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{ White Labyrinth } • Here a short video of my experience in the timeless beauty of Matera.
This time I traveled & worked w/ @carpisaofficial for #CarpisaAdventures
Soon the story on my blog and youtube!

never seen waves quite like these 🌊

Eggs and the papers while the fog crawled over London this morning. In the offing for today: a few hours at my borrowed desk (gleaming with furniture polish and sporting a tray of freshly-sharpened pencils), a sandwich followed by a procrastinatory nose through the National Gallery, and a call with my mother to discuss the Christmas holidays (yes).

Went on a little adventure w/ @_tamarapeterson and mr. Levi yesterday's morning! He's the cutest Pomeranian ever 😍🚶🏻‍♀️🐶 #newyorknewyork #postthepeople

Found the perfect magnolia tree in Bath.

Iconic bridge in Prague 🙋 | Photo by @vetrana

Charleston is an Instagrammer’s dream! Visit the link in our profile to discover how to spend 24 photo-worthy hours in the Lowcountry. & of course Waterfront Park is must on our list 🙌🏼🍍Bonus points if you can catch one of our friendly flippered friends swimming nearby for your Insta Story! #TravelTuesday #ExploreCharleston

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” #myvikingstory #iamatraveler


Once upon a table 🌾🎻📷


New film 📸

"What& #39;re you looking at?"

neuschwanstein is probably my oldest travel bucket list place 🏰✔️️ sharing more about our day in winter wonderland on the blog today 😊️️👉🏼 jsspress.wordpress.com

also, very proud that I can finally spell neuschwanstein without having to look it up 🙌🏼


What you lookin at?

Getting lost in the village streets has to be the best piece of advice I can give to anyone ever traveling to Loei. Unique temples and photogenic daily life scenes are at every corners. It felt incredible to be a part of this, seeing kids playing, a lady cooking in the street or this monk leaving the temple after an early morning prayer. ❤

Ce voyage fut indéniablement la cristallisation de tout ce que j'aime vivre, apprendre, découvrir, partager...lorsque je pars à la rencontre d'un pays. Le coup de coeur ne pouvait donc en être que plus intense 😍 !

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He said he had a weird face in this picture, but I thought he looked cute 💋

| | • [A Muse & Tide] • | |

What very little we truly know of the intimacy coursing in another— their immediate practices, chosen methods, active or inactive beliefs in the life they call as their own, with conviction or amiable need.
It’s a peculiar thought to me when I think about all of the very eclectic & major cities I’ve lived in since I was 19.
Nine years later, I’m sitting here reflecting on just that. Currently in city 7 & as much as I myself am an advocate for the solace of mountain peaks or the roaring whispers that chant back from the sea.
I’ve been slowly coming to learn, it's Truly the adversities of people, smack dab in the bustling halt & screech of city streets, that have an incredibly profound ability to teach.
Even when unbeknownst to them, there is something full & circulating of marvel when shared without exempt.

For every city I’ve ever lived & wandered about, traversing & yet mistakingly learning the curvature or spine of these newly ventured roads, I’ve always been awed by the places where others without hesitation proudly call their home.

Of anywhere I have since lived, this photo depicts the most formidable place to have enraptured the childlike nature of my curiosities within.
Which brings me back to the inquisitive thought,
as to how we truly know very little of the intimacies we all hold akin; Whether apparent or soon forgot
—§ ∆ Ǥ ع

Mornings like this 😍😁 🍴🍉 in Cappadocia 🇹🇷 Tag the person you would sit here with @kelebekcavehotel ✨💙.
Credits: @pilotmadeleine 👈
#Mytravelage #turkey #cappadocia #travel #luxurytravel

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