It’s #coop building day! Creating a bigger space so I can add a few more hens to our flock. Lizzie has a plan and I’m not allowed to help. She’s almost recovered from her tonsillectomy and is going stir crazy, so she to get this done. #whatagirl #mypetsmakemebreakfast #minnesotagirl

W A N D E R L U S T 🌎
(n.) A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world.

Really chickens?? Don’t get me wrong, I love love love my chickens and their butt nuggets, but they’ve gotta pay rent! We have many friends/ egg customers waiting for eggs!! This is the egg haul for the last 3 days. Utterly dismal. Today is a record low of 6 eggs. We haven’t had numbers this low since the first year of chicken-keeping. Earlier this year, our high was 2 dozen — that’s 24 eggs — a day! Granted, we’ve had some terrible losses, and they have been a little stressed since we still have coyotes patrolling the yard at night at least once a week. However, we’ve also got some that like to make me go on scavenger egg hunts daily, and I’m dealing with SEVEN hens with broody fever, as well as 5 mama hens. (Well, we don’t count or sell the serama eggs, so that kind of lets the Tater Tots off the hook.)
I’ve already talked to them about increasing the production, and not being annoying freeloaders, and Barred Rock Obama has given the “Don’t mess with the Queen Forehen” evil eye, and I’ve even tried to guilt them about disappointing their human friends and supporters. No luck. If this terrible performance continues for another week, I will perhaps threaten to make them dinner VIPs. Very Important Poultry. They will have a showcase at the center of the table. 🤣

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This post is a little different, but I’m passionate about it and it has to do with my everyday life, so here we go!

About two years ago I was introduced to Norwex products and my mind was blown 🤯 not because of the products themselves (although they are mind blowing!), but because of the information I learned about commonly used cleaning products.

I had never stopped to ask myself “Is this safe for me to be using?” “Could this cause me health problems?” I just cleaned and I used the best (that’s a joke) “name brands” to do it!

Chemical cleaning products are hazardous to our health in SO many ways! Some of the most popular ones are linked to causing cancer, infertility, and more!

I use Norwex everyday in my home and at work (I clean for a living!). I know their products are safe and I know that they work.

If you struggle with any of these when you’re cleaning:
🚨Trouble breathing
🚨Skin irritations/rashes
🚨Feeling lightheaded/dizzy
I would love to share more info with you! This isn’t a sales pitch, but it is an opportunity to learn more about what may be lurking under your sink and some safer suggestions to replace them!

We only get one body, so let’s be mindful of how we take care of it!

Chickens are funny little creatures. One minute their getting cozy in your lap and the next they are flying at you 100mph with the highest pitch scream you’ve ever heard.

I still love them though 😍 and I can’t wait for the day when I can have a big beautiful coop filled with all these adorable fluffy butts!

Today's #gettoknowahomesteader challenge with @atablefullinthewoods and @moderndaysoldways is #farmtruck and I have to say I'm quite fond of mine. My old Chevy ('94) had been in the family since it was new but back in February it was costing more in upkeep than a payment. I still see my old S10 around - a sweet gentleman who knows how to tinker with vehicles was absolutely thrilled to get his hands on it.

I’ve got some sad news on the Bergeron Homestead 😢

One of my drakes was eaten/snatched by a duck killing monster that lives in the river behind my house.

I’ve decided to focus on the one good thing that came from it. My ratio of boys to girls is now good again 😂

RIP little duckling (cousin it) and know that you were somewhat loved.

I find it entertaining watching these hens drink water. 🤷🏽😊🐔 #thesimplethingsthatentertain #simplelifeisthebestlife #urbanchickens #backyardchickens #mypetsmakemebreakfast

Take a break and smell the flowers 🌸

I love that when I want #eggs for breakfast 🍳 I can just head out to the #coop to get my #grocery shopping done. 😂👊😂
#mypetsmakemebreakfast #cooptotable

Last night was magical 😍

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