Do you find yourself looking for that perfect job or side gig?
While I have a great office job, the ability to take my side gig on the road anywhere I go is amazing!! I don’t have to pack extra bags for inventory, I just show up with my personal products and amazing hair!!💁🏼‍♀️ I can strike up a conversation with people or just make a post here on Facebook.
The best part is, while I am on vacation from that “office “ job, I am still making money with my side gig!
Oh and btw, this is the view from my “office”. Ask me how to get free products with a retail value of $250 today! 😀

The sun is going to be shining bright and hot today. STAY PROTECTED and make sure you are wearing your sunscreen and a hat while in the sun!🧢 ☀️ Prevention is so much easier and cheaper than trying to correct the damage. However, if the damage is there I can help!
✔️Right Ingredients
✔️Right Order
✔️Used Consistently 👊🏻Transformational Results
We’re #1 for a reason, my friends.😉
If you’re ready to see what taking a regimen-based approach can do for your skin... I would love to get you started. 💕
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Last stop in Houston is @ OTH1
Crewchange when arriving next port 😊 #Odfjell #Odfjellterminals #loading #chemicals #sailor #shoretank #myofficeviewtoday #Houston #soongoinghome

Small Dreams, Big Problems!!! Big Dream, Small Problems!
Great Dreams, NO Problems!
Dream so big there are peaks in the distance to conquer! #LoveDreamInspireBelieve #myofficeviewtoday

I have the winter pic of this on my page, so now for the summer view 😍 Both are gorgeous! Just another 10 hour road day for work in the books. Gotta love my territory ❤️

#myofficeviewtoday #it'samistymorning

As a parent it is easy to lose yourself in the day to day hustle of life💗 Thanks to my mama i got to spend the day pampering myself and did a little shopping which is next to impossible with a toddler😂 Even though i thought about Wyatt the entire time😆 it was so nice to have a few hours to myself! Mamas remember to take time for you! It’s so important and 💯 percent worth it! #myofficeviewtoday #metime #livingthegoodlife #isthisreallife #sahm

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