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Super excited to become a #PageRep for @pagehabit! I got my first little taste with this Romance August box!
It's so cool because they have so many genres to choose from and just added Science Fiction in September!
You can check out @pagehabit through the link in my bio and use code KAT to get FREE domestic shipping or $5 off international! #mypagehabit
P.S. check my story to watch me fumble through the unboxing 😂

PageHabit Mystery subscription just came!! Wow!!! What an awesome gift to give yourself or a reader you know!! And for eveey subscription there is a book donated to help support children's literacy!! #mypagehabit

Got my first historical fiction box from @pagehabit so exciting!! The book this month is The Underground River. With every mailing they donate to support children's literacy and if you tag your box #mypagehabit they will donate another book!

Today I received my pagehabit subscription box and I was so excited! Along with getting some great goodies and a book with sticky note comments throughout by the author, using the hashtag #mypagehabit a book gets donated to a child without access to books. Having accessable literature is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to enter the publishing industry. Literature doesn't just tell fun stories but helps teach so many new things to readers. Thanks @pagehabit for having this amazing box.

Warning... long post!!! 😉

First off!!! Hi Lovelies!!! Wow life just keeps getting crazier!!! Quick update, my kids left on Monday to my parents house for 9 days 😱 Yesterday I had my math exam (which I got a 100% and I'm so happy I almost cried) then my hubby and I went on a day date!!! We saw two movies, got ice cream at my fave shop (cold stone... "cookie don't you want some" is my life sub coffee ice cream and extra cookie dough instead of chocolate chips 😉) and then went to a d-backs baseball game!!! And today we are having a LOTR marathon 😂!!!!

Guess what!?!? I have some news!!!!! On Friday, I'll be doing a LIVE STREAM on @pagehabit Page!!! Yessss!!! I'll be doing an unboxing on their bookstagram page of the LitFic box and answering any questions!!! I would love for you all to check it out and come chat with me!!!!! 💖💖💖😘 it will be at 5PM Eastern time (which is 2pm pacific) 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 you'll have to go to their page and click on the live stream 🤗🤗🤗

Also, I'm so behind on the challenge I'm cohosting I couldn't forget about today for #readgushjune17!!! Shoutout to some of my bookstagram besties!!! Today I have to show some love to these lovelies who always check up on me!!!
💜 @marissa_writes girl, you know me so well and know exactly what to say when I need encouragement!!! I am so thankful to have met you!!!! You are my Mor 💖
💜 @amberafterglowreads you are one strong woman and I absolutely adore you and I'm so happy to call you my friend
💜 @alice_in_her_bookland you are such a sweetheart and I'm so happy I stumbled across one of your challenges that started this friendship
💜 @a.storm.of.pages you were one of my first friends on here and your support means so much to me!!!
💜 @slytherpaw you make me laugh so much and I love chatting with you
💜 @themrsliterarylovely you inspire me to try new things and to keep going! I love how you push yourself and your encouragement means more than you'll ever know!
I wish I could tag more of you! But just know I love you all! Your comments and messages mean the world to me!!!

Btw... ignore the part of my hand in this photo 😂😂😂

I'll chat with you all soon! 😘😘😘
#mypagehabit #bookstagram #bookish

Really enjoying reading this book and finding the little author notes as I go. #therattledbones #mypagehabit

Beautiful first PageHabit box! I'm so excited about trying this- the annotations by the author look amazing and I'm grateful for the booklight! And I love that they donate books to children in need! #mypagehabit

My Page Habit horror box finally came in today. #mypagehabit #pagehabitcares

Page Habit unboxing! Details in second pic for those who are indifferent to spoilers. 😉 #mypagehabit #readallthebooks


Sooo this is late. This is so late. This @pagehabit box got delivered to my parents' house so I didn't actually get to see it until yesterday. (Apparently I need to actually pay attention when it comes to things like shipping address as opposed to billing address 😊). Anyway this is the August young adult box. And can I just say it has some great merch!
There are not one but two books in this box! One is Bright Lines by Taney Nandini Islam @hiwildflower and the other is The Rattled Bones by S.M. Parker @shannonparkerwrites (With annotated notes inside!) I can't wait to jump into both of these 📚There is also a short story called Small Worlds by Karin Lin-Greenberg.
Also included are cute socks, a Matilda bookmark, magnetic bookmarks, 2 feather gel pens, and a cactus pen. That cactus pen may be finding a home on my desk at work because it is too cute not to display. 😍
While this is late I still hope you enjoyed this unboxing, I sure did! I definitely recommend this subscription box because along with amazing merch and books they also donate to support literacy for children worldwide with every box that is purchased and donate an extra book when you post your unboxing on Instagram.
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Time for #mypagehabit unboxing! I just got the box today and it was worth the wait! 🤗🤗 This August Young Adult box includes:
📚magnetic bookmarks
📚"What to read next" bookmark
📚"If you can read this, pass me my book." socks
📚short story book
📚cactus pen
📚feather pens
📚letter from the author of BOTM
📚BOTM : The Rattled Bones
I also got an extra book which is the We Are The Ants and some extra goodies (I think those are the pens).
Did you know that with every PageHabit box purchased, a donation is made to support children literacy? For August 2017, they worked with Buea Book Project and the Catholic University Institure of Buea, a new university in Cameroon, to build their first library. Isn't that awesome? 💕📚

You mayyy have seen on my stories the last few days but I'm now a rep for @pagehabit, a subscription box that lets YOU choose your genre!
I'm so excited to be working with them because 1) their boxes are adorable and 2) with every box purchased, they make a donation to support child literacy!
You can click the link in my bio to learn more about them :) and use code KORI for free shipping on a US order or $5 an international order!
My new favorite pillow is by @blumaproject 😍

Got my @pagehabit August Historical Fiction box! Scroll to see #mypagehabit unboxing. ➡️ I loved everything inside the box (check out those socks 😱) and love that @pagehabit supports children's literacy around the world. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
"The Heart's Invisible Furies" by John Boyne sounds amazing. It showcases the history of Ireland from the 1940s to present through the eyes of an ordinary man. Excited to read this annotated copy!
Interested in checking out PageHabit yourself? Use code "BEKAH" for free shipping on your first box! Link in bio. 📚📚📚

My first ever @pagehabit #unboxing. This is the August romance box. Due to some technical issues with their web page a little while ago, I was lucky enough to get an extra book and a few extra bookish goodies from PageHabit in my box!
#mypagehabit #pagehabitcares #bookbox #subscriptionbox #monthly #books #bookishstuff #wishyouwerehere #eighthoundredgrapes #novels #quillpens #quill #bookmarks #magneticbookmarks #socks #quote #shortstory #mathilda #roalddahl

Super excited to become a #PageRep for @pagehabit! I got my first little taste with this Romance August box!
It's so cool because they have so many genres to choose from and just added Science Fiction in September!
You can check out @pagehabit through the link in my bio and use code KAT to get FREE domestic shipping or $5 off international! #mypagehabit
P.S. check my story to watch me fumble through the unboxing 😂

“I usually love the dark, but on this night, it is not my friend”
Yesterday arrived my first PageHabit Horror box from @pagehabit and…what can I say? It was just great, so this is #mypagehabit unboxing, a great way to make a donation to support children’s literacy around the world. Each month, PageHabit partners with a different organization to help get books into the hands of children everywhere.
For the month of August, The Buea Book Project and the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) [a new university open to students of all faiths in Buea, Cameroon] has been chosen, to help them build their first library.
This month new release is THE GRIP OF IT by JAC JEMC and it comes with her own written annotations every few pages! I love horror books and can’t wait to be creeped out by the ghost of this novel…you can see a few of them hidden on the cover 😏 🌵

A thief steals the air from a room. Children invent a nursery rhyme to make sense of their fate, and a band of girls rot from the outside in. These characters stumble through joy and murder and confusion, only to survive and wait for the next catastrophe to arrive. Moments so brief and disturbing you can’t afford to look away.

I can’t wait to enter this spooky, ghostly world, and I’m sure that the author’s special notes — alongside her damn cool letter — will enhance the experience.
The box also contained another ghost novel, RAZORHURST by JUSTINE LARBALESTIER, and an horror short story by HUGH SHEEHY, THE LAST DAYS, and a few fun, quirky and useful bookish items:
- two sets of magnetic bookmarks;
- a cactus pen that I absolutely adore;
- 2 feather rubber pens;
- a Matilda bookmark with the quote "I'm wondering what to read next”;
- a pair of socks that says "if you can read this" - "pass me my book" (I’m in love with them). 🌵
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Final August unboxing. Promise. 😉 I'll be back to posting regular bookish photos tomorrow. With ALL THE FALL THINGS! 🍃🍂🍁 But until then, here's the @pagehabit August Horror box. It was my first box from this company (who donates books to kids without access for each box!!) and I am so thrilled to have a subscription box dedicated to the Horror genre! 😍

The Grip of It by Jac Jemp is a claustrophobic haunted house story and there are hidden ghosts on the cover!! ⚇ Spooky!! Can't wait to jump in and be scared!
#bookstagram #book #booklove #bookgeek #booknerd #read #bookish #bookishmerch #booksocks #bookmarks #bookmail #bookworm #booknerdigan #igreads #jaejemc #thegripofit #mypagehabit #horror #horrorbooks #subscriptionbox #bookbox #ilovetoread #unboxing #ghoststories

This is the JULY Fantasy PageHabit box. The book looks good, but I haven't read it yet. I've just not been in a fantasy sort of mood... (oyea I've also been stupid busy 😅 lol)
PageHabit is a sub box that features notes from the author on sticky notes within the text.
Photo Description: the book THE WAKING LAND by Callie Bates lies on my bed with a letter from the author, a field notes book, a book light and a bookmark beside it.

How did I forget to post this fabulous @pagehabit unboxing?! Look at the stuff. I was amazed! It included a novel with special annotations given by the author and a letter from the author. Plus there's a book of essays and a short story included as well. And of course, other bookish goodies. They also donate to support children's literacy. 😍 You can pick your genre for this box, which I absolutely adore. This is the literary fiction box. Their list of genres include:
📖Literary Fiction
📖Young Adult Fiction
📖Historical Fiction
📖Science Fiction

❓What genre would you pick❓

#mypagehabit #pagehabit #unboxing

@pagehabit is one of my favorite book boxes besides @bookofthemonth for all the amazing goodies! It's such a fun surprise receiving it as you never know what you'll get! Look at those socks! I'm a #PageRep now, so if you click the link in my bio and use code BOOKENETICS, you can get free shipping off your first box! There are 8 different genres to choose from and the one I chose this month was Romance! Here's what came in this box:
- socks
- annotated copy of wish you were here
- short story the bridge
- a pen
- bookmarks (adorable!) Definitely check out @pagehabit because they're amazing!
Want a candle like this of your own? Use my code BOOKENETICS for @brunchcandlebox to get your first box free!

My unboxing pic of the August @pagehabit box (takes a little while for the post to make it to Australia). For each unboxing post, they donate an additional book to a child without access somewhere around the world. This month, the books go to a project in Cameroon. #mypagehabit #bookbox #bookstagram

@pagehabit - the horror box for August 2017! See my reviews for #PageHabit July & August 2017 on crazydogmama.com! Link in bio. There is a $10 off coupon for your first box in my review!!
#jacjemc #thegripofit #books #bookbox #subscriptionboxaddict #subscriptionbox #bookstagram #quarterlyco #mypagehabit

Have you guys checked out the PageHabit book boxes yet? They have so many genres, not just YA. This was my first one and I was so excited when I saw one of my most anticipated books inside! Use my code 'TRINA' at checkout to get free shipping off your first box, and use my affiliate link to let them know I sent you! Http://bit.ly/betweenchapters #mypagehabit

My August @pagehabit box arrived! Great book and very fun goodies. Love the socks! #mypagehabit #historicalfiction

Last week I received a subscription box from Page Habit. I kind of accidently ordered it: I thought there would be one more confirmation page when I clicked 'confirm' but there wasn't. I wasn't too upset because I had my order open on a tab for months. (Decisiveness, thy name is not Katie)
Pagehabit sends a new book with annotations by the author!! (book nerdiness here I come!!) I ordered the literary box and was so excited when I unpacked The History of Bees. I have been hearing great things and am excited to read it with the author's notes.
The box came with socks and cute bookmarks. It also came with a short story that was a little too sexual for me, which was disappointing because literary short stories are some of my favourite reading.
You can choose from 8 different genres including historical fiction, YA, mystery, Scifi. You will get a new release with annotations from the author and a few other bookish goodies.
The best part is that with every box purchased PageHabit partners with different literary charities bringing books to under-served communities.
If you are a book nerd, I highly recommend this service. I didn't sign up for monthly boxes (dang budget) but will definitely be ordering a box again in the future.
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