🌸My Testimony🌸
I join Mary Kay in 23.04.18. At first I ask myself why I want to be Beauty Consultant. Because my skin condition is not really good. Worst thing is I don’t know my skin type, until I join Mary Kay plus back then I have try many skincare product with other brand and also go facial for help. It never help me from normal skin become dry and sensitive. Then I try out Mary Kay Botanical Effect 2 Sets (is inside the Business Kits). Then I try on but still does not work well. After monthly I saw the results getting better and better. I really want thanks my mentor @iuhiskm for teaching me the steps of using this product. 😊
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"45 Therefore, Helaman and his brethren went forth, and did declare the word of God with much power unto the convincing of many people of their wickedness, which did cause them to repent of their sins and to be baptized unto the Lord their God." Alma 62:45

I think it takes a lot to convince people that the lifestyle they're living is not always the best one. We are stubborn creatures by our humanity, and we don't always do what is best for ourselves. But we can trust that God and His prophets only want what is best for us.
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Regrann from @glamorousjanae - The goal is not just to be a bartender; the goal is to have @glamorousdrinks provide mobile bar service in each city nationwide... Soak in each step of the process even when you don’t understand how it fits into your dream ... I started at @pappasitos and I will forever be indebted and grateful for all I learned 🙏🏽 #mystory #tbt #htown #pappsitos #houston #mytestimony #inspire #motivate #entrepreneur #ciroc #cirocla #mobilebartender #bartender - #barbombz

Thanks to order omkuhh😗#mytestimony

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is remove yourself from what's familiar even when you hear God's voice. I have personally been stubborn but when I decided to finally take heed and go where God wanted me to go and move where God wanted me to move that is when I discovered peace. #letgo #listentogod #walkaway #waitongod #newsong #womensministry #stubborn #goodlistener #removeyourself #discovery #peace #sunshinedavis #mytestimony

Thanks to order pelanggan☺️😉-#mytestimony

Oh, the OVERWHELMING, never-ending JOY that I have EVERY TIME I THINK about the Son of God LEAVING the NINETY-NINE and SEARCHING for the ONE who has gone ASTRAY.

I am a product of GRACE.
The JOY, the PAIN, the BEAUTY and the RAIN.Then Your LOVE and PEACE broke every CHAIN. I discovered HOPE, LIFE, and a NEW NAME. You COVERED my WEAKNESS, NAKEDNESS and SHAME. I AM, in Whom I AM, in Who I AM and Whose I AM; What shall I render on to You JEHOVAH. GRACE upon GRACE you have SHOWERED on me from DAY to DAY. I AFFIRM my LIFE in JESUS and CONFESS You as MY Lord and Savior. Thank You Ageless and Timeless One!

I been preparing myself on wat should I say but I’m just excited🤗🤗🤗
Wowwwww!!! 1 year ago today I had the surgery that has changed my life so much for the better. As I being to recover I started to realize how everything about changing your life style is a mind thing so many days I cried myself to sleep thinking I was starving but it was all in mind! My journey haven’t been the best but not the worst either it was a very life changing experience! What seems to be impossible Is possible if you are willing to fight for it! Walking into surgery I had no worries because I knew if I lost my life on that table it was worth it rather then living unhappy unhealthy basically just alive but not living! I Thank God everyday after to major surgery’s I’m still her and pushing!! To all my supporters and followers I thank u and I appreciate all the love 💕 #myjourney #fitlife #takingmylifeback #fitness #mytestimony #GBG #VSGChick #VSGsurgery #fatwomenlooseweight #VSGfitfam #PostOpVSG #teamhealthy #team🍎⌚️#workingprogress #Gastricsleevepatient #watchmeshrink #NOMOREEXCUSES #VSGchangedmylife #hoodbilliefit #👙👙👙

I did it! 🎓❤️ conceived at the age of 16 gave birth at the age of 17 and could not juggle childbirth,school and work so I decided to put certain things on the back burner being a single mother. I was blessed to be able to go back to school to receive my HSD 🎓 My main focus was doing it for my child and not him doing it for me #mytestimony and I’m not afraid to talk about it #newchapter #newjourney I thank God 🙌🏽

For years on years i prayed for a peace of mind, for peace to engulf my life, my very being, my actions, my desires and for the most part once I received peace it began manifesting in so many areas of my life. I struggled with anxiety because I allowed it in most areas but not all. ..…...........Inside I wanted revenge and did not even realize it. I didn't want the revenge that was the norm, "Karma, seeing you hurt because you hurt me,"but the type of revenge that took an ounce too much of my energy that certainly individuals did not deserve. Yep I prayed for those who wronged me, would literally give them the dress off my back if needed but if I saw you fall on your face, I felt satisfaction, again, giving you energy you clearly did not deserve. 💞
Looking back at the peace that surrounds me today in all that's going on around me, I'm thankful! I'm thankful because when I was yielded and ready, peace came and resides. Does that mean I don't get upset, nah, I do .....and will curse you out w/o a second thought, yet know, you ain't disturbing nothing in my life! I lay down in peace, I cry in peace, I smile in peace.
.... ⌚I know what I've sown into others so my harvest is well on the way! 🙌 The peace I have only comes from The Most High with CERTAINTY that he is in control! That this very place I'm at is going to help someone else. That my faith fails not, that he that started a good work in me will complete it. That I will tell my story, receive ALL THE MOST HIGH HAVE and keep moving forward, smiling pretty...
🎀 I'm excited about my future because my future is excited about me!
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It’s #testimonytuesday ✨ Today, Gabby is sharing her piece called “The Switch From Religion to Relationship” .
“I grew up in a Haitian household where my entire childhood was the three L’s: l’eglise, l’ecole, lakay (translation: church, school and home)…Now growing up in the church, especially a Haitian church religion and culture mixed together was forced way more than a genuine relationship with God.”
“Now looking at how my actual relationship with God started along with what I like to call the start of my testimony, at the age of 18 after my Fall semester of freshman year- I hit a very hard financial break with the result of me having to leave college at the end of Fall semester with no solid idea of how I was going to go back. I guess you can say I was between a rock and a hard place.” Read more at HEYTHRIVEGIRL.ORG under Devotionals ➡️ Her Within (Link in Bio)
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I now understand that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse | (My true testimony) In waiting God has thought me to #bestill, to embrace the wait, to say thank you for His protection that often manifests in nos and delays and to most importantly Trust Him completely for #HeisGod 📿 | I thank God for protecting me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn't know I needed #inthesweetnessofmylife
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I did not wake up like this!

I changed my lifestyle for this...
I workout late for this...
I changed what I eat for this...
I sweat for this...
I lift HEAVY for this...
I workout EVERYDAY for this... I MADE THE DECISION THAT I WAS WORTH IT AND I DID IT!!!💪🏾 Decide, Commit and Succeed and then look in the mirror and ask yourself... WTF took you so long!! Your are really one decision away from a new life.... just do it!! #transformationtuesday #beyondgrateful #mytestimony #myjourney #100pluslbsdown #fitmama #livingmybestlife

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