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Going through the old phone like......✋✌️👋✂️❌📵🚮

SUCCESS PARTNER 👯‍♀️💋 What the hell is a success partner and how do it get one!?! First let’s talk about the definition of the word success~ a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. 🤔 okay.
Secondly, the word partner~a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits. 🤔 okay... So this special lady is someone I collaborate with every week, check in with daily and challenge each other to do our best and keep reaching for those top goals we have set for ourselves and our team ✊🏼🙌🏼! We met only thanks to this business opportunity 💕🙏🏼. We were not friends before hand or even knew we existed! I posted on our team page, (basically posting a bossbabe in search of another bossbabe with similar interests and ideas on where we wanted to go in this company) and the rest is history 😘😍. This opportunity is amazing and brings amazing people into our lives! Not only do they push others to live longer, healthier lifestyles but they also help you really dig deep and connect with people on a deeper level and create a legacy for your family and create something long term to support your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦! & that right there is why I do what I do. I hustle day in and day out and send out those to some people “annoying invites” that most ignore 😝, because I believe in helping other women gain the confidence, gain the friendships and the extra income I have from this side hustle 🙏🏼💫. And what better way to keep you on track... a badass babe whose goals are so similar to yours and whose life is so insink to yours it would be crazy not to work together and help push one another 🔥👭! If this is the kind of side hustle your looking for to help create an extra income for you and your family, see the link in my bio and apply to join our squad of bad ass babes 💋. I have 🖐🏼 spots open for mentoring this month ☺️.

Dedicated to that Special Bawse that makes me smile😄...you know who you are❤💏😄😍😘#Nevawannabewithoutyoubae #iwannabeyoLady #I❤usomuch #kikidoyouloveme #marysteppedoutatessecewithbraidslikeme #mysoulsista #

2018–The year you realize that you have a birthday month. July 22, 2005. Leila Claire Wade. I’ve waited my entire life of 30 years to have you. I love your honesty, your true self purpose, and your brave soul. #mysoulsista #mydaughter #myworld

Alright van sizzle, you can come back now ✨Noodle, my separation anxiety has had ENUFF😶. I belowe belowe to never leave you for 5 days again, I have learned my lesson😂

P.s this is lowkey an appreciation post.
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MY MONDAY MOTIVATION ➡️ @tarshaholly 🔥🔥
5 days until this stunning beast is going to smash the WBFF stage again. I cannot wait! Watch out everyone. This woman is on fire!!
@team_riseabove lets line up the celebration shots 🙊
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I Love You #MySoulSista 💯💪❤️@sheniquaw #Real👑 #YouMakeMyHeartSmile 😘😍

Happy 30th birthday Damaris! Don’t kill me for the first pic lol. We were only 12/13 years old. Remember when we used to spend everyday together, have no worries, spend our evenings at country oaks, boxing on my front yard ( why did we think that was fun lol) or at the mall at my Nina’s restaurant. Crazy how time flies. You are officially retiring your 20s today. Your life is only about to get better, so embrace all the changes, experiences, and challenges. I love you always! 👯‍♀️💞🎂#BirthdayGirl#Officially30!#MySoulSista#LoveYaAlways!#JulyBabies

#RickandMorty party was coooo, highlight tho was gettin down with @gizmogigs #mysoulsista #every#damn#event

Happy birthday to my forever friend @ashm791 ❤️ #Love #missher #bouldashmahon #Queen #mysoulsista #Family #Cousins #Love

6/26/2018 "Destiny Child"
Before these pictures were taken this day.
I didn't do anything but break down in tears, as I did the day before..it hurts to say.
My mind had been lost with no direction for days .
A lot shit been on my psych , overwhelmed with a lot on my plate.
Man I got to say....
I was becoming my own poison. Killing my soul;
Killing my spirit
I let my demons take control of my brain... doing what they say
Destitute of prayer 😭😭
Lost in my own faith.
Thats why I had been feeling this way.
I felt myself getting weaker and weaker
As my Attitude changed... I was in need of help
In need of a friend,
In need of a family member,
In need of a simple prayer
Just 1 person
To confide in
To share my pain with
But all were too busy
Or either replied back " you'll get over it, okay."
How much longer will I allow this feeling to sustain?
Thinking to myself nothing would ever be the same.
" Real friends" and "family" telling me "you can come to me for anything." But as soon as shit gets real
They ain't do a damn thing .

Until this day
On Tuesday
I got on my knees
And I finally prayed.
Asking God to forgive me for I have sinned , please show me the way.
He replied back saying " Go to your happy place and take your books and your notes with you right away "
I then reached out to an angel
Her name is Destiny .
From the first day I met you
I knew you'll be my friend
I knew that I could count on you. No matter what life sends
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my struggles
And time to give and share;
By all your words and action
You show me you really care👏🏾❤️
You are very special
It shows in all you do
I've found a friendship
And I've gained a sister too
You are the best Destiny I love you!!! 😭 😍😍👏🏾 @themanifestdestiny 📸 taken by: @themanifestdestiny

Να αγαπάς εσένα και όσους σε κάνουν να είσαι εσύ 👯
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