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Happy 41 years of your beautiful existence and 21 years of taking my tantrums and making people believe you're my sister.
Let me see who else doesn't believe she's my mother and she just turned 41 😂
I love you maa❤
#mymostbeautiful #turns41 #iloveyou

She asked me after it was over if she looked pretty. I told her she was gorgeous but not nearly as pretty as she would be after she took all the makeup off. She was taken back by this so I explained further. When I kiss her cheek, I like feeling her skin against my lips, not makeup. When she is laying in my arms, I would rather run my fingers through messy bed hair than pageant hair any day. True beauty cannot be judged by walking across a stage. True beauty is all the flaws, laughs, smiles, and the occasional mental breakdown. This girl right here is beautiful both inside and out and will always have my whole heart! #mymostbeautiful

#mymostbeautiful 🌞💘

You make me feel like I'm up for show/Uh oh. #epiphone #lespaul #custompro #mymostbeautiful

Hey friends, I've entered a competition.May you please all vote for me. Your votes would be highly appreciated. #esther2#mymostbeautiful

Happy birthday D ❤️ #MyMostBeautiful #Sisters #loveyou #Special #HaveAGoodOne @daniellasemaan 😍👭💋🎂

Just entered a competition for most beautiful and adorable babies.Please vote for my niece *"Owami33 to 36001"* multiple votes are allowed.Please vote🙏🏾♥thank you and God bless❤ #MyMostBeautiful

The best part of my life..... My Purpose. 😍😍💙💙 #MyMostBeautiful


Mamma en haar klein japsnoet prinses 💓💗👌 #mommysworld #Kaylaminé #mygirl #mymostbeautiful #mommyanddaughter

Che vento che tira 
Taglia il respiro spinge un po' in là 
Forse ci vuol cambiare 
Mi sa che non ce la farà

Mi riesci a sentire 
In questo rumore? 
Vieni un po' qua 
Fammi sentire il mare 
Al centro di questa città

Tu sai che ciò che so 
Sai la vita che ho 
Riparati un po' 
Forse ti piove dentro 
Usa la casa che ho

Fino a che 
Tutte le strade portano a te 
Lascia che piova pure 
Prendiamo il sole che c'è

Fino a che 
Tutte le strade portano a te 
Non ci si può sbagliare 
Prendiamo il tempo che c'è

Il mondo non gira 
O almeno non come volevi tu 
Come ci avevano detto 
Quando era buona un'idea

Tu che sei ciò che sei 
Che non cambierai mai 
Promettimi che 
Ci sarà sempre un posto 
Che tieni caldo per me

Fino a che 
Tutte le strade portano a te 
Lascia che piova pure 
Prendiamo il sole che c'è

Tutte le strade portano a te

#tuttelestrade #love #passion #beautifulday #beautifullife #beautifulwoman #mymostbeautiful #beautifulsurprise #stillhere #us #365 #together #meandyou #thankyou #dori #doribrave #dorihot #dorihorny #dorisweet #myeverything #lusm

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