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U ever notice how weak people get rewarded for being weak, but strong people get punished for being strong? 🤔
Allow a nig to elaborate... Most folks will be careful to spare the feelings of a person who they know is fragile and emotionally weak. But if u are known to be a strong person, folks ain’t sensitive toward u. Folks ain’t careful. Nobody is gonna pat u on the back and say “Hey. U are tough but u have feelings, too. So I’m going to be sensitive toward u and put your feelings first.” NO. The fragility of the weak is always prioritized over the humanity of the strong. The weak person gets a pass for doing the bare minimum. The strong person is expected to pick up the slack. The weak person gets to make excuses for not doing what they are supposed to do. The strong person is expected to follow through. The weak person gets their mediocrity celebrated. The strong person being outstanding isn’t acknowledged because...ya know...that’s NORMAL for them. The person who whines, projects their needs onto other people, doesn’t take their life into their own hands, THEY are the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.
The human brain is wired to protect the helpless. And it’s not right. Because even the most hardcore person in your life has feelings, too. Only thing that separates a weak person from a strong one is the fact that weak people are limited by fear, while strong ones aren’t. Everyone has vulnerabilities. But strong people just learned to protect ourselves because we can’t rely on anyone else to do it for us. The best way for a strong person to truly be happy is to stop looking for the same compassion, softness, sensitivity, and care that is given to weak people, and to just give it to ourselves. 💜

“I’ma be the creature that the streets don’t have. So feed the beast, I’ll cream yo ass. Watch the clock. Time’s on my side like my moms was the ‘tick’ and my pops was the ‘tock.’ Been badass since my first tooth, and I don’t need nobody’s love for proof. And that’s truth.” Words by me. Link to the music 🎶 in bio.

#myrealhair 🦁 или когда решила не использовать фен 🌬

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I love me 💕💕💕💞💞💞💟💟

If u don’t think u cute ain’t nobody else gonna think it.

Friendly reminder: it’s ok to be yourself ❤️😘🙅🏾‍♀️ #BlackDontCrack #myrealface #myrealhair #MyRealBody #curves #100

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