This box of decadent cupcakes was a birthday gift from a dear friend. 🎂❤️ Selecting my first cupcake from this delicious assortment was not easy. I went for the cream cheese filled spiced carrot🥕 cupcake. Daughter was delighted to find a chocolate chip🍫 cookie-dough filled cupcake, and hubby went for the maple🍁 and bacon bits variety. What fun! #cupcakes #mypetitesweet #goodfood #goodeats #eatdessertfirst #dessert #bakery #traveloregon #lincolncityoregon #beachlife

I don't know if it's the excitement of class, or the looking forward to seeing the 7 girls he befriended yesterday, but Round 2 was INFINITELY easier than Round 1. Instead of "please don't do this to me mommy, I'm not ready and don't know these people" (if you ever wondered what it feels like to be gutted and turned inside out, that's it), #GrandMasterCas led me to his classroom, busted out his homework folder, put his stuff away, gave me a good hug, and called out "byeeee" as he took off to his assigned seat to go chat with 3 girls named Leah, Ella, and Kaitlyn. ❤️❤️❤️ I swanny, so long as this youngin lives and breathes, his granddaddy will never be gone. Aptly named indeed. I shoulda just called him Cleve and been done with it. Lol. At least it comes honest.
The resilience of children is absolutely astounding and often leaves me in total awe. I couldn't be more proud if I tried.

PS he's rockin size 24 month gear today. An upgrade from yesterday's 18 month. 😭 OHHH mah teensy lil baby mans. #mypetitesweet

Marionberry coffee cake #MyPetiteSweet #foodporn

I found heaven raspberry champagne cupcake #MyPetiteSweet #foodporn

Went to My Petite Sweets to grab a quick brenner with my main Peruvian @knmckee85 at Devils lake. #mypetitesweet #chiatea #devilslake #americasunglasses #mustachecup

Treat yourself 😋🍓🍇 #Jols #MyPetiteSweet

Mothers Day cupcake from My Petite Sweet was amazing!
Marionberry Chocolate Yum!
1710 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367
#marionberry #cupcake #mothersday #mypetitesweet #lincolncityoregon #chocolate #iknowyouwantit

To the woman who loves my words, even though they pale in comparison to her beauty and love... This one's for you, Mom!
More perfect than the Sun
More beautiful than a Rose
The love I have for you, only God could know.
For it is he and I that chose you to be my Mother
All those years ago.
You may not believe it
But I swear nothing could be more true
That of all the other women created to have children
No one was more perfect for the task than you.

You were the one I’d need in this life
To stand by my side and see me through
Because after all, anyone could be called a Mother
But to give of yourself unconditionally each day
Takes a selfless heart and the purest of souls
In a word, YOU!

I knew it when I first felt your touch
That I would never deserve a love so true
44 years later, I feel no different
You are still the one I cherish most and look up to

We have a special and unique bond
That no one could ever break
A love that has taken a life time to nurture
That no one could ever take.

You don’t always understand me
But you try so hard to
Always hiding the hurt and pain I cause you
Forever protecting your daughter like a suit of armour
Making it known to all living things
That you will destroy anyone, anything that will ever try to harm her

And if I am given nothing else within this life
I am forever blessed
Because I was loved enough by a God
That he created a mother like you, just for me
A Mother who is without a doubt simply...THE BEST!
I love you, Mom! xoxo { To all the Mother's out there: Whether on earth or in heaven, we love you! }

#mymom❤️ #sogorgeous #loveyou #mypetitesweet #happymothersday #family #joy #love #honour #devotion #ladies #mothersanddaughters❤️

Happy Birthday to this handsome man! I love you so much even though you are basically 50 (43). 🎉🎈🎂 We stopped at a bakery in Lincoln City, OR to get him a special treat.
#birthdayboy #mypetitesweet #fruitloopcupcake #happybirthday #oregoncoast #hwy101

😍 por ella doy la vida #21 .
Una foto con alguien especial 🍃, mi sobrina como no amar a estos pequeños si te sacan risas 😂 y sobre todo son de lo más ocurridos .
#reto30dias30fotos #sobrina #bebe #lovefamily #viajes #ella #mypetitesweet

Stay cool amongst the Melbourne heat with the fruity freshness of sugar free #Jols 🍇😋 #MyPetiteSweet

Sunday’s are for treating yourself 😉🍦🍓 #MyPetiteSweet #Jols

Relatable... 😁👗 #Jols #MyPetiteSweet

Did you know our luscious sugar free #Jols are available at Chemist Warehouse? 🙌🍓 Swing by today for the perfect Christmas stocking fillers 😋 #MyPetiteSweet

Courtside treats to sweeten up your summer ☀️🍓 #Jols #MyPetiteSweet

Ain’t that the truth 🐶😉 #Jols #MyPetiteSweet

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