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A mans success has allot to do with the kind of woman he chooses to have in his life. #mymuse #mypartner #mytherapist #mysupport #mycourage @distafrace

Shed some tears one day. She wiped my eyes and gave me one those "I'll always be here for you" hugs. Regained my strength and my peace just like that. If that ain't Black Girl Magic I don't know what is.

Κ ειναι μερικοί ανθρωποι π απλα διαφέρουν !!! #mybestfriend #mytherapist ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alright... I had to make sure I made this birthday really special so I made her recreate every picture we took in the church we grew up in 😍😍 don't laugh or attempt to zoom in cause this was already hard enough😂😂😂 .... y'all my big Little Sister has turned 19 today... yes just 19 so men please sit down 👿👿👿👿Anyways.... You know that you have gone from best friends to sisters when you literally can go a who month or two without talking only to come back together and talk like you've been together everyday. Everyday I pray for this one and everyday God keeps coming through by waking her up, keeping her out of car accidents (cause I don't know why she thinks she's Speed Racer) and just keeping her under his protection and guidance in general. This young woman has been through so much and to me is one of the strongest and influential women in my life. Really she's the definition of loyalty sha. Never really had issues with her and if we did "TRY" to fall out... I'd slap her lips and tell her to shape up cause she knows I'm not going anywhere. I love you so much Snickers! I hope your birthday today blessed in abundance. I'm always here for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!! #myfuturemaidofhonor #mygirlfriend #mytherapist #mysister


What are you thinking about? 🤔 #thefuture #weinspace #convos #mytherapist #mind #breatheasy

Táto moja osôbka 💞 #myfavouriteperson #mytherapist

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