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Rare photo book joust but this one is 🏆 thanks 🙏 @herepress #myshadowsreflection @edmund_clark @bvwnr 👏👏👏

Rare photo book joust but this one is 🏆 thanks 🙏 @herepress #myshadowsreflection @edmund_clark @bvwnr 👏👏👏

On way to Ikon this morning for symposium about criminal justice, media, art and rehabilitation in relation to my exhibition ‘In Place of Hate’ about Europe’s only wholly therapeutic prison HMP Grendon @ikongallery @herepress #inplaceofhate #myshadowsreflection #prison #rehabilitation #therapy #prisonart

An insightful and important talk this evening by @edmund_clark who has collaborated with prisoners who have chosen to go through intensive self reflection and therapy as part of their incarceration.

It was nice seeing the work on paper and I think sending this book to politicians is a great idea as well! #myshadowsreflection #booklaunch @edmund_clark @flowersgallery

@edmund_clark’s #Myshadowsreflection makes a non-voyeuristic hole in HMP Grendon, Europe’s first therapeutic prison. Go to @ikongallery to see the exhibition #InPlaceofHate and come to @flowersgallery to hear him talking tonight at his #booklaunch ..

Join us on Wednesday evening, February 7th for the Book Launch of Edmund Clark’s ‘My Shadow’s Reflection’ at Flowers Gallery, 82 Kingsland Road, London E2. 6-8pm.

Published by @herepress in collaboration with @ikongallery the book comprises architectural images of the prison, HMP Grendon, close-ups of flowers and leaves that grow within the prison and have been picked and pressed by Clark and images of the men made with a pinhole camera. Standing before the camera in a group situation for exposures of six minutes, the men talk in response to questions about their personal and criminal narratives. As they talk and move they shape the image of themselves. The men then respond, sharing what they think the image means to them and the outside world. In the exhibition at Ikon Gallery, the images are projected onto and through the green sheets the men sleep between. In this publication their words are printed on green pages in the centre of the book.

#EdmundClark #MyShadowsReflection #FlowersGallery #HerePress @edmund_clark @herepress @ikongallery

Edmund Clark - My Shadow’s Reflection, Ikon Gallery #ikongallery #birmingham #edmundclark #myshadowsreflection #contemporaryart #incarceration #hmpgrendon #prisonart “In the binary of good and evil that afflicts the discussion of criminal justice, human beings are refracted into sharp stereotypes of victim and perpetrator. Once inside they become indefinite presences.”

“Our perception of them as humans stops at the prison wall as they go in - they literally become shadows... I want to make something beautiful out of this, I want to make people reconfigure what they see...” @edmund_clark
#edmundclark #inplaceofhate #myshadowsreflection #birmingham #ikongallery #contemporaryart #ilovebrum

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