Wait?! Am I crazy? - that was the theme of 2015 - although oddly enough my word for 2015 was EASE - there was nothing easy about that year.

On 3.20.15 (total solar eclipse) I experienced a “kundalini awakening” - I’ll never forget it.

My entire body went into sleep paralysis and I heard “OM” reverberate through my whole being - it’s like I had a fish bowl over my head. And then my back went out - I had NEVER thrown my back out, I didn’t even think that was a real thing. I never understood the pain until I experienced it - it’s real FYI!

Seems cool though - huh? Something to talk about - something to complain about - something to share that felt monumental.

That entire year was filled with HUGE spiritual experiences, out of body, astral travel and projection, visits from beings that I ending up calling “high functioning low vibrational beings” basically they morphed into light and then as soon as I was overcome with awe - they would transform into darkness.

But I thought the darkness was my own personal fear that was morphing them - I didn’t realize that pure light would never morph. I thought it was my fault.

I looked forward to going to sleep because I knew I’d awaken with some amazing huge spiritual story - no matter how scared I was - I always told the story in such confidence - because I felt cool!

I thought I was special and open and getting to have these experiences because I was more open than the rest.

I had zero boundaries - I was WIDE open.

I thought if it created boundaries I would miss out on the LIGHT experiences too... (although I wasn’t actually having many light experiences those days)

My spiritual teachers at the time didn’t really have much guidance - they didn’t know what to do either. Their concern and confusion actually made me more afraid. I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone - because I would be seen as crazy. I remember feeling my mom’s pain of having similar experiences 20 years prior - and being mentally diagnosed and prescribed so many meds - she got as far as she could and it felt like passed the baton - it was my turn to get through all THIS - whatever THIS was.

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Mary Mary Quite Contrary
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And three little Grandkids Ala-Mode.

thank you, mother mary. #mymomsnameismary

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