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My son, on our way called "life" I will grow you a positive, strong, intelligent confident, helping, respecting, self-respecting, empathic, loyal, honest, dedicated, passionate, loving, creative, active, self-reflecting, affiliated, giving, understanding, interested, listening, funny, independent, satisfied, shining, self-deprecating, supporting, healthy, patient, warm-hearted, tolerant, big thinking, greatful, just beautiful human being... ...in order to go your own way holding your head up high, reaching for the stars and rooted to the ground, knowing who you are!
Always being aware of one important saying: "Take care to be better than yourself yesterday"! ...and then I let you go and tell you what my father used to tell me: "Simple roads don't make a skillful driver, my son! And if you happen to need a "spare wheel" on your way, I'll be right behind you!" HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!❤

Eu Acredito que o mal do século não seja a depressão; ou o cigarro , ou a bebida , ou droga , ou sei lá que nome novo pra alguma "anomalia" .
Acredito que o mal pior de todos esses seja : o comodismo. Nada me incomoda mais do que ver O ᑕOᗰOᗪIᔕᗰO . " Permanecer na inércia do que já se tem , do que se é, intacto, sem novas possibilidades , sem novas vontades" . O que me comove e move mesmo, é quando (após se desacomodar ) o ser humano percebe o quanto mais pode fazer por si , e pelos outros . E crescerrrrr! E serrrrr! Um dia de cada vez . E hoje foi daqueelessss dias! Teve #NTCSP ssssssimmmm! Teve muita coisa ! Preparativos finais pra #sevenRun e yo estoy muchissimo empolgada ! Dia cheio e produtivo . E amanhã again . Letsssss doooo thisssss 💥✨👊🏼. #tothink #think #thinkaboutit #nike #nrc #ntcsp #moveon #vibes #mylife #myway #love #grateful #energy #tksgod #fit #fitness #instapic #instagram #ig #nikewomen #countingdown #picoftheday

¡Qué románticos! ♥️ | 📷: @tonicosta4
El amor es la danza de la eternidad..... @adamarilopez 💘#myway @stjude #dance #love #lovedance #romantic #couple #familiacostalopez #eltiempodediosesperfecto #iloveyou

🌼Obrigada @titaniumjeans amei minha saia! A coleção está maravilhosa!!!! 💋💋💋

Hey ♥️#MyWay


本日も いいお天気すぎるぐらい
暑いですが テンション高めで
よろしくお願いいたします〜♫ シンプルコーデに 派手なSOCKS!
なんと 全てフリーサイズ✳︎
レディースも メンズも
ジュニアも OK‼️ #billybuddusky #socks#myway

Дни летят быстро, но я не даю себе очнуться.🙃 Верните мне солнце, чувство лёгкости и горячий дешёвый капучино с воздушной пенкой на полстаканчика, джелато с лимоном и базиликом, и бабулю❣️#milano #italianmood

#tbt O tanto que essa cidade já me ensinou... ❤

Sujud Sungkeman dengan guru itu adalah hal wajib yang tak boleh di tinggalkan oleh seorang murid saat bertemu dengan gurunya dimanapun. With ust. Abu khair alumnis cairo mesir, Guru favorite mata pelajaran usul hadist, wali kelas saya juga dulu. 😊

#awesome #amazing #mylife #myway #mystory #history #cikgu #teacher #backtoschool #nature #adventure #flashback #missyou #lovely #favorite #idol #cover #art #bordingschool #penulis #writer #written

✨✨Rights to be yourself.✨✨
▪️Paradoxically, but the most difficult thing for a person is to accept and love oneself the way we are, to follow our spiritual impulses, rather than the conveyor scenarios imposed on us in childhood and later on by society; Give oneself the right to try and make mistakes, because in any way (whether it's the path to true "I" , to success, to freedom), the goal can not be achieved without actions, the actions means different options and solutions, and as a fact, there is no 100% error-free solutions.
▪️To allow oneself to be mistaken is to allow oneself to develop, to allow oneself to be a person, an individuality, and not living only by fear of criticism and imposed templates. In the end, only we can decide - whose words are perceived, and whose is not. Only we decide - whose opinion is weighty for us, and whose not. Only we choose - to learn from successful people or from people who have not reached the "a-ny-thing" and roll down, dragging the rest to the swamp.
▪️Then, when we stop being afraid of ourselves , when we will be honest with ourselves, when we will accept our imperfection and give ourselves the right to make a mistake, the right to be true, and therefore we will take our right to be individuality and accept the right of every person to be individual too - then the we will be one more step closer to true "I" 💎
🔹As for me I've just started this way and I still have a lot of things and experience to go through. But I'm glad that gradually I come to awareness, it's like getting out of a coma or deep sleep.
🔹Recently, I felt like a hedgehog in the fog and still sometimes I feel like this, but this condition is not my life and not who I am, although understanding that you are "in Fog "- is the path to awareness. 🔹The key to awakening is awareness, and perhaps this is the most difficult thing. How to choose a red or blue pill in the movie "Matrix", but more complicated. If we choosing the reality - we get it dosed and we might fight to not get into the fog again.
🔹I wish everyone happiness, awareness and responsibility for the creation of your own lives, pure and full of light.
✨Always yours : Lilith Esmont .✨

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