a month. Everyone could use that right? Well, I couldn't waitress weekends, couldn't bartend, couldn't spend hours on the phone telemarketing, and all the other side opportunities seemed not enjoyable enough for someone like me. So I dug deep and started researching on Paparazzi and its success. I was blown away! Found what U could do and love doing without leaving my home. In one hour on a live I made more than I do working 5 hours, and I didn't have to leave my children to make it. I never want to do anything else that requires a significant sacrifice from my children. They deserve more not less. They are my reason.

If this touches you and you've been giving it thought, ask me how to partner with me.
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I had such an amazing time away, but so happy to be back with these 2 😍 #myworld #mywhy #mygorgeousgirls

I never knew how strong I was until that was the ONLY thing I had. .
I’ve been faced with challenges after challenges. From Health complications such as a rare artery defect that almost caused me to lose my leg at the age of 16, which turned into STAFF infection that almost took my life. Cancer, heart problems, and strokes. But above all the trials and tribulations I’ve somehow rose above. I’ve somehow, someway beat it. .
Each stage of life there is a different battle. Each battle you have to choose how your going to fight it. It’s never the same combat boots your walking into the war in.
I’m grateful. Everyday. I’m grateful that I’m able to go. Push myself so hard if I CHOOSE to and feel my LEGS that I have give out on me, MY HEART BEAT outta my chest, my KIDNEYS trying digest all my pre workout, and my BRAIN THAT ALLOWS ME TO PUSH THROUGH A HARD WORKOUT. And my body that Carey’s me to such destinations such as the men’s bathroom to completely embarrass myself. .
Needless to say. I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the trials I’ve faced. Im grateful for my battles I’ve won. I’m grateful for the loved ones I have in my life that have never gave up on me and are still by myside. .
I’m grateful to be alive and TO FEEL ALIVE! .
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My hope is that by the time this little guy is in his 50’s Alzheimer’s will be, in the very least, an easily curable disease. ☝🏻☝🏻Please check out the link in my bio for a cool way to give ☝🏻☝🏻 #mywhy #alzheimers #endalz #alzsucks #thelongestday #💜 #alz #alzheimersawareness #alzawareness #hollisbenjamin

You need to understand... life isn't what you are given & you are not defined by how you look... It's what you create, what you overcome and what you achieve that makes you unique, authentic, unrepeatable your own and incredibly beautiful in my eyes... It's that magic I seek in the soul who graces my lens... her story, her authenticity ... To've been given the privelege to capture your grace & light, to me, that is a rare & beautiful gift & a conversation with soul, created with heart... <3 XxxBlanche

The ever so beautiful Sandra @footprintpics
HAIRSTYLING by JANE of @cheztitinesalon
MAKE-UP by JANE of @cheztitinesalon
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Was chasing the sunset last night on my way home .... one of my favourite things to do... it was absolutely stunning last night 😍 #sunset_pics #sunset #mywhy #myjourney #sunsets_oftheworld @bseager83 @ancadraghiciu

I love photography because a different perspective can change how you see the subject matter.
Take this starfish for example.
Look at it from one angle and you can see a running figure. 🏃
Turned 90 degrees and it looks like it's caught in a stick-up. 🤔😁
What do you love about photography?

happiness is a warm puppy 💛 - charles m. schulz #tbt

My boys did a photo shoot today so here’s a wee peak 🤩💙💙 #myworld #mywhy #myboys #mummytoboys #starwars #starwarsdaft #stormtrooper #kyloren #humphslife

#tbt Throwback to 3 years ago when I got my hair did on a beach somewhere in Mexico. #2015 #nationalselfieday
I know I’m a dork, but this picture and moment were actually pretty pivotal for me.
Backstory: We had just gotten back from Mexico and I was on my way to a counseling appointment. This was the peak struggling point for me in my life; my mom had been hospitalized in the months leading up to this trip, post-partum was still lingering and I was finally beginning to acknowledge it, Jake was under a stressful promotional period at work, and we were still unpacking from yet another move and trying to balance marriage and life with 5 kids.
Let’s just say the beach was a very timely, much needed getaway for us and it’s where this amazing “shift” happened in my mind and in my heart that set things in motion for me to make some big changes in my life. I actually remember deciding then and there that things would change - starting with me - as soon as I got home. And they did.🙏🏻
I came home and started running, working out, letting go of some bad habits and things that weren’t serving me, eventually chopped my hair off and ultimately changed my life.;)
Moral of the story: go to the BEACH!!!! 😆 ... and then come home and take better care of yourself. 💗
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Follow Up post from yesterday. Everyone; Men and women should listen to this episode of Whaddup Doc University. Dr. Mike talks about hormones and breast cancer.
Both men and women can get breast cancer. Dr. Mike talks about how our hormones like estrogen affect breast cancer. .
High levels of estrogen in the body are bad. It can lead to cancer. Birth control pills put high levels of synthetic estrogen into the body and that makes women who are on birth control for long periods of time or women who receive hormone shots to “cover up” menstrual issues at a higher risk of breast cancer. .
This is why I decided to no longer take birth control pills, I had been on them for 28 years 😱 I said no more and I’m taking back my body and health. .
Listen to Whaddup Doc University podcast for a lot of useful information on taking your health into your own hands. .
Thank you Dr. Mike for all the great service you preform. 💚🌱
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