Kehadiran buah hati ini, lucu sehat dan menggemaskan menjadi harapan suami istri yang sudah menikah untuk menjadi penerus keturunan
Untuk bunda yg menantikan kehamilan, tetap semangat terus ikhtiar, do'a dan tawakal. Segera konsultasikan keluhan bapak/ibu.
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At our last house Greg’s bedroom was dark and cozy but wait till you see his new space. 🤭 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #modernrustic #desertvibes #mywestelm #hometohave #designsponge #decorcrushing #designblogger #interiorlovers #modernhome #interiorforinspo #myhomevibe #sodomino

May we all aspire to be this level of cozy. Goodnight, friends! 💫

Just co-creating my life and dreams on the way to my next truth. Listening to podcasts and making art all day - okay really all I did was make a bunch of messes and wood strips and random plywood shapes - but that's a big part of making art with wood.
Creation takes patience and messy days. New ideas come from taking a step back and laughing at the direction your mind can go.
I love what I do, and am thankful daily, and I know you can do what you love to if you take a moment each day to see what lights you up, and then bring more of that into your life.
This design is giving me cross eyes, and I'm loving the size!
Working up the courage to make sets of four even though I don't have the storage for such shenanigans.
Happy mid week, peeps.🌻⛅🌹 Get something worked out this week by getting messy! You never know what you could begin!

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Ketika kita merasa kehabisan waktu untuk menunggu...
Kehabisan cara yang harus di coba..
Harus kah menyerah dan mengubur harapan untuk bisa merasakan pelukan buah hati bunda..
Haruskah berhenti dari setiap usaha karena kita sudah berprasangka semua juga percuma???
Bunda,, jika kita menyerah dengan hal yang hanya menunggu waktu saja..
Jika kita tidak bisa berprasangka baik kepada Sang Pemberi kepercayaan mari kita renungkan lagi apakah memang kita pantas untuk di percaya..
Karena ketika buah hati hadir dalam keluarga kecil kita, itu juga akan membutuhkan kesabaran bunda, keyakinan bunda, dan semangat bunda agar dia bisa tumbuh menjadi kebanggan bunda dan keluarga..
Jangan menutup diri pada setiap kesempatan yang ada dihadapan bunda.. tidak ada yang kebetulan di dunia ini semua sudah Tuhan atur sebaik-baiknya...
Ketika bunda membaca tulisan ini mungkin ini salah satu jalan Tuhan untuk memberi kita kesempatan kembali mencoba.. berusaha dan berdo'a sampai Tuhan yakin usaha keras bunda, keyakinan bunda dan kesabaran bunda, bunda pantas menerima kepercayaan atas kehadiran buah hati dalam keluarga kecil bunda... Amin Amin Yaa Robbal Alaamin

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Sometimes it’s a book, or a pillow, a piece of artwork, a vase or two, or even a really cool leopard statue 🐆! Every room needs that certain something to help bring your space to life and make your house feel like a home 🏡! Join us TOMORROW (Aug 15) for the second part of our free #DesignCrew hands-on 2 part workshop led by our own @candacesamone who designed this gorgeous space for @spokeapts . She will be sharing her tips and tricks with @sherwinwilliams and @porchdotcom at @westelmchicago from 6-8 PM! Our designers will also be available for one on one consultations! Don’t worry if you missed last week, you can still come this week! Light food and drinks will be provided! RSVP using the link in our profile ☝🏼| 📸 by @belenaquinophoto

In a small start to changing up the master bedroom I came across these awesome lamps to add a little whimsy to the bedroom.
#home #myhome #westelm #mywestelm #masterbedroom #lamp #lamps #llama #bird #ambiance #decor #decorating #accessories #mygetaway #oasis

Staycation day one vibes 🤗💙

Sometimes it takes lots and lots of tries to make it right. Still not quite happy with this configuration. Tomorrow, I’m trying bottom left to top right flow. This one feels backwards to me but tomorrow is another day. But... if this one feels right to you, it’s all yours! 😉 16”x20” #alcoholink on canvas
#modernhome #modernstyle #interiordecor #fluidart #artflowsessions #ncartist #diagonalcomposition #commissionedart #createeveryday #carveouttimeforart #abmlifeiscolorful #apartmenttherapy #mywestelm

Enjoying the magic that is golden hour! 🌴

I think Zel is digging ‘Family Handyman’ mag. 🧐 😂 Just posted a little tour of phase 1 of our studio + guest room on IHOD today, and sharing the process for how I go about selecting lighting for a space. I found this one pictured from @corbettlighting! Link to the full post is in my profile. Looking forward to sharing the rest of the room with you soon:) #sponsored #IHODStudio

Traveling for a living means the chance to do home projects are far in between and some plans are kept on hold until I return home for a longer period other than a long weekend. Now that I’m home for a little bit I get to go back to home project mode and accomplish some things. One of my fave reno projects is my master bath. My love for minimalism shows in this simple and clean shower accentuated by embossed honeycomb tiles with different shades of grey that I picked at a home design store. My current project is my master bedroom and guest bedroom which are still a work in progress. The next photo is the new guest bedroom that had been long used as laundry/storage room. Other than wall art, the room is ready for guests!#mywestelm#potterybarn#homedesign #minimalist#myhome#homeproject #mysanctuary #homedecoration

Home sweet home. Sometimes, there's nothing like it.

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