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Day 57: AAA in the books. ✔️ I love this workout. . . If you were to tell me 57 days ago I would be able to lift the weights I do, or do push-ups without modification, I would be in disbelief. But look at how far I’ve come. 🤯💪🏻😍. . .After having my son 4 & 1/2 years ago, I was at my heaviest, at about 160lbs, (for someone who is 5’2”-5’3”) that’s pretty out of shape. I was depressed, cried all the time, and at times, hated myself for “letting myself go.” 😢. I made a promise to myself, do make myself proud to be me, to invest time in myself (and trust me, being a mom and working full time is not easy). It literally come down to prioritizing, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. If you can’t make yourself a priority, then don’t expect other people to make you theirs either. 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s that simple; YOU MATTER. Make yourself your a priority, make yourself that promise. It’s not selfish, you have to be the best you to give the best you, and don’t your loved ones deserve that too. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ❤️. So if you’re ready for that commitment, reach out to me (DM or comment below 👇🏻). We’ll make this your best year. #myrantfortheday but is it really???? #doitforyou #dontyoudeservetobeyourbestversion #thisismyjourney #fatmomtofitmom #joinmeorwatchme ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

You guys I'm totally loving #highfitness it's like my jam, love me some booty shakin sweat drippin fitness! When you are a stay at home mom of two littles you just need to let loose, and shake your ass a bit! Today was rough, momin it was tough. When I used to work everyday I used to wish I could just stay home and not work and just be with my kids all day everyday! I dreaded getting Presley out of bed, and hated taking her to daycare. Now it's like I barley have time to get myself ready with two kids, I wish I could look at a computer for more than 5 minutes without being interupted, I wish I could eat lunch in peace, and I wish I could have an adult conversation for a second. Either way it's not easy, it doesn't matter if you work all day or stay home it's just all exhausting! I'm grateful I have done both, both stages of my life were challenging! To all the moms out there, we work sooo incredibly hard every single day! We deserve some booty shakin, I'm just saying! 👏🏼✌🏼🍑🤜🏼🤣
#momlife #itsrough #workingmoms #stayathomemoms #itsallcrazy #dohigh #highfitness #myrantfortheday ✌🏼

To this day, I will never ever EVER understand why ppl do this. Like what gratification do you get out of this? I strongly believe it is someone’s full time job to wake up in the morning/afternoon. Walk past the bathroom, open their door, call the elevator, & grace it with a fresh batch of concentrated piss. It is a project honor to do this. I myself will never understand what goes through the mind of this passionate pisser when he/she’s doing it. But your only Fucking it up for everyone else in the building. Including your own damn family. Smfh! 😤 #MyRantForTheDay

Ery now and then this child will sit next to me and talk me to death 😂😂...its crazy what's on these kids mind...and it's sad what some of his classmates have to go through 😞...#geez ...I always ask for guidance on what else I can do...because I wish I could save all the kids that are distressed and in need.......
I'm just forever grateful for what I can do for my two and some of their friends...the revolution starts with these children, we gotta do our best to protect and provide for them🖤 #inmyfeelings #justrambling #myrantfortheday

Tell em Lord 🙏🏾💯😂😂😩 !!! Let me see or hear somebody else man 😂😂😂😂😂 Deleting your Social Medias DON’T MAKE YOU BETTER THAN NOBODY ELSE nor do it mean you getting it together . Tryna make people feel types of ways when half the time folk don’t care !!! People work my nerves talking bout I’m deleting this or that so , catch me here and there so on and so forth !! I done pulled people cards BUT I don’t even care . Social Media don’t make ME , I MAKE THE MEDIA !! 💯🤣#ByeFelicia #Lmboff #HumbleYourselves #MyRantForTheDay #HappyTuesday #LoveGod

I’ve been having a lot of people come up to me telling me shit that I already know. “Awh you got fat”, “you’re such an alcoholic” “you need to get a job” 🙄 Nigga I know this... yes I’m fat, yes I fucking drink a lot and yes I have been trying to look for a job. I’m also depressed as fuck, got anxiety, probably bi fucking polar but yous only seem to criticise our appearances, no one gives a shit about anything else except for how you look, act and talk these days. Fuck you, fuck them, fuck society, fuck everyone!🖕🏽 I love to get drunk... I drink a lot because it’s how I manage to deal with my problems, they might not go away but I’m not being worried about anything when I’m drunk, I’m fat because I love to fucking eat as much I love to drink my alcohol 😂 I honestly don’t give a shit what you think about me anymore. Yep I’m a fat, broke alcoholic.🤗 I like who I am now, if you can’t accept that then you just need to fuck right out of my life! I don’t need you to tell me what the fuck to do and I definitely don’t need that negative shit around me, got my own shit to deal with! Ain’t nobody gotta tell you what to do but you, fuck off with that bullshit 🤬😴👋🏽 #noneed #myrantfortheday #suchbullshit #sosickofbeingjudgedbywhatilooklikenow #fatbrokealcholic #dontcareanymore #mylifemybodymychoice

And what will they learning with that activity?

I heard a great piece on the radio the other day about Home Education. Rounding things up at the end of the show, the host asked what would one if the interviewees be doing 'at home' for the rest if the day, and then started drawing out what the children might be learning from that experience.

Our daily activities are never based around what 'they can learn', instead are of a genuine interest or urge (ie not made up to tick a box), something we find fun and interesting, or a cracker of an idea we get excited about. Turns out that genuine interests, self initiate ideas and fun stuff, with no agenda is where the greatest learning happens!
Yip, so today we geniunely baked a cake because we love baking, love working together and love cake. Any science, maths, problem solving, socialisation, home economics and literacy we 'ticked' was a bonus - and inevitable. Though never the reason for the way we spent our day.

#homeeducation #learningeveryday #myrantfortheday #baking #kidsinthekitchen #johnholtstyle #workingtogether #peacefulparenthappykids #inspiredbypikler #everydayscience #everydaymath

This is how I feel 💯. I am far from perfect and have made many mistakes in my life. But the one thing I have learned over the years is that no matter what happens in life your children should always come first. In my eyes if you have conceived a child you should either be there for that child 110% of that time or not be present at all. Being around when it’s convenient for you has a worse affect on that child. Either step up or step out. Can you call yourself a real parent? #foodforthought #myrantfortheday #keepitreal #kidsarenumberone

Fuck this. Fuck all those people who hinder your growth. Fuck those who wanna have some bullshit negative opinions about how you wanna live your life. Fuck the established people that wanna judge us who are starting to make something of our life’s and ultimately have power over how we live it. Because I have not came from a wealthy family, because I am not working, because I have a mental disorder, because I am fucking even happy for once in my life there’s gotta be some asshole out that’s got something to say about it. Seriously everyone that got some negative ass shit to say about me here’s my negative bit for you..go fuck yourself. Bye.🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 #fuckem #fuckthis #idgaf #myrantfortheday #peoplepissmeoff #dontjudge #mylife #dontlikeitbye #byefelicia #dontgottimeforthat #overit

It sewed AGAIN yesterday and last night and the wind blew and school is closed and the roads where/are closed. #wintersucks #imcold #whenisspring #myrantfortheday

Target market : your kids ☠️
I can’t tell you how much this bothers me. That a company is allowed to sell you - or your teenager or your small child - something that is so highly addictive and toxic. Cancers feed on glucose. Diabetes is worsened with high glucose. Heart disease is more prevalent in those with uncontrolled blood sugars. I could go on. This one drink has more sugar in it than you should consume in months. The body only has 5g of sugar in the blood at one time. Where do you think all of that extra sugar goes? It is stored as fat. #myrantfortheday

"BE HAPPY, not because everything is good, but because you see the good in everything"🌞 I don't get people who never seem to be happy. Like do they go around and look for something to be miserable about? Or maybe they are unable to be happy for reasons unknown to me. I get it, we all have our own issues, but that's life! No reason to let it ruin our happiness.
I'm no stranger to life's problems but you know what? I find a way to work through them. We're going to have a very miserable life if we think everything should work out ALL the time. It's not going to and quite frankly, it would be a little boring if it did. What's life without a few surprises every now and then?🙄 Also, don't forget we only have this one LIFE, why not make it a happy one? #thoughtsnlife #myrantfortheday

During the Olympics I have seen a lot of posts and articles about the dog meat industry in South Korea. I don’t understand how people can be so outraged and sickened by that, but then turn around and eat a steak, buy a down jacket, or use products tested on animals. It’s the same thing!!! You can’t be angered about one and ok with the other. #hypocrite #stopanimalabuse #donteatmeat #allanimalsareequal #dontbuydown #dontbuyproductstestedonanimals #southkoreadogmeattrade #govegan #myrantfortheday

I talked to my mom the other night and when I asked where she was, she said she was on a date with my dad. They went out and ate pizza and had frozen yogurt for dessert. I had her send me some pictures because I always enjoy seeing my dad doing things... like a 'normal' social person (yes, the apple doesnt fall far from the antisocial tree). Years ago this would have never happened. He wouldn't have gone out to spend time with my mom. He never treated my mom like the wonderful woman she is but he has made an effort to be more kind, affectionate, and thoughtful. He even calls me sometimes just to see how I am. Although that is normal in most families it was never the kind of relationship my father and I had. Now when we speak it just consists of laughter and loving words. He has come such a long way and is loving husband, father, and grandfather these days. His heart has softened and he is such an amazing soul and a man I am proud to call Dario Mi Padre! I know this is long but I felt the need to express just a piece of what this man means to me. The older you get the more you realize what a precious gift your parents are.. and mine are the biggest gift in my life ❤ #myrantfortheday #dariomipadre #igotmyrestingBfacefromhim

- [ ] People always want a nice car , nice house and a good job . But are not willing to work for those wants . Then when u need things in life or fall on hard times . They expect handouts from the people they made fun of for working all those hours or missing out on things when the opportunity of overtime was there . Surround yourself around people who's goals are always higher than yours . Therefore u will always aspire to do great in life . #getoutandworkforit #goals #noexcuses #gymmotivation #fuckexcuses #fitnessmotivation #myrantfortheday #powerlifting #bodbuilding #mindset #workethic #aspiretoinspire

Pretty much my life at #work It’s like -can you really tell ALL of that from smelling it!?!? Really!?!? But you can’t seem to smell the GALLON of perfume you bathed in!?!?! #happysunday #myrantfortheday #carryon #mademelaugh #silly #sillymemes #funny #wine #wineconnoisseur #mylife #dork #gottaloveit #happyweekend #losangeles #california #latino #latinoamericano #single and ready for #donuts 😬

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