We are sure going to miss our wonderful #boondocking free camping spot here outside #westyellowstone. As we sit here doing 5 loads of laundry as we prepare to leave to Glacier NP this Saturday, we are thinking about all the sights we we STILL want to see in beautiful #yellowstonenationalpark. Even after being here a full two weeks. Horseback riding, fly fishing, wildlife in the Lamar Valley, swimming in Firehole river, breakfast at the Old Faithful Inn, the wolf and bear refuge, and sooooooo many hikes. .
But it's time for us to get moving on so we have time to see the other stops along our route as we eventually make our way back to Austin for the winter. .
But we will be back, Yellowstone. We will be back. You have been more wonderous than our imagination ever dreamed. .
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So many rosy shades and never ending lines 馃槏 Were we really in Utah? 馃 #optoutside #grandstaircaseescalante #americanwest #publiclands #FindYourPark #usinterior #blm #americathebeautiful #yesvisitutah #nikon

A shot I got of Brandon on the Chimneys at Linville Gorge earlier this summer. Linville gorge really is a unique geological feature and to many it doesn鈥檛 look like something you鈥檇 see on the east coast.
If you鈥檝e never been, you need to see the gorge.
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Life below the sequoias 馃尣馃尣馃尣
Many thanks to @stephintotheunknown for tagging us in your adventures through our wild places!
If you鈥檝e strolled beneath these towering giants, you know how they shift your perspective!
The most well-known sequoia is General Sherman, the 2,100 year old, 275-foot tall tree that is the largest tree in the world! At over 2.7 million pounds, it鈥檚 quite the experience to stand beneath it!
It鈥檚 amazing that we have wild places like this for everyone to explore! As nature-lovers, it鈥檚 our job to keep these places protected.

Take me back to exploring canyons with this guy 鈾ワ笍 #zionnationalpark #visitutah #thenarrows #roadtrip2k18

Silver Linings.
56 degrees and still wet from the rain. Looking east to Bryce Canyon.
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We鈥檝e stumbled upon yet another dirty gremlin incident on the river. Someone thought they could outsmart us by hiding their empty beer cans between these two rocks. Bless their hearts. 馃

Sometimes you just want to look at a river from 5500 feet above as it slithers through the gorge.

The Lone Warrior up in the Head of Sinbad near聽 Swasey's Cabin.
I need to plan a longer trip through the San Rafael Swell.聽 I wanted to do a cross country, all offroad transit of the area stopping at points of interest along the way.聽 These areas are close to where I-70 slices through the middle but there's lots to see out in no-mans land.聽 The area has a lot of Ancestral Puebloan remains and artifacts.聽 The Swell created a natural barrier with flat high plains on top with pockets of water hidden in canyons.

It鈥檚 that time of year again.

A riverside moment on the banks of California鈥檚 South Fork Scott River. WRC is working to restore in-stream flows and conserve a critical 1,596-acre ranch along the SF Scott for the benefit of Scott River coho 鈥 one of the largest and most important runs of wild coho salmon in the state. Photo by Nate Wilson. #RiversMatter #scottriver #california

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