There is an extra ray of sunshine when Nick is at the drop zone! He is always a blast to jump with and has even become one of our few head down flyers without any tunnel time! His enthusiasm and positive energy gives that extra excitement to his students when in the role of Jump Master and Coach. Though recently being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Nick does not let it get in the way of his passion for skydiving! Keep shredding the gnar!!!

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My little superstar 😍 #myvictoria #mylove

Mo' Money... Mo' Skydiving!

Din ziua în care a apărut Victorița în familia noastră, viața s-a schimbat complet!
Suntem părinți - si asta este misiunea noastra cea mai responsabila ❤️🤗
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You havent experienced the greatest day of your life..... YET!!🤩 Just ask this guy!!

Repost of an oldie. Coz this is where I’d rather be right now 🙄

Не хочу думати яка там вже осінь у Львові чи дощі,ще два дні точно не хочу😅У нас режим літа і плюс 30,майже немає народу,найгарніше море яке я коли не будь бачила,ідеально чисте і спокійне,я завжди любила літо посеред літа,але бархатний сезон це казка💙#croatia#croatia2018#sea#2year6monthmather#myvictoria#

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