A sense of normalcy and the appearance of luxury, the feeling of grandeur, pending measures of perceived exclusivity, and looming bustles of commerce. It is, I assure you, a facade...
Built over old swamp land, with more than a dozen towers, crafted from the least common denominator of quality, jolt above two contiguous parking caverns. Short-cuts and cheap details are apparent the more you look around. .
At least one elevator has malfunctioned and dropped.
Traffic in the area and within the development is already a special mess. The surrounding streets are far from sufficient to handle the astronomical full capacity the place proports. .
Nice park, though.
I hope everyone who lives here is away on holiday when ot eventually collapses into the Saigon River.
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Still trying to figure what look @bittobryan was trying to achieve #myopinon @debie_rise red and silver details niceee

Let me make this clear before I go into my little rant: I’M NOT POSTING THIS BECAUSE I ACTUALLY GIVE TWO FUCKS RATHER IT’S TRUE OR NOT! I’M POSTING THIS TO PROVE MY POINT & TI SAY BASICALLY WHAT THE BLOGS HAVE ALREADY SAID! Okay so I read this online last week that #neyo has been cheating on his wife & I commented on one of his postings two days ago about him saying that he’s taken & this whole #goodmanseason bs but yet if what the blogs are saying is true then he’s not such a good man & boy have I been getting chewed out by his kiss ass fans & even his wife so called her self clapping back at me but i clapped right on back to her & I took what she said with a grain of salt! And yes we all know that blogs lie a lot but we also know that blogs tell a lot of truths before these celebrities are willing to admit the truth or before they actually get caught it in their lies! So because I’ve been getting chewed out I decided to look up if he’s been cheating & what have we here, apparently he’s had a history of cheating on his first baby momma & while she was pregnant, the exact same thing that they are claiming that he’s doing to his wife right now! Please tell me how he’s not cheating & ifs the same damn thing being reported that he did years ago to his first babymomma?! And then I said in comments how his wife has stopped posting pictures of Neyo & look here are the blogs saying the same damn thing A WEEK AGO, so clearly once again I’m not posting anything that they haven’t already posted! And then lastly you can’t chose to be famous & in the public eye & then not want people to have opinions & make assumptions about your life, rather they are wrong or didn’t, you chose to live a public life so therefor you chose for people to have opinions & make assumptions on things! Oh & one more thing, how is it that out of thousands of comments his wife picked mine to comment on, the only way that she would of even found it is if she literally sits there & stalks comments on his postings looking for somebody that says something against whatever he’s posting about & that in itself isn’t healthy! #thatisall, #myopinon, #youchosethislife, #dejavu 🤷🏽‍♀️

Since a lot of you feel like you have to go to college to be successful Ijs🙌🏾 I’m not knocking it just know that a lot of ppl have touched millions with out even going to college and to be honest with you if your born with several talents just like I am you have many options I’m blessed and wouldn’t trade me for anything in this world 🌎 thanks 🙏🏾! floydmayweather couldn’t read and he has more money and street smarts the half of you ppl #facts #myopinon #dontakeitpersonal #sickofppljudgementalasses 🙌🏾💪🏾🙏🏾

(sᴜɴᴅᴀʏ, ғɪғᴛᴇᴇɴᴛʜ ᴏғ ᴀᴘʀɪʟ) honestly i spent way to long on this! but it turned out (sort of) so it’s okay 💕

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