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✨mermaid vibes✨really loving this shirt @mytruthandco #mytruthandco #mytruthandcompany use the code Emily15 for 15% off at checkout!

Such a sweet little necklace made by @sambam321 for @mytruthandco 🌿Just drinking coffee, enjoying the light rain and feeling super thankful for my ig friends🙏💕Seriously, all the feels this morning. Xo
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So in love with this flower choker from @mytruthandco #mytruthandco #mytruthandcompany

Giveaway number two! Three women will win these! RULES TAG A BIRTHMOM YOU KNOW THAT WILL LOVE A MIRROR/CAR DECAL. Donated by @lifeafterplacement

Can we just take a momment here and admire these beauties? Go check out @thecrybabyclub_ it was an honor to make these

Dear Stay at home mom,
I was once a stay at home mom when our son Elijah was born. It was a hard transition for me. I did it for a year and needed to go back to work. It wasn't because I didn't love my son. I was losing a sight of who I was at the time. I had to step up since my husband had gotten laid off and we needed to make up some income that we were about to lose. I worked two part time jobs durning this time and it honestly felt like I was working one full time and a part time. Hardest year of my life mentally, emotionally, and physically. Yet I wouldn't take back this path I once walked. It made me who I am today. It made me stronger and wiser. It made me thankful that the time I spend with our son for his first year I will cherish forever.
The waking up in the middle of the night to breast feed. The constant urge to pump a supply. To cleaning the house "my way" or the highway motto. To cooking dinner for my husband and enjoying the time we spent as a family. Now that I'm slowly transitioning to being a stay at home mom again it's been easy and hard at the same time. I'm trying to balance home duties with mom duties along with pursuing my dream. Running my own business even if I don't become successful over night I'm not giving up. This is what I have always wanted. A name and brand of my own. I know there will be moments in time where I will break down because I feel like I'm doing everything. I know I will probably hurt you by saying this is our form of "paying the bills" yet I don't mean to offend you. We are the "bosses" when it comes to being a stay at home mom. We aren't the maid, we simply like to live in a clean environment and that's actually a good thing. It's great for having a healthy mental state. We aren't the chefs, we clearly are cooking to help provide for our families. Let's make it fun and leave the control and let everyone help. We aren't the laundry mat, we are simply the mothers that our children need. We are teaching them how to do daily survival skills along with proper hygiene. It took me a year of working and having all these mental break downs emotionally to realize I saw and complained about not "having that help" a different

🌸🌸🌺🌸🌸 absolutely in love with this lotus necklace 🌸🌸🌺🌸🌸 #mytruthandcompany #mytruthandco @mytruthandco

Part of the Gang 🙌🏻💗🐬✨ Rocking my new favorite #MermaidGang tee from @mytruthandco 🖤 Get in the gang by shopping her etsy online! #mytruthandco 💕


Can we just take a momment here and admire these beauties? Go check out @thecrybabyclub_ it was an honor to make these

Happy Friday my little Truthers. Brand new tee is up. This week was just a long crazy week being a mom yet you know what?! I got through it. This tee I made for all my moms. I love you and you have the hardest job in the whole world and never lack to give yourself the credit you deserve.

Good morning my little Truthers! Happy fantastic Monday. I'm starting to get back in the swing of things. Trying to find the balance of being a single mom, working full time, having time for myself and this beauty of a gem I have been neglecting a little durning all this new change. I want to hear from you! Tell me things you are wanting to see. What kind of jewelry, and what would you want to see on shirts? Comment me or DM me. I want remind you how much I appreciate each and one of you.

A little behind the scene action. Making some @thecrybabyclub_ stuff for this weekend 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

It makes me so happy to see my beautiful Truthers wear My Truth. Photo credit: @skyehoeks

My little humpday reminder for myself and my little Truthers. Aren't these fonts to die for?! My bestie @nataliemeagan made them. 💕💕💕

Good morning! Happy Tuesday my little Truthers. Look how cute @theindiegirlblog looks wearing the "Don't over think it" tee".

Hello my Little Truthers. I know I have been completely MIA for a while. I try not to get so personal when it comes to my private life. Yet it's time that I tell you the chaos that has been going on behind the closed door of my little studio I feel it's now time to share with you on what's been going on. I want to say that I'm deeply sorry for just disappearing and not letting you know why. Life changing events have happened for my little family. Derrik and I agreed to separate for the wellbeing of our son. We are embarking different lifestyles and I'm on a path of love and healing. A path of working and trying to find a balance of being a single mom now and not losing my sanity. I must say that I haven't been this genuinely happy in a long time. I feel a sense of happiness and joy not just in my heart yet mind, body and soul. I've been working really hard a new few things and I'm in the process of perfecting them. I'm happy to say this momma is back in action and is ready to kick ass and be a warrior queen I know I can be. I love you guys.

Fun fact Tuesday: The pineapple symbolizes "welcome" and hospitality, as well as friendship, generosity, and other forms of social warmth and graciousness! Pick up your 🍍 necklace now in @mytruthandco etsy shop in time for summer!!

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Sunday's are for lounging and doing what you love! My truth is that I've always had deep hair envy of girls with long flowing locks and moms who knew how to braid .... my newest pass time is watching YouTube hair tutorials and trying to replicate them haha 💁🏻I'm Still working on it but practice makes perfect! Thanks @mytruthandco for this inspiring tee. Use skye15 for 15% off on their site!

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@theindiegirlblog rocking a Mermaid Gang tee. Ahhh you look fierce babe.

Queen of boho fashion @budgetbohemian wearing a one of a kind necklace I made for her. I hope you guys have a great day my little Truthers!

Part of the Gang 🙌🏻💗🐬✨ Rocking my new favorite #MermaidGang tee from @mytruthandco 🖤 Get in the gang by shopping her etsy online! #mytruthandco 💕

Loving his warm weather and I'm happy to have the softest tshirts from @mytruthandco on hand for after work adventures. I style mine with some glitzy flats and my favorite ripped jeans. What's your go to tshirt look?
#mytruthandcompany #mytruthandco

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Good morning and happy Monday my little Truthers. Look how cute @skyehoeks looks wearing her pineapple necklace.

Happy Mothers Day to all my little Truthers who are moms. Either a mom, an adoptive mom, a fur mom, a foster mom, a mommy to be. Or a mom that's grieving. Know that my love for you today is bigger than ever. You have the hardest job in the world and you are doing an amazing job raising the future. For that I love you and I embrace you. Keep being the amazing mom you are.

Happy Friday my little Truthers. I spy @ebreeeezy wearing her lotus necklace 💕😍

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