It’s summer solstice. What will you do today to enrich your life? Comment below....some tips for today. You could spend some time in meditation or enjoy a walk outdoors to connect with the energy of the summer solstice. You could sit outside and write down new beliefs or goals. You could go for a walk or simply do anything that helps you feel good and brings you joy.

What’s my secret fun thing I like to do? Eat lunch by myself in my car. Although, I’m super gluten intolerant, sandwiches remind me of a time in my life that was prosperous and care free! When I was in my mid 20’s, I had a wonderful career in outside sales. I worked all day and my favorite thing to do was to eat a deli sandwich after work. It’s kind of funny but, life is about the simple pleasures. What’s your favorite simple pleasure? Tell me in the comments.

I am committed to doing more things outdoors this summer with my kids. I borrowed my daughters cruiser and I think I just fell in love. Anyone have a fairly new cruiser they want to sell?

Family time on Father’s Day.

Sitting here reflecting on my mediumship reading yesterday. Whatever you believe about religion, spirituality or life in general, please know that spirit is with you. The unseen holds so much love, peace and healing. The universe will provide support if you let it. Ask your spirit people to step in and help you with whatever you need help with in your life. The answers come in a variety of different ways. You may be drawn to a specific person, place or thing for help. Follow your intuition.

Yellow is the color of the third chakra. The area right above your bellybutton on the physical body. This is your center of self-confidence, your will power. This is the energy center that helps you take action in your life. Wearing yellow, smelling yellow roses can help you feel empowered. In my Reiki healing practices, I often see blockages in this energy center. Our self-confidence becomes hurt by many things in life. That’s why it’s important to deal with underlying emotions. Regardless of where you’re at in life, keep moving forward.

Happiness is an inside job. I choose to be me 100%. There was a time I worried about making life choices. I wanted validation. I wanted to do the right thing. The right thing for me, is not the right thing for you. Everybody has a unique definition of what is right in their life. When you try to follow a crowd, or what society thinks you should be, you will eventually end up feeling alone and empty. One of the strongest tools I have is writing down what I believe. I review my beliefs and make new ones when I need to. Certain things no longer apply to my life. I feel age plays a part in this process too. The more you learn about yourself, the better your life will be. What is the happy medium of learning life‘s lessons and still having the freedom to be happy? That’s what I will journal about today. How about you? Will you journal today? Tell me in the comments 📓

Solutions....number 14....Archangel Zadkiel...he helps us see the divine light within ourselves and others, instead of focusing on the surface personality, behavioral mistakes or the ego. If you’re having difficulty forgiving yourself or someone else, ask this archangel to intervene. He will act like a chimney sweep who cleans your body, mind and heart of unforgiveness. He will help you let go of emotional residue around all situations. He also helps improve with memory.

Write it down, get it done. There are endless studies about the benefits of journaling and healing. It’s one small step you can take that will change your life forever. Don’t be afraid to journal how you really feel. Journal your hopes, your fears, and your dreams. Leave an 📓 in the comments if you will explore journaling.

Book Club......such a great movie. We loved it. A must see movie 🍿 🎥

Death 💀 death means cutting away what has become dead, heavy, and stagnant. The gentle concept of death is letting go or passive shedding of what no longer serves you. Let go of restrictive, oppressive, limiting attitudes and believes. Let go of dead, outdated ideas, let go of excessive thinking. Rid your self of mental clutter and complexity. Death is the process of cutting through the conceptual baggage of notions and beliefs about yourself that you have accumulated over your lifetime. These concepts are often in conflict and keep you in a state of conflict. The mind endlessly inverts theories and explanations that are fun to play with but are often confusing and dead ends. Cut through the confusion. Get to the heart of the situation and to what you know about your heart and own soul. Death is liberating and it frees you from the confusion created by the thinking mind. Thinking keeps you trapped where you spin forever in circles but never get anywhere. Tarot Death Card helps you get out of the mind maze.

I was invited to a woman’s group today. I wasn’t sure what to expect. A few things ran through my head. Would they like me? Would they want to talk to me? Silly right? Considering what I do for a career. I had to laugh at my thoughts. I had to let them pass. I enjoyed the group and a nice lady gifted me this book. She didn’t even know me but spirit knows how much I love the art of letting go and how much I enjoy mindfulness. I was definitely pleasantly surprised at how spirit showed up for me today.

You know when something happens in your life that makes you feel like the sky is falling? You know you need to make a change but your overcome with fear. That’s the exact moment you need to keep going and run through the fear. Let your body shake. Allow yourself to feel your intense emotions but then run like mad to your desired goal. On the other side of fear is clarity, freedom and the right to feel proud of yourself for doing something really scary. It’s often the unknown that scares you the most. Be mindful of telling yourself stories about the unknown because they are usually not nearly as painful as you think. Read books, reach out for help, and don’t let fear stop you. Leave an emoji in the comments if you are willing to run through your fear. 🏃🏼‍♀️

Life is never what it seems. Everyone has problems, including me. I spend most of my life trying to make my own pain hurt less. Sometimes, I try to manage pain of people close to me.
In order to help someone, they must want to be helped. I constantly work on myself to make myself less vulnerable to pain. I keep myself busy by studying and doing what I love most which is being a mom & helping others. You guys, never stop working on yourself but please understand that when you work on yourself it is not an insurance policy that someone in your life will change or do the right thing. There really is no insurance policy against being hurt. I think I’ve tried everything known to man. Show me some love by leaving a heart in the comments and I’ll send some back. Pain gets better when you know others truly care about you. I care about you.

Although things feel uncertain, you are safe. Your angels are with you. Leave an emoji if you need a little extra protection right now.

I AM......leave your personal affirmation in the comments.. I’ll send reiki healing energy to every comment. Have fun, manifest your dreams!

I’m so proud of this graduate! She is full of life, determined and beautiful. Looking forward to watching you take on new adventures! I’m just a snap away 😂

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