...But that was enough for His senses to become fully alive.
His eyes, the color of swirling Mist without irises seemed to penetrate deep into the starry Cosmos before settling on a Space of complete darkness that vibrated so powerfully through his eyes that they instantly shifted, turning completely black also but again without irises.
Hmm, was the only sound he uttered before lifting one pale hand into the surrounding atmosphere. Though no expression showed, he was quite exasperated. Particles upon his skin began to shift turning the perfectly smooth look into what appeared more human. Instantly, he felt a chill with the shift though cold had no real affect on him. He simply could sense what humans did for a brief moment which did cause his Kind to understand pain but just as fast it was gone as his own body's temperature far acceded the atmosphere as ice and steel mingled with cells was what he was like.
What could have moved he thought!? Something wasn't right and whatever it was, it was out of balance enough to awaken him. The only time his Kind rose was when something was wrong.
In the next second, his Senses, touched again, heightened... And in one swift move, He exited the coffin.
Something definitely wasn't right and he would find out what it was. Now that his ground was disturbed, there was no turning back. Besides, the Others would feel it too and a true rising of their day would occur...
Stay tuned. More to come in my Weekly Insta-Series!!
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This little blobbily spirit is as stubborn as she is fierce. She swore she would always keep her human heart.

Monstober day 1.
I will post a video showing the painting of this illustration tomorrow.

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