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Sometimes I cower at the power of my mind. It roams the world and takes me places I am not sure my feet imagined to go. ~PHYlosoPHY3~ #mythoughtsmywords #HBR #wyresalbumtribute #honouredtoserveGodatthislevel

- Before you do what makes yourself happy, do what makes Allah happy. True happiness lies with pleasing our Lord. Trust me.

You never know how high the price of being brave is gonna be, but you can be sure the struggle is gonna be worth fighting for! 🚩#ssnmrllprrls #photogaphy #mythoughtsmywords #bebrave #hopeforthebest

Day 7/365- "Never a dull moment with this little one. A very energetic and a happy baby. #rlynnmua🌹 "

This is his favorite song 24kmagic by @brunomars
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#dancer #almost2 #dance #futuredancer

Let that unborn live, Let her get educated, Let her prosper unassailable, Let her dress the way she likes, Let her opt for her career, Let her choose her man, Let her marry when she likes, Let her prioritise her job as u do, Let her have babies when desirable, Let her raise a voice agin unacceptable, Let her have her leeway.
Since she's born has been compromising to live up to the standards laid by the society. If she can then why can't u stop claiming her choices as chaffed, indiscreet & intolerable.

Reflection: Life has been throwing me both curveballs and bouquets of flowers... And let's not forget those wtf moments drizzled with 'I laughed so hard I snorted'... Layered with 'please pass the chocolate and leave me with my YouTube and Netflix.' Yep. It's called balance people. I'm feeling nostalgic today... Seeing what's ahead has made me reflect on where I've come from. And I am flabbergasted at the progress. But mostly I'm just grateful and that is more than I ever imagined I could ask for at this point in my life🍃 So here is to life, to new chapters, to growth... To the future; may it bring more balls, bouquets, wtf's and snorts. Be good my friends and just keep doing your damnedest🙄. #HappyLiving #Reflection #Life #Progress #Grateful #kickAss #MyThoughtsMyWords #BigForehead #happyheart

I pray that the music I play is air that you breath . That the sound of my song is the reason you rejoice that the rhythm you hear makes you dance without fear this is my prayer my musicians prayer that the songs that I play will got ever echo in your ears ..


- Before you do what makes yourself happy, do what makes Allah happy. True happiness lies with pleasing our Lord. Trust me.

- How can we always wonder why our heart is not at Peace? When our true happiness lies within the book of Peace. Qur'an ❤

"She who sees"

Don't act like you know it all
You don't
Don't put on your big girl panties
Because you're still growing
Big girls and boys do cry
You pray on your knees
Begging God please
But the God in your mind
Does not appease
So you pick up your mask
And forget your real task
You go back to toiling and spoiling
Soaking and basking in the numbing of feelings
Until the tilling becomes a spilling
You meet the madness with your sadness
Anger with compassion
Your smallness with boldness
Overwhelm with calmness
Failure with progress
Then, and right then, it bursts open
It grows, it stretches and it bends
The cycles of life end
and yet, begin all over again

Image Source by: (Maa Kali) tarrdaniel.com

- In this day and age people just worry about what others think. Am I pretty enough? Am I fit? Do I have enough muscles? Am I wealthy enough? Do I look good? Do I sound good? Why? All for people who dont even care about you? These people are not going to help you in your grave and on the day of judgement, these people are not going to speak for you when Allah is questioning you, these people are not going to benefit you unless they are helping you to strive for Jannah. I've never been the type to care about what people think, but now I'm in a better place where I only want to please my Lord ♥
#SocialMediaIsABadInfluence #UseTheMediaToSpreadGood #MyThoughtsMyWords

- When you are going through something very difficult it's hard to accept why everything happens for a reason, because all you think is why me? Why this? Why that? It's because it is in your mind and you don't really understand it, but once it hits your heart then you truly understand why it's all for a reason. That's when you become more patient with everything.
#alhamdulillahalways #mythoughtsmywords

- Long life is not promised to anyone, it could happen at anytime anyplace. We need to be prepared to meet our Lord, be prepared for the afterlife which is the real life. May Allah guide us all rightly, strengthen our imaan and keep us on deen. May we pray before we are prayed upon Ameen ❤

Feelings never lie! 💙

Thank you to @omkarrepal for his generosity in gifting me with his amazing photography for this writing. Such wonderful, kind, talented and loving souls up in here! 💕

- Thoughts into words 💭✏

- The good souls go quickly 😔💔

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