Before I had kids of my own, I had these sweet faces + my nephew, Gavin, to love! My nieces and nephews will always have a special place in my heart. Love these kids so much and you too Gav! Snapped these tonight with my phone while they were playing in the driveway.

Only one place on the whole field she wanted to be today... right by her cousin Gavin. In her eyes, he hung the moon! #mynephewgavin #mylittlewren

Visiting Memaw and reading the Sunday paper! #mylittlewren #fostercare #mynephewgavin #myniecesaylor

All day today... just me and this guy on his last day in Wilmington for spring break! Defy Gravity, Chuck E Cheese's, his favorite restaurants, Krispy Kreme and moped rides! #mynephewgavin

My beautiful handsome nephews, so freaking cute in their little outfits... #ringbearer #myloves #familyiseverything #newbywedding #mynephewowen #mynephewgavin #myloves #gavinandmaddi #auntmaddi

Gavin got a new Razor GFD for Christmas so he was everyone's favorite cousin giving rides one after the other! #mynephewgavin #myniecevie

I can't stop staring at this picture I snapped today of my nieces and nephews on mom and dad's front porch. 😍😍😍 I just wish the littlest, Piper, was in it but she was out for a diaper change, priorities. 🙄😒 #myniecevie #mynephewfinn #mynephewgavin #myniecesaylor #cousins

She can't get enough of her cousin Gavin. She talks about it for days before he comes and days after he leaves. He is the first name she calls when she walks in the house and she does not leave his side. Their love for each other makes me so happy. #cousins #family #bestbuddies #myniecevie #mynephewgavin

From our little impromptu photo shoot this afternoon! My family sure does makes pretty babies. 😉 #myniecepiperlynn #myniecesaylor #mynephewgavin

This boy turned 8 today! Crazy to think that 8 years ago I experienced his birth and the intense emotions that came with his arrival knowing my life would be so much better with this little guy in it. He has proven that to be true with his smiles, his hugs, his jokes and watching his little personality bloom! I love you Gavin! Happy Birthday buddy! #mynephewgavin

Star Wars Legos for his 8th birthday! We've been building them all morning so he is a happy camper! #mynephewgavin

Tonight was evening swimming with glow sticks, glow rings, slushies, a DJ and more. Gavin and his best bud had a blast! #mynephewgavin #makingmemories

This little guy is really excited about his new little sister. He wants to hold and kiss her lots! #mynephewgavin #myniecepiperlynn

While Meme checked out her newest granddaughter from head to toe last night, big brother enjoyed taking her photos with his film camera. I loved watching him snap so many moments of this special time himself! #ourbuddingphotographer #mynephewgavin #myniecepiperlynn #filmisnotdead

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