Well It seems Spring may have finally decided to peak its head out from behind all the snow and frost we have received this year which means gardening has been in full swing and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I had big plans for the garden this year which my husband so graciously humored me and obliged with all the heavy lifting, tilling, errand running etc. Ha! He’s great. So we almost doubled both gardens and moved some things around. We added blackberry bushes on the far side next to our raspberry bushes and transplanted our grape vines next to the blackberries! (Hopefully they don’t give me too much heartache over this) We added a pea trellis (built by my husband) and a melon trellis for our watermelon and honeydew plants (also built by my husband! Yeah he’s the bomb) πŸ€— Also, The strawberries received some much needed netting/protection so we don’t have to share our sweet fruits with the birds πŸ˜†. Still lots to do but two phases in and I’m so pumped!!! #gardening #kentuckygardening #backyardgarden #growyourownfood #sustainableliving #blackberries #strawberries #raspberries #grapes #watermelon #trellises #myobsessionisreal #besttherapy

Big thanks to @sisterlock_queen_ for the love and support.πŸ’―πŸ’―


Personalized Cup!
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The love I feel when I see her smile is unprecedented.. #thankyoujesus #theloveofmylife #myobsessionisreal #mamarazzi

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