I have spent the past few days in Queensland with my Montessori Mum doing some research into intergenerational care and also working in collaboration with an amazing team of Montessori educators who are dedicated to transforming the way they document children's learning. I can't express how privileged I feel to be able to embark on these enlightening professional journeys, and the fact that I have my mum by my side as my colleague, my mentor and my best friend means the world to me. Travelling and working with mum also ensures that there are plenty of giggles along the way! And after a very cold few weeks back in Adelaide I must say that the sunshine didn't hurt either! Nothing like setting up the laptop at the beach front to get some sunshine sparking our creative flow!
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Here are some things that I love...
I love that earlier this week my husband gave me 'The Little Book of Feminist Saints' for my birthday. I appreciate that he values and celebrates my feminism! It means a lot that when I 'bang the feminist drum' (as others have called it) he reaches for the speaker and turns the dial up to 11 rather than covering his ears.

I love that when only 100 inspirational women were chosen for this book, from the rich pool of incredible historical and contemporary figures, they made sure to include Dr Maria Montessori.

And I love my mum. She isn't in the book, but she is the most significant influence in my life and the feminist hero who proves to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that women are a force to be reckoned with who can survive anything life throws at them and achieve anything they set their minds to.
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Beautiful flowers courtesy of my Montessori mum! Leafy view courtesy of the "nature playscape" just outside my office window at the amazing Rosemont House Montessori.
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Missing a morning of our workshop :( because mum has unfortunately become unwell. Either food poisoning or a gastric bug but in either case I don't feel right about leaving her alone. So I'm reading through my notes and resources (and enjoying the gorgeous view!) and regularly delivering her sips of water to try to keep her hydrated (and regularly adjusting the heater as she requests due to her fluctuating temperature!) Hope she feels better soon! #mymontessorimum

Barb refining her respectful, supportive baby lifting technique under the guiding eyes of Polly Elam (who will hopefully be leading a 'RIE' - resources for infant educarers - training course for us in Adelaide in October or November this year!)
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Barb addressing the group at our Pikler Intensive workshop following a detailed observation and deconstruction of a video of a nappy (or "diaper" in American!) change. The video was about 4 minutes long and we spent an hour discussing it! This course definitely puts the "intense" in "intensive"!
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