It's been a while since I've dusted the boots off. I always enjoy heading out on foot adventures. Though today I finish my hike a little less zen than normal. Never before have I passed so much litter in the way of tissue and toilet paper up on the Lamington Nat Park trails. Are people so clueless these days or they just don't give a shit (excuse the pun). I certainly do not want to see the tissue you wiped your bits with, let alone the environmental implications of it being littering in a national park. It's a day hike destination for peets sake. It's not hard to pick it up and take it out #myrantfortheday #leavenotrace #lovenature #respectnature #commonsenseshouldprevail #nationalparks #ilovehiking #ilovenature

LONG POST ALERT 🚨❤️. This picture is me. I have hit some highs and I have hit some lows. I have been happy I have been sad. I have laughed I have cried. I have lost weight I have gained weight. Right now I am probably 15 pounds up from last year. People do not realize what I was doing to stay at a low weight to make others happy. I would eat ONLY 1200 calories daily. I would work out twice a day with almost passing out. I would not go have fun with friends because I felt I would gain a pound or two. I now work out 2/3 times a week. Eat what I want too. And the best of all I am so happy. I am happy with my reflection FINALLY! You know how long that took me. FOREVER. My body was not meant to ever be a size 2. My body was suppose to be whatever I want it to
Be. Don’t give in to what you feel society thinks you need to be. Because it will leave you unhappy because it’s about what is within. Stay positive stay beautiful ☀️🎉❤️💕🙌🏻 #loveyourself #bodypositivity #longpostalert⚠️ #highsandlows #keepitreal #myrantfortheday #beautiful #selfie #selflove #selfcare #thattolietpapertho

I can’t stand mommy shammers if my kid wants to eat a gancito for breakfast n popcorn for lunch n milk for dinner n at 1 in the morning want a sandwich that’s on me oh those shammers that don’t have kids wtf you know about raising kids yo so don’t be giving your damn opinions you don’t know about that life some mommy’s take it one day at a time #mykid #stopshaming #momlife #gtfoh #myrantfortheday

I DO NOT go to the gym to run cardio on the treadmill, use the bike, or elliptical.... I fucking hate cardio! I go to do weight training workouts! Men who look at me as if I don’t belong in the weight area/weight room can kiss my juicy plump ass (PS those weights helped my ass 🍑 get so plump... just saying) instead of looking at me as a woman using what men should be using why not ask your woman why she isn’t doing the same! I love seeing my body change for the better and using weights to do so! So if your a woman DO NOT be afraid of picking up weights 🏋🏽‍♀️ we carry everything else on our shoulders why not add some weights and see yourself progress into a healthy/strong lifestyle! 💪🏽
#myrantfortheday #lilmamafit #fitnurse #itshealthy #babymamafit #realbodiesmatter

They lucky I’m somewhat “nice” on prep! Who tf does that?? Just turns the lights out on someone? It got worse. They were turned completely out and I was in total darkness #norespect 🤬
#myrantfortheday #rude #learntoshare #rudepeople #video #videooftheday #posing #posingpractice #bodybuildersarepeopletoo .

Lol...all these people trying to build an engine with out any true knowledge of how it works! Learn how to build an engine first before trying to modify how it's works. Sadly then trying to claim fame for bolting in a part, that they know nothing about.

Dear horsepower gods smite the whom are juevenile and ignorant to engine mechanics, but want to claim fame for a bolt on or swap . Oh and please revoke the tools of whom who static cambered cars.
Amen! ... and Lord I will be blue printing an engine in the name or horsepower and skill. With wisdom and knowledge, from years of study and hard work. I vow not to use Facebook as my teacher, nor for tech help and certainly not to build / style my ride for me. Sorry that we have lost our ways, of what it means to turn a wrench.

#twistedautomods #TwistedMods #myrant #myrantfortheday #carguy #diy #gearhead #modified #modifiedcars #enginebuild #horsepower #importcars #domesticcars

The time it takes it for an adult to write the perfect rant on social media about how he/she lacks money and resources while fishing for approval, I turn to that little kid on his phone who just listed 8 listed things on eBay and getting his dough hand over fist. His/her actions, attitude, and results just validated him/herself and that’s something you can’t teach. So many are utilizing these platforms for useless reasons and left a lot of opportunities and money on the table. #ComplainersAreExhausting #native412 #myrantfortheday #getyours #AdmitThatYoureALazyAndWhinyDinosaur

I’ve always been told that the cheater is always the one accusing their partner of cheating. And the cheater is usually the first one to enter a new relationship. I’ve found that to be true. At least in my case. Possibly sociopathic tendencies at its best.
I usually believe in giving 2nd chances to just about anyone. But you’ll never change. You can’t and won’t.
I’m not worth much, but I’m worth more than being cheated on and lied to over and over. Every woman deserves a partner they can trust and grow with.
I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Some gal to worship you? Or someone submissive enough for you to control? Someone that truly makes you happy? Validation of your manhood? Whatever it may be, I only ask for you to stop breaking hearts and f*cking with peoples emotions.
That’s not very nice of you. But then again, were you ever nice? Probably at some point. Find that person inside you and let it free. You’ll feel much better. Just saying.
You hurt me? Fine. But involving my kid, too? That is why I put you on blast. I have no chill.
Ya ever need me, ya know where to find me. I’m not that hard to find.
#myrantfortheday #petty #ideservebetter #justsaying #sociopath #onceacheateralwaysacheater ?? #truth? #ornah? #nochill #compulsiveliar #drew #andrewsalisbury :) love ya! 💋😂

I wish there were more people in the world like this. Through my job and my personal life, I see time and time again people who never take responsibility for their actions. Grown ass people who act like adolescents. Never admitting the disservices they do unto others, then expecting it to all go away and ignore it. Well life doesn’t work that way and I have worked sooo hard to raise my kids to be the exact opposite of this. I fear for parents not doing the same with their children. It’s a big problem in the world today and if you get the chance #dontblowit. #myrantfortheday #raisedright #behonest #apologize #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #respect #loyaltyiseverything

These are my mum and dad! See my mum and dad had pretty difficult upbringing, still they did the best they could to make sure I got more they ever did. They were not mindful parents, they didn’t try to connect, bu t somehow knew where the fuck i was all day despite me roaming around the neighbourhood until dark. They worked hard and took me on holidays, but then prayed I disappeared all day, there was no glasses of water, packed organic lunches or sugar free crap. I drank a litre of coke a day, they smoked in the car. We just did our thing and if i was bleeding or being beaten up by other kids, they were there asking me what did you do to make them angry? Why the hell do you think was going to happen by skateboarding down a street on oncoming traffic? They didn’t fucking blame the traffic! Anyway, they gave me a really great childhood, a 70s childhood. They have a sense of humor and despite not being able to speak a world to my children. (Yes i didn’t teach my kids italian...i am a bad parent...fuck you) despite that they have a bond bigger than your list of products you try to sneak in your instagrams post. They miss them everyday, I miss them everyday. #myrantfortheday

Yesterday I had a much dreaded, LONG overdue Dr appt. I’ve lived with God knows what for years and just knew a conventional dr would rather hear my symptoms and give me prescriptions or go down rabbit holes of testings to get nowhere than to give me possible causes. Not that my symptoms are unique. They’re very textbook...for like 10 different issues. Blood work and I’m outta there. And will never go back. I cried and prayed the whole way home. Both because I was discouraged and angry at such Dr’s who knew upfront I’m not there for prescriptions to give me relief. I’m there to find out the source/s and so not much concern or maybe she didn’t know what to do. Maybe they’re so trained by drug reps to treat symptoms...🤷🏻‍♀️. .
All that to say, I walked in the door and David knew I was upset 😭, the kids ask what’s for dinner and I said I’m not cooking cause I’ll either chop my fingers through tears or throw a pan from anger 🙈 😤 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who just wants answers to life’s problems? All I can do is pray for wisdom and knowledge and trust that God knows I’m so over some things but that if it weren’t for some of these health issues....and if I really didn’t care and just threw in the towel, my discipline level when it comes to eating would be like ZERO percent. 🐷 Some of us have to #eattolive sometimes I live to eat 🐷 and am quickly reminded I’m not doing my body justice. Sometimes we have to live with a ‘thorn in our side’ to help us make better choices. So if nothing negative ever comes from my blood work but I know the negative effects of certain things and that something isn’t right, I just have to be wise & educate myself since there are unconcerned Dr’s out there who don’t fully understand these complex bodies God created. And why do I love naturopathic Dr’s? Want to treat symptoms (conventional Dr.) or the source of irritations, discomfort, pain (holistic Dr)? 🙄 No, lets cover that up with meds and create more symptoms so I can see you again for a different round of issues.... #myrantfortheday #letsgettothesource #holistically 🌿☀️ Thanks hubby for taking us out to dinner! 🌮 😆

In the grand scheme of things children have mere moments to just be children. They have years and years to be grown up. Everything they do is a learning experience. They don’t need worksheets.Don’t rush it. Protect their right to play! #myrantfortheday #playmatters #letthemplay #authenticchildhood #letthemplayoutside #thisiswhatlearninglookslike #playbasedlearning #learningthroughplay #yegece #playadvocate #betheirvoice #kindercampushilltop #kindercampuslionsgate #itsnotarace #itsnotacontest #givethemtime #thechildrenarethecurriculum

Little #feelgoodfriday I'm not one to like many things or be proud of much but as dumb as it sounds this little beast of mine is one thing I do adore. I got a compliment yesterday getting gas about it which was so nice. I always feel like because it's only stock, all I did was cosmetic, that I'll get picked on hence why I won't go to car meets/shows but thank you dude for being a stranger to say nice ride. #awkward #myrantfortheday #cheesy #imadork #doesnthavetobefast #acura #rsx #_modifiedgirls #modifiedottawa #clutchladies #ottawa

;true that. If you don’t have anything nice to say then shut the f*** up and mind your business. Bottom line- don’t even acknowledge ignorant people #myrantfortheday #ignoranceisachoice #didyourmamanotteachyouthat

Got the blind leading the blind. Y’all need to see through a lot of the bullshit these people perpetrate on social media. What they fail to understand is that people know them in real life. Y’all gotta stop jumping on these band wagons. Pick sense out of nonsense with these lies these people posting. #myrantfortheday

Let me just tell you about the last 2 weeks. I went against myself and decided to pamper myself with $70 nails as apprised to my usual 56$ nails I normally get. when I get my nails done and get extensions they normally last me 6 weeks. So I get my nails done at this new place for me and not even 24 hours after my appointment my nails started falling off. And because they are closed sundays and Monday I had to wait 2 days to go in. I went in asking for my money back and all they said they could do was fix my nails. So get this. The first time I went in I got acrylic ails put on (when I asked for hard rock.) then when she “fixed” the nails that fell off she gave me hard rock. So at this post I had two different sets of nails on each hand. LMFAO. then I notice the white she put on y nails to paint them was on offwhite when I had pure white on my other nails. So now at this point I have two different kind of extensions on and now two different shades of white nails all mixed together. #lordhelpme so I decided to let them all fall of like I knew they would and of course they did. Finallly the last one came off last night and today I rushed to my normal lady saying how sorry I was and that she needed to help me and give me my usual. Lmfao. Needless to say I’m now a happy girl with proper extensions😍😍 #myrantfortheday

When your neighbor upstairs doesn’t care at all about being quiet 24/7.. you both cover your ears. #myrantfortheday #pleasebequiet #bepositive #respectyourneighbors #poorsquishyisscared

Yesterday I Travelled solo with two kids and what an experience it was!! I would like to say to the man in front of us on the plane, the first time I said sorry for my baby kicking the seat I sincerely meant it. But honestly there was no need to look nearly every time you felt a bump in your seat, next time I suggest maybe just sitting backwards and glaring at us as it would be better for your neck! Shes 16months old who had sat in a car for three hours and then shoved in a pram had a rushed feed and then cramp on a plane where she could barely move, of course she is going to stretch her legs.
To the older gentlemen who saw me sit my 8year old on the last seat on a bus while I stood holding on to my 16month old thank you for looking at the younger people next to you who had seen me and telling they are a f&$king disgrace before standing up and giving me your seat. People like you are true Aussie heros! Thankfully tomorrow we have a plane to ourselves to go home on #myrantfortheday #travellingwithkids #youwinsomeyoulosesome #careaboutrare #malonicaciduria #extraneeds #tubiebaby #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle

Among all the districts that have retained all their librarians since 2005, 75% are white, Education Week reports. On the other end of the scale, student populations in the 20 districts that lost the most librarians in the same time comprised 78% students of color.

While the direct impact of the drop in school librarians can be tough to pinpoint with data, several recent studies have indicated that students suffer academically as a result:

The results are the same in Charlotte schools unfortunately. The poorest schools in the district have replaced licensed librarians with assistants and volunteer reading programs. Librarians teach technology and information literacy (research)skills not just the love for reading. Meanwhile, some private schools in Charlotte have 3 licensed professionals for one school. Wonder why we're dead last for economic mobility. #myrantfortheday #workingonsomethings. #workwoke

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