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Happy Flag Day!
Today is #mymodernmetals so what better way to celebrate Flag Day than putting little flags in a silver champagne bucket!?
Thank you Jenni @thelittlemendedtable for asking me to share! Jenni is a true DIYer and doesn't mind getting a broken bone or two in the process! Go see her gallery!
Thank you to the hosts. They are tagged to the left of the photo.
I have tagged a few friends to share if they have time.

This little vignette sits on my island. Don't tell anyone, but when we first moved in, I could not for the life of me, figure out how to get the microwave clock to show the time 🙈....so this clock got a home here and it hasn't moved even though we did figure that clock out! 😉 I scored this cool copper tray at goodwill yesterday and added it here just in time for #mymodernmetals today. (Plus my copper tea kettle in the background 😍...and my toaster? No? Ok.😂) Thanks for the tag Kaitlin @vanfleetfamfarmhouse! ❤️ would my friend, Amanda, @farmhouse165 want to share for this tag today?

So happy that the sun made an appearance today. I was in a mad scramble to get the pillow cases switched out and couch styled before it disappeared.
I had a few lovely friends invite me to share. Please show each one of these talented friends of mine some 💖.
Connie @bellafloradesign for #earthinspiredhome.
Brittany @lecatescreates for #myneutralwednestday.
Regina @luvewant for #mymodernmetals.
Andrea @decoratingcents for #itargetsohard. (Metal tray).
Tagging sources and a few friends to play ⬆️⬇️.
#mystylewednesday #wednesdaywooddecor #mywooddecorwednesday #myeclecticmix #howyouhome #mybohoabode #styleitupwednesday #simplecozycharm #creatingmyhome #myspringhomedecor.
#bohovibes #mybhg #eclecticstyle

Just kind of in love with this light fixture. That is all. Goodnight! #styleitupwednesday #thislittlelight_ofmine #styleitupwednesday #mymodernmetals

Sharing for #mymodernmetals
I think a little pop of silver, gold or copper adds so much to almost any decor or vignette. ;) thanks for letting me play along. @deacon_cottage @pacipop @thelittlemendedtable @vanfleetfamfarmhouse @apetitecottage

I'm getting a late start here today. I attended a school event this morning with one of my kids, but wanted to check in, say hello, and play along with some tags from some very thoughtful ladies!
First is #creatingmyhome by @chez_lavoie where they want to see our creative touches and diy's throughout our home. I'm sharing my diy planter box along with my papier-mâché deer head as well as my diy chalkboard! Thanks so much Diana, for the tag!!
Next is #mymodernmetals tagged by Angela @pacipop and they want to see how we incorporate those once outdated, but now trendy again, brass, gold, or copper metals. Here are my gold metals...on the chalkboard frame and in the gold metal frame around the deer's neck. Thank you Angela, for thinking of me today!!
Would any friends care to share in either of these tags? 🌿💗
Have a great day everyone!!

Happy Wednesday friends!! The sweet @louisa_craven asked me to play along for #mymodernmetals and I couldn't pass that one up. Sharing my antique scale and copper elements in my kitchen. My love for copper and gold is real y'all, REAL. Have a fabulous rest of the day! #sbifarmhouse tagged some friends to play along

I guess if I am to get a picture posted today I'm going to have to ignore the lighting. Who else is tired of dark and gloomy days 🙋🏽?!? Anywho.... I have this old copper tray that my sister gifted to me years ago. It was an oldie then so it's reallyyyyy old now 🙈. I have shined it up a few times but I really do love the old, tarnished look best. Angela @pacipop asked me to share today for #mymodernmetals (Thanks, Angela!) and I am always happy to join in on a new tag! Now, if only IG doesn't ban me... a few of you may see it :). Happy Wednesday everyone! 🌿


✨”There is always something to be thankful for!”✨ Just a few essentials I will be needing this weekend.😋 Our family has been celebrating Thanksgiving the Saturday before for the past 5 years so that on Thanksgiving day, everyone can go with their in-laws OR have their own intimate dinner. So I will be running like a TURKEY without it’s head starting tomorrow morning being that I’m hosting at my house.😁 However, I don’t mind because I know we will be making some beautiful memories!💛 Can’t wait to see you all...I styled my board just for YOU fam!🤣 #TheStyledBoard

✨”If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money!”✨ I needed 3 cups of coffee today.😫lol Being a stay at home mom can be a sacrifice in many different ways but when my husband & I are both able to volunteer at school functions and then still play outside daily with our kids, even though we are drained, it’s makes it all worth it!❤️ After all, they will remember the time you spent with them, not the toys you bought. Happy hump day!😘 #theyonlygetonechildhood

✨”A wise girl once said fuck it, and had a tequila!”✨😳 Is it too early in the week to be talking about alcohol? Hahaa😆 The wall above my bar cart is just about ready and just in time for our Thanksgiving dinner that I’m hosting this weekend. My family will likely skip the traditional wine and come with beer & tequila instead!😆🇲🇽💃🏻🦃🎉 #tequilatuesdays #tequierotequila

These cold & cloudy mornings are my favorite 🌥 packing away "fall things" and fighting the urge to bust out all the Christmas things 😬

✨"Some of my best friends are carbs!"✨😫☺️I come from a family that was blessed in the kitchen. I kid you not, the ladies in our family can whip up something out of nothing and make my taste buds dance!😆 So with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I'm looking forward to all the deliciousness.😋🙈#targeteverything

Love this clock, 🕰 it was one of the first items I bought for the house.
There should be more pine cones in that apothecary jar but I got side tracked! 🤷🏻‍♀️
#ferngrovecottage #views #mymantel #brightwhites #mygorgeousgaff #metallics #mymodernmetals #pocketsofmyhome #scandistyle #keepitsimple #simplestyling #irishinteriors #myhouseandhome #irishhomes #realhomesofinstagram #cottagestyle #myvintagehome #mywinterdecor

🎉✨"Appreciate all that you have!"✨🎉 Raised by a single mother, that is one of the biggest things my mom ever taught me....And with that being said it was only appropriate that I share my bar cart again & say CHEERS🥂 I am SO excited to say I won a giveaway this morning of $315 Cash!🎉 You guys, these giveaways are real!😆lol I will not take this for granted. I appreciate this more then words can say! Thank you to all the ladies who took the time to put this together.💞

Just hanging around the wall... Found this pretty wall hanging today and giving it a try on the shiplap wall in our living room. I'm liking the copper hoop and bracket we used to hang it especially. #interiorstyling #homedecor #homeinspo #decor #home #mymodernmetals #shiplap #interior4all #interior123

We're soaking in every second of our family time in Florida! How adorable is the little town of Seaside?! Can you see the little bird perched perfectly on the point of the roof? 😉❤️

Touches of fall have made their way throughout my home🍁🍂. Nature always provides free seasonal decor! You can find this rug @boutiquerugs and my chandelier was a junker I transformed with some rope, crystals, and chalk paint. Tutorial on the blog. @liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.home #liketkit http://liketk.it/2t0IK #LTKhome #cottonstemheartsfallfoliage

You know how they say bad things happen in threes? Well in my case, I think it's more like MULTIPLES of threes. Seriously, why does everything in your house have to break at the EXACT same time??!! It's like the microwave ganged up with the dishwasher, the clothes washer, the sewer line, the air conditioner & the back door handle & said, "Hey, let's all blow this pop stand in 3...2...1...!!!" Ugh!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ If anybody needs me, I'll be hiding in the closet. For the next 6 months. 😩😩😩😩
Sharing this adorable new pumpkin patch sign from @cotton_blossom_studio for some tags:
#yoursimplestyle (thanks for the tag, @bradfordhome ❤️)
#falldecorsaynomore (thanks, @2561farmhouse ❤️)
#creatingrusticcharm (thanks, @the.huber.homestead ❤️)
#happylittlefarmhouse (thanks, @thejinkyfox ❤️)
#decorfromthesoul (thanks, @twistedcottonfarmhouse ❤️)
#seasonsofsimplicity #mymodernmetals #galvanizedgoodiesgalore #simplerusticdecor #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #seasonaldecor #woodsandwhites

I’m learning all kinds of new tricks here at #campcourtlycheck👉🏼flower arranging, clay molding, and ceramic painting! If you don’t know a lot about @mackenziechilds check out my stories. There is such a beautiful history & artistry behind this company. Oh and meeting some Insta pals in real life has been a hoot! @thespoiledhome @kristywicks @designsbylaila @atuftedlife

I was kinda surprised yesterday, and this morning, with how much I got done, just by putting down my phone! Sharing my copper pot again cause I love it. My table doesn't look very pretty right now. I'm using it as my main work station(because there's multiple) and it's covered in craft supplies. I can't wait to show you the completed centerpieces. But for now.......work work work 🎶
#fallfarmhouse #friyaydecorday #myvintagefriday #farmhousefrench #farmhousefrenchfriday #vintagefarmhouse #frugalfarmhousefridays #frugalfinds #frugalfridayfind #wowusfalldecor #decordiorlovesfall #copper #mymodernmetals

Everyone is beautifully decorating for fall and I'm over here like "look at this cute bronze fan I just found" because it surely still feels like summer here in Florida! We will get to some cooler fall like temps...eventually. #homegoods #homedecor #homeinspo #homeinterior #interior4all #interior123 #mymodernmetals #decorthatmakesmesmile #decor #roses #florida #mybohohome #myeclecticmix

I made this arrangement for my fall table with a mix of real and faux flowers. Can you tell the difference? The plums are real and I made a plum and blackberry pie that I shared on the blog. Link is in my bio or swipe up in my stories for the recipe. @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2sI1H #LTKhome

"Alcohol you later!"😏 My girlfriend asked if I wanted to WINEdown with her this evening. I'm a mother of 2 young ones..of course I said yes!🍷☺️ TGIF everyone!🍾😎 #FallingForFallFriday

Repurposed this chicken coop thing into a book shelf for Cannon! 🐥 Also, is there a limit to how many pennants one can have in a single room?! 😳 they're just SO CUTE!!! 💙

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