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Finger coils are so cute but I never do my whole head because they are just so time consuming ! 😩

Swipe left to see which @edenbodyworks product I used to create this chunky flexirod set. This style was created on dry stretched hair giving my curls bounce & volume. WAIT✋🏾did I mention I will be giving away the entire @edenbodyworks line? Skin care included valued at $300 to be exact😱When you ask? This Wednesday you don’t wanna miss it!
#DiscoverEDEN #StylewithEDEN #AD

🌀🌀The Shingling Method!! 🌀🌀Have you heard of it or tried it before? Shingling is a method that many curly girls use to get INSANE definition, extend their wash & go’s, and to reduce tangles. 😬🙌🏾 Here’s how I do it! ☺️ My hair is already washed, conditioned and detangled (and I left my detangling conditioner in my hair). After I take my hair out, I applied some @SheaMoisture JBCO leave-in for moisture, and detangled again with my @DenmanBrush to smooth my hair. Next, I take some @EcocoBeauty Krystal gel, and apply it to my hair for hold . ☝🏾 Now for the Shingling, I separate and smooth each and every curl on my head from roots to tips. It’s time consuming, but it gives me the BEST definition ever! Because it separates my curls, it helps my hair to dry with less tangles and knots, thus, reducing single strand knots and breakage! Plus, it extends your wash & go by reducing frizz! 🙀👏 For a full tutorial search, “Shingling” on my channel! ☺️☺️ (PS, I only do this method when I have lots of time or on special occasions).

✨PROTECTIVE STYLES 😌👌🏾 I have been struggling with dry hair since dying it lighter and with the colder weather change but it’s so hard for me to commit to a style for months, so WIGS IT IS ! Try a new protective style, may surprise you and get you out of that comfort zone🤤💁🏽

#washday Today's wet vs dry results using @genedorbeauty Shampoo and Deep Conditioner, sample leave in with the sample gel 🙌🙌🙌 the shrinkage is real! Diffused with @thecurlyco and scrunched with @righteousrootsoils

New video is on my channel! How I moisturize & trim my hair myself. I haven’t trimmed my hair in months, so my hair was in need of a trim..! I always trim my hair myself and If I need a shape-up, I ask my mom. I’ve used the Coconut curling cream, Moisturize twist & lock gel and anti fade oil by @cantubeautyuk Do you trim your hair yourself or do you take a visit to the salon? Music by: @d.a.j.u Best Part (Daju remix)


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I got mine! Go get yours!

RepostBy @curlbox: "we sliced the price in HALF for our friends on social for A LIMITED TIME ONLY! get it NOW. #curlboxplatinum #curlbox • 🥂 • shop link in bio"

I must’ve said a really funny joke or almost busted my ass.

Straight. No Chaser 🎬

I’m still in the process of getting use to my hair being natural (AGAIN) and it being this short. I do Iove the easy maintenance though. 2 hour max one day a week. #Priceless

I usually don’t do much to my hair when it’s straight, but I’ve been trying to have some fun with it before it gets too stiff. Going on 9 days now. I usually try to keep my hair straight 3-4 weeks. I hope you like it😘 & tag a friend who’s hair is straight right now💆🏽

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