Sadly there's so much truth to this! And there will also be those who will claim they've always had your back, but are nowhere in sight when you cross the finish line.
But just remember, as the saying goes... "If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success." - @willsmith

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Penelope has been quite poorly this week, it’s been horrendous and I will openly admit I’ve really struggled to deal with it.
I’ve struggled with seeing her so poorly, with the doctors not knowing the cause of her high fever, with not being able take it away and make her all better.
I’ve struggled with the unknown, with trying to give her medicine that she refuses to take, with trying to keep her hydrated, with trying to keep her cool, but also not too cold.
I have questioned every decision I’ve made over the last 72 hours including my ability as a mum and my ability to take care of my daughter. I’ve feared I’ve missed something or the doctors have missed something. I’ve Tried and tried to figure out if I’m being over anxious or if my maternal instincts are waving red flags at me. It hasn’t stopped. My mind hasn’t stopped and I’m completely exhausted.
Penelope has never been this poorly before so obviously it’s going to be worrying and distressing but I know this isn’t normal behaviour. My postnatal depression, anxiety and OCD has come to a head this week and it feels pretty fucking awful, but despite that it’s opened my eyes to the fact that I need to work a little harder at healing my mental health. I’m struggling at the moment but that’s totally ok and I’m not ashamed to admit it. There is no shame in mental illness. Period.
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It was leg day....
Eat nutritions 🗝 lift heavy 🏋🏽‍♀️ cuddle often 🤗(Im working on this one) laugh a lot 😁 work hard ⚒ enjoy life 🦄🌈... #legday #humpday #quadzilla #quadpump #mystruggle #bodybuilding #fitmom #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #wildoutwednesday #teamsbm #profithouston #smiletoday #dimples #figurecompetitor #getbetter #girlswithmuscle

Waiting for samples of our first boys collection. The wait is getting unbearably long at times but playing around, having fun makes it easier. Our kids collections are created for having fun, exploring and being active in style.

Put God First & #Never Give Up when you feeling defeat be willing to seek don’t be Another prisoner sleep, life is ah bitch & ppl #change like that bitch name Mystique 🔑🔑🔑@montanaof300

This is my body, and it's weird because I attach a lot of happiness to how I feel about it. Some days I feel like it looks awesome, other days I don't, and it changes very frequently.

When I started lifting, I was motivated by my insecurities. I was always very skinny and had a hard time putting on weight.
I'm 25 now, I've been lifting for over ten years. I've put on some muscle, though not as much as I have always wanted to, despite all my numerous efforts. I try to tell myself that I lift because I love myself and because I love improving my body, but I still can't go more than a couple days without lifting where I don't start to feel horrible about my body. To me, this is a red flag that I have not let go of my insecurities and that I have just used lifting to mask them. Another red flag is that I am very concerned with how my body looks in pictures and videos, as if I am always worried about how others will judge my body.

I have expressed my feelings about all this a few times in the past, but most people just call me crazy and tell me to be grateful for what I have accomplished (some people have even gotten mad at me lol). To me, this is kind of like telling a depressed person to cheer up; it doesn't fix the underlying issue, not that it is anyone else's responsibility to fix my body image issues.

What I want to say now is that I fully recognize that this is a mental issue, but also that it is a deep-seated one that I think will require a lot of work to fix. So I'm asking all of you, what have you done, experienced, or learned that helped you love your body/yourself when you were struggling to? What keeps you positive about your body even when you feel bloated, weak, fat, ugly, etc?
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Country night music and drinks. Let the tequila kill my sore throat germs

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This is killing me lol😉#mystruggle #squats

Currently trying to figure out how to comfortably wear my #aftershokz with my #Tiffany glasses so I can jam while I’m at work. #mystruggle #littlenerdy #tolazytoputincontacts

The moment I felt my faith restore my confidence in music and myself. #day12 #looseningthechainsthatbind #myjourney #mystruggle #allthegratitude #hangdrum pt2

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