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19 years old and still not givin’ a fuckkkkkk #slimshadylp #eminem #19yearsold #dontdodrugs #mynameis #braindamage #guiltyconscience

Hi kids, do you like violence?
#slimshady #mynameis #eminem #1990s #2000s #marshallmathers

On this date in #HipHophistory, February 23rd, "Today was a good day". In 1999, #TLC released their 3rd album #FanMail. Letting girls know they shouldn't feel #Unpretty while dealing with #NoScrubs. #RIPLeftEye.
#Eminem released his classic sophomore album, his major label debut with #Interscope/#DrDre 's #Aftermath. The #SlimShadyLP. If you were around in '99, you would remember that Em blew the f-_# up the moment #MyNameIs got airplay.

#TheRoots also made a release on this day in '99, their 4th album, #ThingsFallApart. Personally, I think it's the group's best album.

Back in '93 though, #IceCube released his 2nd single off his 3rd album #ThePredator, #ItWasAGoodDay. A #HipHop classic.

#FBF #FlashbackFridays

“Let’s Just Be Friends!” - Sketched out the quote from My Name Is song by Eminem. ‘Extra terrestrial running over pedestrians in a space ship while they screaming at me ‘Let’s just be friends!’ #letsjustbefriends #sketch #sketched #sketching #drawing #draw #concept #quote #mynameis #eminem #art #spaceship #pedestrains #extraterrestrial #alien #vehicluarmanslaughter #street #road #toronto

💿📀🔥 19 years ago the GOAT 🐐 released his 1st album under @interscope and @drdre and began his career. At the time I bumped this every day but still had no idea how great @eminem was going to be, it’s an undeniable classic album but too many “fans” of hip hop thought he would just be another gimmick like Vanilla Ice😆 I think it’s safe to say those idiots were proven wrong‼️🎶🎤

#FueEnFebrero #InstruyaseMijo #BoomBoxHipHopFestival
🍃🔝En respuesta al racismo y al odio construido en Estados Unidos hacia la raza negra, los afroamericanos al crear el Hip Hop cerraron las puertas a la raza blanca. Además, la popularización del rap hizo que marcas, figuras públicas y casi cualquier persona utilizara este género para vender y promocionar sus productos (la mayoría de personas eran de tez blanca). Esto hizo que los Hip Hoppers se sintieran indignados por la denigración de su música, lo que le cierra las puertas a los que no eran afroamericanos. ❎❎
✔️⚡La llegada de Eminem revoluciona el Hip Hop, ya que uno de los productores más representativos “Dr. Dre” acredita su gusto por él y lanza su música (al igual que lo hizo con Snoop Dogg) a través de sus producciones y su sello personal “Aftermath”.👌
🔥🎤The Slim Shady Lp, fue su segundo álbum de estudio y para muchos, el álbum de su alter-ego, pues en las canciones se Muestra como una persona distinta al resto de lo que había mostrado anteriormente de su personalidad. El álbum tiene canciones como “My Name Is”, donde Eminem cuenta quien es. “Guilty Conscience”, en la que se hace pasar por su consciencia mala y Dr Dre por la buena. “Brain Damage”, en donde Eminem critica a alguien que se aprovecho de él en su infancia. Finalmente, canciones como “Role Model", "Just Don't Give A Fuck" y "My Fault son canciones destacadas al momento de hablar de este gran álbum que hoy cumple 19 años.🎂🎂
Hoy celebramos la dualidad de Eminem, la creación de la otra cara de Marshall Mathers, el loco, irreverente y polémico Slim Shady. 👏👏
#TheSlimShady #Eminem #DrDre #MyNameIs #GuiltyConscience #BrainDamage #RoleModel #JustDontGiveAfFuck #MyFault #AfterMath #Yason19 #GraphicSick

19 Years Ago today, Eminem dropped his major label debut album (and overall second studio album), “The Slim Shady LP”. The album peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 & #1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and is RIAA Certified 4x Platinum. The singles released include “Just Don’t Give a Fuck”, “My Name Is”, which was the biggest hit of the album, peaking at #36 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Role Model” & “Guilty Conscience” (#68). Produced by Dr. Dre & Eminem, “Slim Shady” is an album that consists of an alternative hip-hop sound, not that of his Hip-Hop counterparts that were out at the time. Eminem wrote all of the tracks on the LP under his alter-ego of “Slim Shady” a violent, dark, angry and enraged character that had developed as result of Eminem’s troubles from his younger times, in which would allow Eminem to freely express in his lyrical content, in which also would contain extremely violent lyrical content and excessive use of profanity. These two themes resulting in Eminem becoming an overnight mainstream celebrity sensation and martyr to American society at the same time. Eminem would be met with lawsuits and protests against his music and image, however, that would not stop Eminem from becoming very popular and going on to win many major accolades and awards upon his debut, including winning the 2000 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, besting Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, The Roost and Nas 😳 THATS A BIG DEAL! No doubt, “The Slim Shady LP” is an album that would find Eminem his place in Hip-Hop, a place that has been tried before and failed, in terms of white male rappers being taken seriously as MCs goes. “The Slim Shady LP” paved this way and would go on to launch Eminem to the stratosphere 🔥✔️. HAPPY 19th ANNIVERSARY “The Slim Shady LP” 🔥✔️❤️🎶🔌🙌🏼 SWIPE LEFT AND COMMENT YOUR FAVORITE SONGS 🙏🏼😁 #eminem #theslimshadylp #mynameis #slimshady #hiphop #justdontgiveafuck #guiltyconscience #drdre #aftermath #90s #99 #wordup90s #forthe90syall

Chka Chka slim shady
#eminem #theslimshadylp #mynameis

With the beast from the east due to arrive over the next few days bringing the coldest weather since #ICHH was founded we have grave concerns for everyone sleeping out across the country. An emergency contingency plan is urgently required to prepare for the week ahead.
It's already freezing cold outside and the #ICHH outreach teams are currently preparing for the night ahead and will be out on the streets of Dublin shortly. If you see someone sleeping out around the city tonight please get in touch on 085-8389281 and our mobile outreach unit will respond to their location.

If you would like to support ICHH by doing a fundraiser or a clothes/food appeal you can contact us on:

You can support us by donating via our website:

#HomelessnessIsNotNormal #MyNameis #AskWhy

Hey Guys, I really felt like I needed to put this out here today. I’ve struggled a lot of my life trying to control and manage my life. Today I’m finding the courage to face the truth about myself, the humility to abandon my flawed attempts at living, and willingness to find God’s truth and live accordingly. I have used sex and relationships, substances, self harm, and disordered eating behaviors to cope, function, survive, and avoid overwhelming feelings that felt unsurvivable. So just wanted to let you know:
My name is Jesami, I’m an addict and friend of God.💯 #recovery #blessed🙏 #mynameis #sorry #notslimshady #lol #addict #addictionrecovery #quest180 #eaglebrookchurchmn #createalifeworthliving #jesusismyhomie #we #noti #ᴘᴏᴡᴇʀʟᴇssɴᴇss #findyourpeace #justwannabecontent #goshdangit #haveadandyday #tryforme #ok #ok

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