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Saw this on the beach today. #myrtlebeachbums #myrtlebeach #irma

Storm in Paradise - Photo by @jordanreidphotos

Kirk's Ice Cream Parlor - What is your favorite flavor? - Photo by @finickylady

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. Check out all our condos on our website link below. #myrtlebeach2017 #myrtlebeach #myrtlebeachbums

Who is ready for some fun at the Quarterdeck this weekend?
#myrtlebeachbums #myrtlebeach

Myrtle Beach Sunset - Photo by @jordanreidphotos


“Spin is a place to come and get motivated and get the endorphins flowing,” says Keoni Hudoba, creator of the Cyc Method used at Cyc Fitness, a studio with locations in Texas, Wisconsin and New York City. Plus, you can burn anywhere from 400 to 600-plus calories depending on your intensity and how long you’re in the saddle. Still not convinced? Here are eight reasons you should learn to love spin.
1. You’ll get the energy you need to give 100 percent the whole workout.
From the instructors to the music to the constant change in lighting, good spin classes never seem to have a dull moment. “The best tweet I’ve ever seen someone post after taking my class was ‘I came tired, and left alive,’” says Hudoba. “You’re going to come and have an instructor who’s giving 120 percent and that’s contagious.”
2. You’ll push yourself to the max, but no further.
Spin classes aren’t made for Tour de France contenders (well, maybe some are, but not your average class). They are for everyone from beginner to advanced levels of fitness. “We focus on metabolic intervals, light resistance to heavy resistance, so your legs burn and are challenged, but never feel too fatigued,” says Hudoba. And Cyc isn’t the only studio going this route. Almost all studios take an interval approach to pedaling on “flat ground” versus pushing hard to “climb a big hill”. Interval training gets the heart rate up so you can burn more calories in less time. “It may hurt a little to walk up and down the stairs after class, but who doesn’t love knowing they worked hard?” says Hudoba.
3. You’ll get lost pedaling to killer music.
And after taking class a few times, you’ll learn which instructor you like best, and who has the most similar taste to you in music. There’s nothing like keeping pace with a good beat and seeing everyone else around you on the same count. Research even supports that athletes work out harder when listening to music at a faster tempo. “Music is a huge part of working out,” says Hudoba. “It allows you to bring up feelings and emotions that you wouldn’t think about at the office. If you had a bad day, it helps you restart.”

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Beach days are the best!

Morning walk before the lifeguard manned his station. #myrtlebeachbums #myrtlebeach2017 #myrtlebeach #irma #hurricane

Good morning from the Quarterdeck.
#myrtlebeach #myrtlebeachbums

Who is ready for some fun at the Quarterdeck this weekend?
#myrtlebeachbums #myrtlebeach

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Good morning, #MyrtleBeach!

Good morning to all the beach bums out there. #myrtlebeachbums #sunrise

Tag a friend who could use some vitamin SEA today.
#myrtlebeachbums #myrtlebeach

Hate to leave this beautiful place tomorrow, but gotta go back home sometime #myrtlebeach #myrtlebeachbums #thebeachhousemb #domyrtleright #mustang #mustangweek2017 #fun#sunandsand #sunshinecoast

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