Nov 14/18 Supper Pamestrone and DIY Grain Salad and 1 litre water

Sept 14/18 Workout

Nov 14/18 Lunch 2 eggs; 2 pc dry toast and 1 litre water Total calories 365

Sept 14/18 Breakfast Yogurt; Protein Powder; bran buds; flax meal; 2 coffee and 1 litre water.

Sept 13/18 Supper large piece of pork; 2 glasses of wine, 6 French fries; 1/5 of pb cake and a decaf coffee

Sept 13/18 Snack 281 gram apple Total calories 166

Sept 13/18 Run and agility work

Sept 13/18 Lunch Churro Protein Waffles with Greek Yogurt; coffee and 1 litre water. Total calories 285

Nov 13/18 Breakfast 2 eggs; 2 pc dry toast and 1 litre water Total calories 365

Nov 12/18 Supper Black Bean Torta and roasted br sprouts and 1 litre water

Nov 12/18 Snack 1 egg

Nov 12/18 Snack Americans Misto with almond milk and sugar free vanilla.

Nov 12/18 Lunch tuna salad with cucumber; tomato; yogurt; lemon juice; dill; 1 litre water Total calories 207

Nov 12/18 Snack 282 gr apple=166 calories

Nov 12/18 First run since the marathon 👍🏻

Nov 12/18 Breakfast Yogurt; Protein Powder; Flax Meal; bran buds; beet crystals; chia seeds; 2 coffee and 1 litre water.

Finally and OBVIOUSLY the most important bit. Measure the intake. This will be the hard part.
I’ll probably aim to eat more-or-less the same thing every day, but this won’t always be possible.
MyNetDiary gives me a breakdown of what I’m having and critically, has a barcode scanner - so I’ll probably get into a morning and evening food habit, with some variation when I go to the supermarket.
Remember this has to be easy. Not just that I can’t be bothered to prep and cook (one day, maybe), but recording the Information has to be something that laziness doesn’t inhibit.
Repeat foods (e.g. same shop bought sandwich) will help keep this ticking over.

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Big bowl, a lot of food. #goodstuff Eggs, cabbage, cruciferous, bell peppers, pickled mixed veggies, tomatoes...162 calories, 9 carbs. #yum

Okay so that was the first break in posting since this insta started-I have missed one or two days but this has been almost a week.

Posting food and exercise here definitely kept me on track for the NYC Marathon. I got to the start line feeling fitter than I ever have in my life and that’s a win for sure.
So not sure where I go from here-except I feel like and I want to see even more results and I think that’s possible so....gonna keep this going for now, find my next goal and work towards it!

New posts to start November 12/18


#askanutritionist It’s 8pm and I’m full. Should I make myself eat the remaining 628 calories?? Or do I just leave it at a 1402 deficit for the day?
#nutritionhelp #mynetdiary #macros #calories #adviceneeded 🤷🏻‍♀️

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