Good morning people. I was up early today, playing in my workroom, please swipe to see 3 little videos of my untidy desk and what I’m currently up to. Thank you. Hope you all have a Sunday doing exactly what you want to do 💐xx

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It’s almost my favorite day of the week...

Out of curiosity, what church will you be going to tonight/tomorrow morning?

Whatever you end up wearing to church, be sure to post and tag @mysundaybest_ using #mysundaybest!!! •

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Late post. Thrift store top, pants, and shoes😘♻️
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People just want to be able to relate, know they’re not alone on this roller coaster of life! Life is hard & not always fair... but we’re all in it together. 😘 Thanks for following along my crazy life journey.. this evening i was in such a hurry to get out the door.. I sprayed the dry shampoo on my three day no wash hair and go to walk out the door... my kiddos noticed white streaks throughout my hair. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Just living life the best I can.. with a hope & a prayer! #motherhoodunplugged #dryshampoo #realmomstyle #mysundaybest

So we were pooped yesterday after being out super-late on Saturday, and we felt like just being a bunch of slugs and not going anywhere. But we missed the morning Mass times, so we primped, inhaled dinner, and then headed to the Sunday vigil Mass. On the way, I told Madeline how thankful I was that the Catholic Church takes going to Mass very seriously and that missing Mass is only excused for “a serious reason” per the Catechism. I’m not being overly scrupulous when I affirm that staying up late at a concert doesn’t fall under an excused reason. There are days when I don’t feel like going to Mass; yet, I’m always so glad we make the effort and I usually feel a whole lot better after going to church. I also feel sheepish when I think about the Christians before me who would rather die than be denied the Eucharist. And all I want is to veg out in my joggers. Madeline agrees. She’s told me even when she has to wake up early or isn’t in the mood to dress up or whatever, she always feels better once she gets to church and after the celebration. These photos were taken after yesterday’s Mass (📸: Mary E.) when we were all smiles, pumped up with Jesus, and ready to start our week. Not that there wasn’t crankiness at bedtime because you can bet there was, but the nighttime mayhem probably would have been 10 times worse without our pit stop for grace. #mysundaybest #jesusisthebestsuperfood #comeasyouare #leavebetter #openyourselftograce #tiredbutinspired #rachelsinfamousratface

“So be imitators of God, as beloved children, and live in love, as Christ loved us and handed himself over for us.” -Ephesians 4:30-5:2

Happy Sunday, friends! Let’s begin our week with love + Jesus. We happened to also begin our week with a whole lot of home projects + a few stressful moments. Looking forward to more restful Sundays ahead but trying to enjoy this season of creating our home together! We have a lot going on but stay tuned for a fun announcement + a serious question for all of you this week! ✨

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For those that missed my instastories.. Wednesday I was in a MVA & been laying low on social. I’m doing good & healing.. but sore & feeling bummed because i can’t run right now, and most know I’ve been training hard for my big race August 25th. I’ll share details of the accident when i can.. but for now you can see a few visible injuries on my legs and elbow.. makeup hiding some from my face and many invisible injuries... but God is SO good and I am doing good. It could have been so much worse, my kids were spared from much, and I’m trying to look at the good instead of the what-ifs, because those are overwhelming icky to think about. I can’t not mentioned that some beautiful miraculous interventions happened in those seconds/minutes and they still bring tears to my eyes ... I continue to be in prayer of thanksgiving. 🙏🏼♥️ Thank you to everyone who has reached out & lifted me in prayer. Your love has been felt! *****
Today’s #sundaystyle is stripes, bell sleeves & flats (because this momma can’t do heels right now 😭) in a cute new dress from @shoppinkblush - black & white + red is classic favorite for me. 😍 #realmomstyle #momstyle #mysundaybest #prettyinpinkblush #shoppinkblush #dresswithpockets #runningfamily

Six felicitous months with this little person! #halfbirthday #babynumber5 #mysundaybest

Leo is almost as big as Giant Jesus #leothegreat #catholic #sundaymass #mysundaybest

#organizing of the closet today 🤓 yes, I’m the weirdo that is obsessed with tidying and putting like things with like things 🌼👍🏽 #mysundaybest

Happy Sunday loves!
I #restyled this @ruti top over my @jcrewfactory wide leg pants for #sundayservice today!
Had to layer it with this @londonfogbrand trench raincoat...been raining since Friday here in Dallas. I’m not complaining cos it was much needed 🌧 ☔️ http://liketk.it/2wW0X #liketkit @liketoknow.it #jcrewfactory #thejcrewfactory #thefactorycrew

Elijah wanted to give up (and sometimes so do I). And then God sent him an angel, who told him to eat so that he would be strong enough for his journey. So he ate and he took naps, and basically that's what we're supposed to do on Sundays, right? 😉 #rest #mymasstakeaway #mysundaybest

“All the time, the joke is that the word “mine” in its fully possessive sense, cannot be uttered by a human being about anything.” CS Lewis .
Had to catch this, “my” men matching for Mass! I’ve got about six weeks left to call that little man a seven year old, and I hardly know what to think about it. #charlesalan #almosteight #mysundaybest #screwtapeletters

They did not plan the outfits. 😂

Please pray for little Reggie, if you don’t mind. She has had digestive issues for the past month that no amount of probiotics seem to be helping. ☹️ We’re trying to get to the bottom (haha) of it. #bassmass #mysundaybest

Happy Sunday! Back at our home parish doing our usual Sunday routine :) Thought I better wear this dress again before Labor Day, since it's white! #theburekfam #wiws #mysundaybest #liturgicalliving #ordinarytime #summer #neeseesdresses

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