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Who is walking who 🙊🖤 enough of that look at all those books 📚😍 great find @dy_ellie

Currently Marrakech bound today to celebrate @owl_emma's birthday as well as spend the weekend eating street food, getting hammam, and cooling off in the pool. Which will be a welcome respite after a) missing our flight yesterday and b) the purgatory that is the customs line at Orly where I'm currently interminably trapped. These dates & mint tea from our last visit to @la_maison_marrakech are the perfect example of the quiet, hidden Marrakech I love. On the flip side of the riad oasis is the chaos and dirt and energy of the streets, which is the other part I love. In a world where everything feels the same, Marrakech is one of those special places that is decidedly not the same. Since we first ventured here two years ago, I've dreamed of renovating a riad. I don't know if this is the time in our life for that dream to come to fruition, but I definitely plan to dream by looking at real estate while we're here. And living vicariously through Emma. I also plan to publish the recap of our Marrakech Escape on the blog over the weekend! There are so many amazing photos it's taken me five months to choose. In the mean time, you can find my weekend guide to Marrakech via the link in profile! #localmilkabroad #iamatraveler #eattheworld

Let off with a warning 😂

Wishing you a fabulous Saturday #thisislondon

Hidden deep in the Andes the Maras salt flats are truly a sight to behold, amazing to think that millions of years ago this 10,000' mountain was at the bottom of the sea // more from #peru on stories w/ @hoteltambodelinka, @theluxurycollection & @beautifuldestinations #destinationdiscoveries

'Urban Lights' by @lichipan 💡💡💡


onto the next adventure 🌲

Where to on a Saturday? 🤔

Feeling zen over here 😇

Le Criou, many moons ago.

walking on a dream ✨ Monaco is now the 21st country I've crossed off my bucket list, and probably the only country I'll ever walk from end to end 😂

What an amazing camp you found @greenesgetlost! Amazing. Sunset or sunrise anyone?! #vaninspirations

Such a pretty courtyard 😍

Because nothing can come between me and my sisters. 🙅‍♀️NOTHING! 📸: @divine.dd ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
'Like branches on a tree, we grow in very different directions,yet our (deep) roots remain as one.' @gecannthy @divine.dd @bvivine ❤❤❤ #forevergrateful

Tea for two at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC was an absolute delight. What are you sipping as you wake up this morning?

Saturday at the museum 🗽

I've stood right here and still can't believe this is a real place

nature shapes #leinné #leisure #inné

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