Just another weekend with Eisley. This rash was barely noticable at bedtime last night, had grown at breakfast, and has grown even with hydrocortisone and Benadryl during naps. Now it covers her whole body instead of just her legs. Jenn & Eisley are at the Urgent Care now having it looked at. Or two top suspicions are (1) French fries may have been fried in oil used for sea food, or (2) walnut oil got on her skin from playing in the black walnut tree last night. 🙏👼 #tenderlyrooted #ilovesomeonerare #mysteryrash

Late night in the ER with a mystery rash #latenight #ertrip #thebaby #mysteryrash #itspastbedtime #curious

I’m having a hard time envisioning a scenario in which I would want a rental swimsuit. That’s like trying on a random pair of underwear that you found in the New York subway. #MysteryRash #CrotchRot #GoodLuckExplainingThatToYourDoctor #WellYouSeeIWantedToGoSwimmingButI ForgotTrunksSo....

DAY 7 - Mile 95.2 to Agua Caliente Creek Mile 114.7

Today we hiked back down the mountain, discovered the cave of my owl ancestors, it would have been big enough to sleep two people uncomfortably! Then onwards down through absolutely beautiful open fields with to Eagle Rock. And no shit it does actually look like an Eagle! Then along a creek where we met our first Rattle Snake!

Took a quick stop at the Warner Springs Community Centre to have a much needed iced tea and a change of hiking shoes as my Solomon's were turning my toenails black! In Altra's now and it's a whole new world! Back on the trail we met our first trail riders! And I developed a crazy leg rash but thankfully @mangoisyum came along with some cream that helped! The trail really does provide!

#pct2018 #thruhike #mysteryrash

Day 2 of FaceRash: The Mystery of the Itch. Not liking how close the left side is to my eye. Started prednisone today, fingers crossed for a corticosteroid intervention. #rash #mysteryrash #idratherbeworking #dontscratch

Today was my last day on the meds that were supposed to fix my mystery rash. Looks like back to the doctor for me. Again. #spoonie #spoonielife #mysteryrash

I'm sure the meds will kick in any minute now...
#itchy #nofilter #mysteryrash #spoonielife

Alright. What’s going on with this girl? Every time she comes in from outside she has a rash/hives. Saturday were the first three pics- outside in a T-shirt since it was so nice out. (Maybe it was Sunday, I don’t remember)
Today she was outside again, but only her face was exposed and now she has the rash/hives in her face, and no where else. I guess I’ll have to call tomorrow and make an appt, but what is this?! #mysteryrash #nurse #mom #parenting

So, I’m having eggs in today’s salad combo 🍳🍳What do we all think about eggs as part of a balanced diet? I’ve read so many mixed reviews from all kinds of health experts on whether they are actually good or bad. I’ve pretty much eliminated them from my diet in recent months due to the viral load in my body and a mystery rash which I have had for almost 8 years. This was the biggest driver for why I decided to cut out dairy (and eggs). Dairy is a no brainier for me and I have seen dramatic improvements in my health and skin by excluding it, however I am still undecided about eggs. I really craved them today so we shall see if the dreaded rash flares up again 🙈 #myhealthyjourney #eggs #salad #mysteryrash #virus #skinhealth #balanceddiet #yum #tasty #craving #lunch #glutenfree #dairyfree #healthyfats #meatfree #healthychoices #wellbeing #nutrition

I started to itch on my thigh last night. By bedtime my back started. Then my neck, and by this morning, I was scratching my arms. I have these strange little patches of red skin which of course look awful cuz I've been scratching. WTF? I keep trying to figure out what I got into. It's not on my front except the legs & arms. Oy. No new meds. No new soaps. Nothing I haven't used before on my skin. I hate that my skin is so sensitive. 😢 Ooohh, it could be an #eczema flare up! I haven't had one in a long time but with the #MS stuff, I am feeling a bit stressed! #nofilter #mysteryrash #theitchthatrashes #sensitiveskin #itchy #stressshowsuponmyskin

Hmm.. 🤔 so the day at the beach was amazing! Fully enjoyed my time out with my love, my sis and her awesome partner but.. I hate buts!!! Went to yet another beach for a looksey and decided to wade in the water... legs felt a bit stingy but thought it’s probably from the sand. Got out and looked down to see a small rash in different parts from my knees down. Thought it was odd but not hurting so ignore it.. ten minutes later they had gotten bigger and spread over my lower legs!! 😮 Took an antihistamine just in case of allergic reaction to something in the water and it’s gone down but stinging!!! Looks like reddened bruising now ☹️😔 was hoping for sunburn 😂 but no heat in it and goes down when I sit and comes back when I stand. Adventures aren’t for the faintest of hearts but wishing this would just settle down! #mysteryrash #stingy #☹️☹️

Guess what's coming back. She's had such a good run and in a matter of days she is back to being itchy, breaking the skin and sleepless nights. #bonemarrowtransplant #immunedeficiency #lifeafterbmt #mysteryrash

Sorry if this is #TMI but what in the world is this #rash? Is this #ketorash? Or an #allergicreaction? Or something else stress related? It's been here since #januarywhole30 #day4 and now it's #day10. I thought it was just chilling but it seems to have gotten worse in the past day or two. It's a little #itchy but not much. Help!! #weird #neverthoughtidpostapictureofmeinabra

Drs tomorrow for my poor spotty boy! 💙 (Don't be fooled by that angelic sleeping face, it just took two whole hours of 'no Noah, it's bedtime' and me getting a fat lip to get him to stop playing and go to sleep!) 😅😴 #mammaneedsadrink #angelface #beautifulbabyboy #sleepingbeauty #heheadbuttedme #mysteryrash #17monthsold #bigboybed

It’s been over a month that I’ve been dealing with a unbearable mystery rash! So I finally got myself over to the allergist to get me some answers!
So my allergy test on my arm look like some sort of Morse Code to you🤣🤣? If your the praying type🙏🏻 please pray that I find an answer to this crazy mystery rash!! •

#allergytesting #allergytestingsucks #mysteryrash #lookingforananswer #soworthit #photooftheday #love #instalike #instadaily #instagood #imperfectperfectfamily

It looks like hot chocolate but it’s LIES, ALL LIEEEES! It’s actually some Chinese medicine I got for the rash on my arm, and it’s so bitter it could probably scare cancer out of your body... #TCM #skinproblems #mysteryrash

Not better; W O R S E #mysteryrash

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