Perfect weekend celebrating the beautiful bride and groom 💕#myohmyers2018

Just walking down memory lane tonight 😭 I never knew I could love someone so much. I'd look at married couples and wonder if they were really happy. "How can you be sure you'd want the same person for the rest of your life. How can you make a commitment like that." Now, just 11 short weeks in, and I can say that I'm slowly understanding more and more, the love Jesus has for me. It's evident in that He would give me @jonas_myers.

I'll never get over how much I love you, @jonas_myers. ♥️

Missing my darling niece, sister and family in Dallas! Only 202 days till the wedding and celebrating with my favorites 😍
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99% of our wedding photos are all of us laughing. 🎉 #myohmyers2018 #elyseface

To my 5,000+ followers, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for supporting me through one of the darkest and scariest seasons of my life before our wedding. The videographer put together a beautiful video that recaps the day perfectly. The link is in my bio. I'm so thankful to each and every one of you for your messages, prayers, and encouragement on days I thought I literally wouldn't make it to the next. Let me know what you think. 💋 #myohmyers2018

Praying before our wedding was not something I had planned to do. To be honest, when I saw photos of couples doing this, I thought it looked a bit cheesy. But when James and Eric gathered Jonas and I in the room and told everyone else to leave, I was willing to go along with their vision for our wedding photos. Now looking back, this was one of my favorite moments of the day. I got to pray with my husband without anyone else being around. We were able to thank God for the miracle it was that we made it to our wedding day. We nearly canceled our ceremony to have a courthouse wedding so many different times, for so many different reasons. But God had so much more in mind for that day then we could have imagined. He had given me a vision three years ago when I was in Sydney that I would stand at the end of the isle, look down at the altar and see my husband standing there. He whispered "it will be a fight to get there." At the time, I had no idea what it meant, but I guessed it had to do with what my life would look like before I met my husband. But He was preparing me for the spiritual war it would be to make it to our wedding day. And boy was it ever a war. But Jonas stood by my side and fought with me. So to sit back-to-back with him, hold his hand, and thank God for our miracle wedding meant the world to me. #myohmyers2018 📷: @bowtie.media

It wasn't always my dream to get married in 19 degree weather, or in a place I had to ask my friends and family to fly to the middle of the country for, but this day was so much more than I could have hoped for. I'm thankful I didn't have the wedding of my dreams because the wedding of my dreams would have been so much less than what God gave us a week ago today. #myohmyers2018 📷: @bowtie.media

Mr. & Mrs. Myers 🙌🏼 So thankful for everyone that covered us in prayer and love. We could not have done this without you. PS. It was 19 degrees in these photos and there was definitely some glittery language thrown out into the air while we were shooting them. 😂 #myohmyers2018 #bowtiemedia

Nothing's better than catching bouquets and seeing the greatest people ever get married🙌🏼 #myohmyers2018

Elyse - we did it! Your day was perfect. Your man is perfect. I hope you soak up the sweetness of your honeymoon! I was so honored to be a part of your big day ❤️❤️ #myohmyers2018

Shoutout to the homie that destroyed the package of this at-home teeth whitening kit. You gave me a great discount. 🎶 What would you dooo-ooo-ooo, for a we-eh-ding?" 🎶 *sung to the Klondike Bar theme song.* #myohmyers2018

10 days. 😭👰🏻🤵🏻 I'm going to cry like a freaking baby, y'all. #myohmyers2018

Guess what was just given back to me from @kayjewelers 😭❤️💍 I'm even more obsessed with it than before. #myohmyers2018

About to be the Maid of Honor for the first time 😅❤️ and I’m so excited! Less than a month till these two beauties tie the knot 🎉🥂 #myohmyers2018

Some girls grow up collecting magazines and dreaming up their perfect wedding *insert husband here.* I think it's beautiful how easy it comes for some girls to bring that dream to life. I did not grow up as one of those girls. I wore spider man light up Velcro shoes. My brothers taught me how to sling-shot rotten plumbs off our swing set. I locked myself in a room and played viola until my fingers bled (literally.) Shopping trips, days at a nail salon, and staring at my reflection as someone did my hair were things I strategically avoided. But at the end of the day, I thought there was this "bride switch" that eventually was going to turn on. Much to my surprise, it didn't. Wedding talk has sent me into many panic attacks. Planning, calling, emailing and texting about the big day is not what I imagined it would be. I don't look the way I wanted to look when I got married, I don't weigh what I wanted to weigh. I'm not as mentally healthy as my past self would have liked me to be by the time the wedding rolls around. But as monumental as all those things have the potential to feel, it is all very VERY small compared to the best friend I've found in @jonas_myers. If you've been near us at all in this season, you know just how closely we've had to hold on to Jesus. But I can tell you the harder the enemy attacks, the stronger Jonas and I grow, and the closer Jesus feels. God is a God of miracles. And I am already covering our wedding, and more importantly, our marriage in prayer. There is not a doubt in my mind that Jonas is the man that God had in mind when giving me life. It doesn't surprise me we've been so attacked. I'm thankful to be in a relationship that makes all of hell tremble. But please. Please continue to pray for us as we lead up to our big day. Pray for our mental health, our finances, our personal relationships with Christ, and the strength of our relationship with each other. One month from today, and I will no longer be a Jones. Thank you God for your grace each and every day. #myohmyers2018

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