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This is the way i think anytime i read 'deeper' words. We need to deeply sink in and let ourselves to bathe and covered with all the ingredients in the words. Let it flood into our life and transform us to be a new better creation everyday.

Pardon me for my imperfection as i am still in the progress of transforming everyday.
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I make quotes like this every day not for my promo, but to help myself and others to see it simpler and more attractive.
I love digging bible and by doing this, put it one verse at a time make it easier to chew and enjoy it as our meals.

For me, this IG is like my daily journal for my devotion. That is why one of the time you will find it a bible verse, and other time is just a motivational words that i extracted from my contemplation.

Whatever it is, i do this for keeping myself encouraged.
#quotes #thisisharvestmoment #totallyforjesus #sariwatigoenawan #myowndevo #bibleverse #myownjournal

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