The most frugal man I know aside from my Papa Larry is my Husband. That's why I'm not quite sure why he decided to buy all of these!!! And so when I asked him, he just said, "You deserve it". Or maybe the real deal is that para "mabilis ka na makapagtrabaho ng makakuha kapa additional clients and rakets" and so that should be my #1 goal 😂! Thank you Daddy! 😙 #mynewbabies #goaldigger #asuslaptop

#jujuustyle #myautumncolors #mynewbabies

#Mynewbabies 😍🤩🤑💕

Preparing myself for 🇮🇩 with my new #leaderfins 🧜🏼‍♂️ #expedolympusadventures

I’ll get better pic/video later but omg I love my new babies. Their names are Joey & Chandler 😁🐟❤️💙 fish really do have feelings bro. They got ears too. Mine love to be talked to. It’s so crazy but cool lol. They are so peaceful, I love it. 💞😌#bettafish #friendstvshow #mynewbabies

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